Crushing Common Musician Fears & Taking it All the Way to the Top

Oct 18, 2016

    By Cari Cole   You know you’ve got something, or you wouldn’t be jumping through the hoops that you are on an hourly, daily, yearly basis, to get the job done. You watch artists on TV and listen to their streams on Spotify, and you know you’re just as capable, just as good, and that you could be there too. Matter of ... Continue

5 Fatal Mistakes Musicians Must Stop Making

Oct 11, 2016

  By Cari Cole   It’s an exciting time in music for indies. If you’ve got a team, some money and some muscle. But many indies don’t. And this is a big problem. It’s also a time of mounting frustrations. The record industry keeps getting hit. Streaming takes money out of songwriters pockets to the tune of millions, opening act spots on tours ... Continue

Musicians: Set Yourself Free From the Chains of the Old Music Industry

Oct 04, 2016

    By Cari Cole   After decades of being enslaved to greedy music mogul profiteers, and getting ripped off by managers and unfair percentages that rape and pillage your bottom line, now for the first time ever, musicians have a chance to free themselves.   But not if you still subscribe to the old rhetoric. Most days I still hear artists recapitulating the typical wagers, ... Continue

15 Ways to Be a Badass Musicpreneur and Stand Out Among the Sea of Submissions

Sep 27, 2016

    By Cari Cole   The music biz is a tough nut to crack. Period. It’s tougher than being a real estate agent, working for a company, or even than being a regular entrepreneur.   Because: 1. It takes a long time to develop and become a viable contender. 2. You don’t make money up front or at the get-go like most businesses. 3. There is no school ... Continue

Why Songwriting and Record Making Should Not Be A Solo Journey

Sep 20, 2016

By Cari Cole     DIY has been a good thing for the music industry. It has allowed artists to release their own music and get out there direct to fans. But there is a huge downside. And that is, that the material going out is half baked and not worked on enough to get to great. There is a sea of independent ... Continue

Songwriting Shop Talk: Writing Songs That Will Get You Discovered

Sep 13, 2016

    By Cari Cole  


Yeah, right. If everyone had their finger on how to write songs that will get you discovered, everyone would be a songwriting rock star. However, there is a lot that you can do to tip the scales in your favor, and I’m going to do my best to lay it out for you not from theory, but ... Continue

The New A&R: The Perils and Pitfalls of Honing Your Sound Outside Industry Walls

Sep 07, 2016

    By Cari Cole  


It’s a new day in the music business. Yes, we have arrived. And it was worth the growing pains. For one distinct reason. Artists have control of their content. Now artists can choose whether they want to pursue the over-processed, over-commercialized, plastic music that the big boys churn out to the masses to pay for their expensive ... Continue

Songwriting Shop Talk: Deep Diving and Mining for Gold

Aug 31, 2016

By Cari Cole       It’s that time of year again that we host another one of our popular Signature Songwriting Circles. Songwriters, artists, music producers and creators come together to co-write 26 songs in 26 weeks. Not something most songwriters (unless they live in Nashville) are prone to do. It’s a fast paced, professional community where songwriters cut their teeth on their ... Continue

6 Signs You Will Succeed In Music

Aug 16, 2016

      By Cari Cole         Mastering the music machine is no easy feat. It’s wracked with riddles, potholes and --- a plethora of snake-charmers and charlatans along the way. Rick Barker (Taylor Swift’s ex-manager) just called out a guy acting as if he worked for Warner when upon further examination, he has a record as a sex offender - and he was dialoging ... Continue