Smart Musician Strategy 3-part Training Series

Jul 22, 2014

by: Cari Cole


It’s not enough to release a record because your music on

its own won’t build your brand, even when it’s really good

(although that sure helps). Or even to have a good social

media presence because social media followers can be

flaky when it comes to coughing up the dough. There’s one

thing you won’t create real and lasting success without -

and it’s…




I ... Continue

How to Brand and Market Your Music to the World With Authenticity + Integrity

Jul 15, 2014


By: Cari Cole


I’ll admit – that’s a big title. But it’s actually the

smallest details that make it happen.


For the past 4 years in my online programs I’ve

been teaching artists about how to brand and

market but with authenticity and integrity – not

just marketing tricks. Because in music -

marketing tricks look cheap – and shoddy. And

over here at CCVM (Cari Cole ... Continue

The New Meaning of DIY for Independent Musicians

Jul 08, 2014 | 2 Comments

By Cari Cole


DIY is not really Do-It-Yourself anymore.


What it really means is this:


1. You run your own business.


You are not waiting for anyone else to come along to

rescue you. You are hard at work every day building your

foundational business systems, and marketing pieces. You

know exactly what to do ... Continue

Do Not Release Your Record Without This

Jul 01, 2014

by Cari Cole


I see so many artists rush the gate to release their records and end

up with their precious hard won albums hitting a wall.


Don’t release your record without…


A strategy.


Here’s a few tips for how to create one. And if you’re ready to dive

in see my offer at the bottom of this article. Find out how you can ... Continue

The Black Holes of Musicpreneurship

Jun 24, 2014

by Cari Cole


Let’s face it, being a musicpreneur is a freakin’ full time job, matter of fact, it can swallow you whole – right into a black hole.


The challenge is how to make time for your music while you gain ground with your career. Time management people!


Here’s a few tips for how to avoid the Black Holes of Musicpreneurship:


1. Black ... Continue

4 Ways to Give Your B(r)and A Facelift On A Budget

Jun 18, 2014


by Cari Cole


1. Up Your Style: People love artists who are en-vogue and have their

own style. Go to your local vintage store and grab something unique (might

want to get it tailored for a personalized one-of-a-kind touch) or look for a

new hat (maybe something red?) Maybe you’re ready to sport a new hair

color? Natural ... Continue

The Secret Ingredient of a Successful Recording Artist

Jun 10, 2014


by Cari Cole


You know that one ingredient in a recipe that absolutely makes the

dish? The one you can’t really taste but know it’s there?


What is that ingredient for a musician? The one that you can’t

really nail but is the deciding factor of greatness.


Is it talent?


Is it branding?


Is it marketing?


Is it networking?


Is it timing? Yes, it’s all of those, but ... Continue

Turning Pain Into Triumph: Lessons From Maya Angelou

Jun 03, 2014 | 3 Comments

by Cari Cole


Today’s article is about what happens when you take your pain and turn it into

triumph. It is my honoring of the recent passing of one of the world’s greatest

teachers, leader and activists ever: Maya Angelou.


With the recent loss of 2 major visionaries, Nelson Mandela and now Maya

Angelou, it’s a call, more than ever, to fill their shoes. There ... Continue

10 Steps to Turn Your Music Into A Brand Worth Following

May 27, 2014 | 2 Comments

By Cari Cole


One of the key things I spoke about at Jo-Na Williams

Create Your Own Industry Event last week in New

York, is a subject that is seriously overlooked in today’s

indie artist world. Everyone is shouting out about

marketing and social media but no one is talking about

the most important thing of all – your music and the

importance of knowing your message ... Continue

Is Your Music Age Appropriate?

May 20, 2014

by Cari Cole


Can you do music at any age? Well as long as your fingers can hit the strings and your voice doesn’t give out – then yes. But if you are trying to make it in today’s industry, you have to consider that just like fashion, there is such a thing as being age appropriate for your music.


This is a bigger ... Continue