Cari Cole Voice & Music’s HOLIDAY SUPER SALE

Dec 06, 2016

  Hi beautifuls, Cari Cole here! Some people think that artists are born, not made – yet we know it’s not soooo simple. Talent does get you to a certain point, but going from amateur to pro requires that you step up your craft in a major way. So whether you’re looking to improve your voice, get some serious artist development guidance, or ... Continue

Music Shop Talk: Exposing 3 Musician Shadow Sides, and How to Stop Self Sabotage

    By Cari Cole     Just to be a musician is to fight the shadow. It’s a battle, first with yourself, and then to keep your artistry intact as you plunge into the music business, alongside the many odds stacked up against you. From your own roller coaster confidence, to standing up to those who don’t believe in you or think you’re indulging ... Continue

6 Steps to Vocal Freedom in 6 Months

Nov 29, 2016

  By Cari Cole   When Lady Gaga was training for her Oscar performance early in 2016, she decided she wanted to make a serious impression. She was, after all, singing the “Sound of Music” -- I mean who covers Julie Andrews in front of millions of people at one of the entertainment industry’s biggest events of the year? But she was super ... Continue

The Vocal Freedom Bundle: Free Your Voice & Become the Artist of Your Life

Nov 20, 2016


BLACK FRIDAY thru CYBER MONDAY SUPER SALE! November 21st –November 28th, 2016 ~~ Bundle Up to 50% OFF!

    Yep yep! It's “Giving Thanks” time!!!  We're having a sale in honor of Black Friday / Cyber Monday from 11/21 - 11/28. That means for a short period of time you can grab some great stuff and save ... Continue

3 Ways to Get a Standing Ovation, Right Now (With the Voice You Have…)

Nov 15, 2016

    By Cari Cole   My first standing ovation was at Town Hall in New York City in front of 3000 strangers (and a few friends.) Not only was that a stellar moment, it was totally unexpected. That night was just the same as any other performance to me. What did I do differently at that performance that I failed to do prior? A ... Continue

7 Secrets to Grammy Winning Vocals on Your Next Record

Nov 08, 2016

    By Cari Cole   Yes, your songs are number one. But so is your voice. Matter of fact, your voice can make a halfway decent song totally come alive, or not. But one thing is absolutely, without a doubt, true. Your voice sells the song. It is the star of the track. And it not only has to be good, it has ... Continue

15 Best Kept Secrets of Grammy Winning Singers

Nov 01, 2016

    By Cari Cole     It’s Grammy time again. I just sent off the Grammy Ballots for the nominations for the 2017 Grammy Awards. Several of my artists are on the list, and it was a tough choice. Not because I am “favoriting” my students, but because too many of my artists (and those on the list to be nominated) are so amazing ... Continue

7 Secrets to a Successful Music Launch

Oct 25, 2016

      By Cari Cole   It’s not enough to have good music. In order to get that music heard, you’ve got to be an expert at the “launch” - like it or not.  The good news, is that artists don’t have to wait around for 1-2 years while they write and record a whole album of material before they can get out there. ... Continue

Crushing Common Musician Fears & Taking it All the Way to the Top

Oct 18, 2016

    By Cari Cole   You know you’ve got something, or you wouldn’t be jumping through the hoops that you are on an hourly, daily, yearly basis, to get the job done. You watch artists on TV and listen to their streams on Spotify, and you know you’re just as capable, just as good, and that you could be there too. Matter of ... Continue