The Ugly Duckling turned into a … Rockstar

Jan 15, 2014

Not everybody who sets out to be an artist reaches their destination. It’s for a ton of reasons, some outside of your control, but most probably because of tolerance. Tolerance for sucking until you don’t suck anymore. It takes a lot of hours (some say 10,000) before the ugly duckling turns into a .. rockstar. It’s going to challenge every ... Continue

3 Tools to Move Through Any Block in 2014

Jan 07, 2014

Right about this time of year, it’s easy to get a little down in the dumps. The holiday frenzy is over - the celebrations are done, the noise is winding down and the weather is frigid. You’re still in throes of writing your New Years Resolutions, but you’ve done that before and they didn’t stick, so now what? Well, I heard ... Continue

14 Ways to Make Music History in 2014

Dec 31, 2013

Okay, well no promises, but making music history could be in your neck of the woods. It doesn’t matter what stage you grace, follow these 14 ways to make your own music history - even if it’s with yourself. I live by these. Here they are: 14 Ways to Make Music History in 2014 1.    Stay true to yourself.  One of the ... Continue

Are You Generous or Stingy With Your Fans?

Dec 17, 2013

In light of the holiday season, I want to give you a few exercises to find out if you’re being generous with your fans - or stingy. It’s no secret that to get love you gotta give love - and you want your fans to love you, right? Then you gotta love them first. Start by being generous with these ... Continue

How Strong is Your Mindset? Take the Quiz

Dec 11, 2013

If you could change one thing about yourself in 2014 - what would it be? Would you change your appearance? Your singing voice? Make yourself a better songwriter or blogger? Would you improve your rehearsal habits? The success of most resolutions comes down to strengthening a few key traits in our personalities. Discipline, Focus, Confidence, and Attitude. More discipline means you can really ... Continue

Your Year in Music: A Review

Dec 03, 2013

Today I want to talk about the benefit of a yearly review and outline the process for you. This might bring up notions of corporate culture and assessments from a boss, but really, doing this for yourself will force you to learn from your victories and mistakes as well as allow you to maximize the new year like never before! Your ... Continue

5 Things To Not Be Grateful For in the Music Biz

Nov 26, 2013

You know me, I’m all about a positive mindset - and gratitude is a HUGE part of that. But as an independent artist today, you’re facing some situations that you absolutely DO NOT have to be grateful for. In fact, you should run away from. Keep on reading for the 5 things you better be careful about listing at the ... Continue

Does Your Music Video Have These 5 Secret Weapons?

Nov 19, 2013

You get back what you put in. It’s the law of physics. Are you leaving your art / craft half-baked? Do you get so excited to release something that you rush to put it out there knowing it could have been better if you had more time + money? But you do it anyway just to see what happens? Well, it’s ... Continue

Do You Have Musician Gambler Phobia?

Nov 12, 2013

Money! The bane of your existence as a musician, right? Thing is - you’re not in it just for the money. If you were, you’d have been a lawyer or doctor or accountant like Aunt Mary, right? But you’re not a lawyer, you’re a musician. An artist. A creator. You make music out of thin air. An idea turns into a melody, produces ... Continue

10 Steps to Fast Forward Your Music Now

Nov 05, 2013

Over here at Cari Cole Voice and Music we know that the base of a music career lies in systems. You need a system for training the voice. A system for practicing your instrument. A calendar system to manage your time. A system to consistently reach out to your fans. A system to keep up with your industry connections. A ... Continue