Is Your Music Age Appropriate?

May 20, 2014

by Cari Cole   Can you do music at any age? Well as long as your fingers can hit the strings and your voice doesn’t give out - then yes. But if you are trying to make it in today’s industry, you have to consider that  just like fashion, there is such a thing as being age appropriate for your music.   This is a bigger conversation ... Continue

9 Ways to Make Your Music Exceptional

May 14, 2014

by Cari Cole   1.  Be the Exception The ease of making a record these days has led to a lot of mediocre music. Be the exception. Don’t settle. Make an Exceptional Record.   2.  Work Harder Than Others If you are willing to work while others are lounging or sleeping, you will one day be ahead of the rest. Faith comes before proof.   3. Raise Your Bar, Don’t ... Continue

Don’t Release Another Record Without These 2

May 06, 2014

  Record making is an art and science and great records that breakthrough all have the following two components. They didn’t just magically happen.  It was deliberate in the creation process and strategic in nailing the lane + brand, but yet they probably didn’t know they were making a hit record (it’s death to try to - read on to find out more).     Your Message Almost 100% ... Continue

7 Ways to Killer Vocals on Your Next Recording

Apr 29, 2014

    So you’re off to L.A. to work with the producer of your dreams but you’re sweating bullets over whether your voice will perform on cue, or you have crazy amounts of anxiety about whether you’re ready to record!   I got you! Hey, I’ve been there. Nothing is worse than when you need to deliver and you’re not confident you can. But here’s the good ... Continue

Why a “Live” Record Could Hurt, Not Help

Apr 22, 2014

  by Cari Cole   Don’t get me wrong - I love a great “live” record. But after I already am familiar with an artist and their songs - because it means more to me then. I’ve already had a chance to listen to the awesomely produced version and have probably seen them live - so the “live” record is a treat, not the main dish.   So don’t rule out “live” ... Continue

16 Ways to Use the Power of Your Voice

Apr 16, 2014

  It’s World Voice Day! World Voice day was founded on July 4, 2012 by a group of speech pathologist, doctors, professors, voice scientists, audiologists, and other voice professionals.  The mission of the group is to share the excitement of voice science, pedagogy and the vocal artist with the public by organizing a global celebration of World Voice Day.   Here are Cari ... Continue

9 Vocal Faux Pas and Fixes to Live By

Apr 09, 2014

It’s easy to miss these vocal faux pas. You’ve probably made many of them - I know I have. But chances are, you didn’t know they were faux pas until you got further on down the line. And, sometimes I still hear seasoned singers making these blaring mistakes. Thing is, if they cleaned them up they’d sound ten times better ... Continue

5 Dragons of Music Burnout

Apr 02, 2014

Burnout. Burning out is no joke. It can grab ahold of you without you even realizing and it will steal your thunder just when you need it. Here is my list of the 5 Dragons of Music Burnout and how to slay those beasts (with your gentle loving care and attention ;)). 1.    Dragon #1: The Dragon of Silence. You’ve hit a ... Continue

Music Business Detox: 5 Ways to Ditch Your Bad Habits

Mar 27, 2014

If you ever find yourself feeling toxic from too much business and not enough music, you’ve probably fallen into some bad habits without realizing it. You may even wonder if you’re any good at this, or even worse, if you should just throw in the towel. But the problem is most likely not you. Most likely the problem is your business or ... Continue

10 Music Mistakes That Turn Fans Off

Mar 18, 2014

This list is not for everyone. It's for you if you are ready to pull out all the stops and get serious about your career. It's for you if you like to hear what no one else has the guts to tell you. This advice, which is my professional opinion comprised after 28 years of coaching thousands of independent artists, ... Continue