A Gift of Bravery for Every Musician You Know…

Nov 25, 2014

by Cari Cole


Being brave is an act of courage. To be brave does not mean to be

confident. Matter of fact, it may require you to act when you don’t

feel brave. Webster says brave is a fearlessness of danger, a

firmness of spirit which meets danger without fear. I would go a step

further and say a firmness of spirit which meets ... Continue

Top 6 Worst Mistakes When Choosing Your Producer

Nov 18, 2014


by Cari Cole


Are you making these mistakes with your music? Don’t. You can’t afford to

mess around when it comes to choosing the right producer for your project.

Listen up and be mindful of these common mistakes that turn deadly all too



Top 6 Most Deadly Mistakes When Choosing Your Producer


1. Not Enough Research


Finding the right producer is almost as ... Continue

7 Steps to Beat the Winter Blues and Flus

Nov 12, 2014


By Cari Cole


In the winter months your body has to work a little

harder to fight the cold, dry air and grey weather.

Let’s face it, it’s easier to get sick or be blue. And

if you are one of those people who suffer from

seasonal colds and flus and or SAD (Seasonal

Affective Disorder), listen up. I also find that

people have more stress over ... Continue

Do Your Songs Kick Ass? How to Know for Sure…

Nov 04, 2014


by Cari Cole

I was just in the office of one of the biggest players in the music business and we were

having this conversation about what it takes to breakthrough as an artist. And the truth

is, no matter who I speak to in the business, the answer is the same.


There’s lot of great voices and artists with “the look.” But what ... Continue

5 Secret Weapons of Killer Vocal Recordings

Oct 28, 2014


by Cari Cole


So you’re off to the recording studio to record your next record?

Are you ready to ramp up your vocals? I’m going to say something

that might come as a surprise to you (and forgive me to those this

is not true about) but did you know that most producers are not

experts when it comes to vocals?


That’s right. I’ve worked with ... Continue

Symptoms of a Signature Voice

Oct 21, 2014 | 1 Comment

by: Cari Cole


A generic sounding voice is vanilla. A voice with cred has distinct

characteristics, an “instantly recognizable” sound, its own



That said, is it cultivated or just what you were born with?


What I have witnessed over the past 3 decades of working with singers in New York City is it’s a blend of both. It’s taking

what you have and making something ... Continue

Are You A Music Zombie? 5 Signs of Musician Burnout

Oct 14, 2014 | 1 Comment

by Cari Cole


It happens to the best of us at some point. Burnout.


The important thing is to spot it. Most of us keep plugging away unaware

that we are not operating on all cylinders and only making matters worse.


Then come the bigger problems made by bad decisions and lack of clarity that accompany burning out.


Here’s how to recognize the signs ... Continue

Adele Outsells Lorde, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry…

Oct 07, 2014


by Cari Cole


Last week Bob Lefsetz sent out an email about an industry pow wow

he was at with Jason Flom (Pres. of Virgin Records and father of a

former student). They were having a discussion about Adele and why

she has sold almost 13 million of “21” in the US while artists like

Lorde and Taylor Swift are struggling to sell 2 million.


Comments ... Continue

Your Music Is a Love Affair

Sep 30, 2014


by Cari Cole


The relationship between you, the artist, and your music is not

necessarily an easy one. Just because you can write your own songs

doesn’t mean you love how they turn out.


Sounds weird huh? But it’s true. It takes a while of writing songs before

they start coming out the way you hear them in your head. You have to

develop the muscles ... Continue

Success Has Nothing To Do With Talent

Sep 23, 2014


by Cari Cole


I know so many ridiculously talented artists who never make it. Who

spend their whole lives hoping and praying but somehow manage to

live on the outside of the music business. Some, intentionally.


They don’t want their art tampered with. Or they are just sensitive

souls who don’t want to get washed up through the entertainment

machine. Or they are just so caught ... Continue