Cover Me! How The Songs You Cover on YouTube Can Make or Break Your B(r)and

Aug 11, 2015

  by Cari Cole   Covers are all the rage, but how do you choose the right covers for your b(r)and? What covers will bring views and create leverage? And what covers could do some damage, even sink you, or worse get NO views. We all know how important “numbers” on social media are. While you can’t make people watch, your content can. Here are ... Continue

The Musicians Guide to Creating More Hours in the Day: 6 Magical Steps to Painless Time Management

Aug 04, 2015

  by Cari Cole Anyone who is a musician knows it’s an eight day a week job, one that is never done if you’re doing it right. But that right there is a prescription for disaster. No friends, no life, and even possibly, no career. It’s all about balance, planning, strategizing, setting goals and setting and resetting priorities. Here are my top 6 pretty-darn-close-to-magical ... Continue

The Music Biz Rollercoaster: 10 Fallouts to Filter and Recover From

Jul 28, 2015

  by Cari Cole   The music business is a roller coaster ride. Depending how long you’ve been on the ride, there are aftershocks, tremors, fallouts and side effects that reverberate for weeks, months or even years. Sometimes these side effects change your course for the worse. It’s time to get you back in control!

1.   Anxiety

Artist are anxious by nature. Sensitive, deep, anxious, ... Continue

The Best Music Advice I Was Ever Given

Jul 22, 2015

  By Cari Cole   To follow up on a recent well received blog last week: the Worst Music Advice I Was Ever Given, this week I thought it fun to contrast that with The Best Music Advice I Was Ever Given. A few days ago I spoke to a fledgling artist trying to make it, like so many. And during the phone call, I ... Continue

4 Steps to Teamwork That Makes the Music Dream Work

Jul 14, 2015

  by Cari Cole   A friend of mine said the other day “who needs a manager, just build your own team.” Truth. Artists who gain ground build teams. Having a team rocks, but having the RIGHT team is a serious game changer. You definitely can’t do it alone (so don’t kid yourself). “It definitely takes a village.”  

1.  Start by finding the smartest most intelligent, ... Continue

7 Secret Vocal Wellness Weapons Used by Grammy Winners and Celeb Vocal Coaches

Jul 07, 2015

  by Cari Cole With another recently successful touring singer out with a vocal hemorrhage (Meghan Trainor), it’s timely to shout out about how to sound better without hurting your cords, or your career. Look, most producers and industry tastemakers don’t care if you are shredding your cords, they don't expect you to last, let alone make it big. Plus the fact that ... Continue

Top 10 Summer Vocal Tricks to Stay Hydrated and Healthy!

Jul 01, 2015

By Cari Cole Summer is easy breezy for most singers, unless you’re hitting terrain with lots of pollen and allergies, or you’re struggling to stay hydrated from the sun and heat. Here are my top 10 tricks to keep my voice uber hydrated and healthy and avoid allergies too!

1.   Water

Summer with the sun, heat and humidity can be easier to get dehydrated. ... Continue