Why Songwriting and Record Making Should Not Be A Solo Journey

Sep 20, 2016

By Cari Cole     DIY has been a good thing for the music industry. It has allowed artists to release their own music and get out there direct to fans. But there is a huge downside. And that is, that the material going out is half baked and not worked on enough to get to great. There is a sea of independent ... Continue

Songwriting Shop Talk: Writing Songs That Will Get You Discovered

Sep 13, 2016

    By Cari Cole  


Yeah, right. If everyone had their finger on how to write songs that will get you discovered, everyone would be a songwriting rock star. However, there is a lot that you can do to tip the scales in your favor, and I’m going to do my best to lay it out for you not from theory, but ... Continue

The New A&R: The Perils and Pitfalls of Honing Your Sound Outside Industry Walls

Sep 07, 2016

    By Cari Cole  


It’s a new day in the music business. Yes, we have arrived. And it was worth the growing pains. For one distinct reason. Artists have control of their content. Now artists can choose whether they want to pursue the over-processed, over-commercialized, plastic music that the big boys churn out to the masses to pay for their expensive ... Continue

Songwriting Shop Talk: Deep Diving and Mining for Gold

Aug 31, 2016

By Cari Cole       It’s that time of year again that we host another one of our popular Signature Songwriting Circles. Songwriters, artists, music producers and creators come together to co-write 26 songs in 26 weeks. Not something most songwriters (unless they live in Nashville) are prone to do. It’s a fast paced, professional community where songwriters cut their teeth on their ... Continue

6 Signs You Will Succeed In Music

Aug 16, 2016

      By Cari Cole         Mastering the music machine is no easy feat. It’s wracked with riddles, potholes and --- a plethora of snake-charmers and charlatans along the way. Rick Barker (Taylor Swift’s ex-manager) just called out a guy acting as if he worked for Warner when upon further examination, he has a record as a sex offender - and he was dialoging ... Continue

The Misplaced Musician: Don’t Miss Your Calling

Aug 09, 2016

    By Cari Cole   Every day, amidst the hustle and bustle of the music industry, I come across handfuls of super talented artists --- who should be out there more than they are. It’s painful actually. It reminds me of my career, and oh, how I wish I knew then what I know now.   But I realize that they just haven’t found their ... Continue

4 Things About the Music Business That Will Change Everything

Aug 03, 2016

By Cari Cole     The music industry has, and still does, operate mostly behind closed doors. Perhaps from not wanting to reveal their secrets or new strategies to competitors, or being just too darn busy carving a path for their artists, the companies with success keep a tight lid on it. Artists, industry and music lovers grab the after facts as it ... Continue

The Musicians Troublesome Trifecta: Solving Modern Music Dilemmas

Jul 27, 2016

By Cari Cole     Musicians and music artists are a unique breed. Besides being creative right brainiacs with bigger brains than regular folk (that’s what they say), musicians live lives pretty much solely of passion -- and a big tolerance for the salty atmosphere they usually get tossed around in. From desensitized club owners or booking agents who make money from their ... Continue

How to Get the Attention of Music’s Tastemakers

Jul 19, 2016

  By Cari Cole   You’re a serious, hard-working independent artist committed to making music that matters. And you’re tired of not being able to get the attention you need. You may be experienced, with albums under your belt and a busy tour schedule—but unable to break through to the next level—wondering, Can I keep doing this? Or maybe you’re emerging, and heavily ... Continue