My Secret Weapon of Music Success

Mar 11, 2014

Everyone wants a secret weapon - naturally. But not everyone has one. Firstly because you may not know where to find it. Secondly, because you may think you can’t afford it (whatever it is). Thirdly, because you think that you can do it yourself. This article will dispel the first, show you why you can’t afford not to have it and thirdly explain why ... Continue

8 Telltale Signs You Might Be Killing Your Music Career

Mar 04, 2014

Nothing is worse than not knowing when you are headed down the wrong path, or take the wrong turn. My hope is that one of these 8 telltale signs will rescue you from heading in the wrong direction, or worse, stalling out! You write great songs non-stop but you spend most of your days in silence staring at the computer or ... Continue

7 Secrets of an Olympic Performance for Music Artists

Feb 25, 2014

Throughout my practice as a vocal coach I have always utilized athletic techniques as a part of my practice. Singers are athletes of the small muscles of the voice and breathing. The same principles of technique, practice and diet/health apply. In today’s article I give you the 7 Secrets of an Olympic Performance for musicians.  Leave any out and you’ll miss ... Continue

20 Ways to Blow People Away With Your Voice + Music

Feb 18, 2014

The important thing to know is that with a plan, you too can become a singer that blows people away with your voice, but I'm not going to lie, it won't happen without doing the work!   Here's how to make a plan. Follow these tips ... (musicians translate “sing” to “play” etc.) 1. Practice your ass off. Period. The only way you get ... Continue

The Signature Sound Checklist for Musicians

Feb 11, 2014

What is more important than having the best voice or musicianship on the planet? A distinctive sound that is instantly recognizable - a signature. Use this checklist to sharpen your signature and get some tips for how to find yours along the way. The Signature Sound Checklist: 1. A clearly defined genre. You’re not “iffy” about what kind of music you play. And ... Continue

Let No Artist Go Undiscovered

Feb 04, 2014

I remember my artist self days. Back when I went to music school in New York and waitressed to get by. Those 10,000 hours of music theory, guitar and voice lessons, pulling my hair out to write songs that were any good - trying to make it as an artist. I remember answering an ad once for a producer looking for ... Continue

The 10 Characteristics of A Compelling Musician

Jan 28, 2014

Every artist wants to be beloved by the world. To get their music heard, to have the opportunity to play big festivals, reach egads of people and get their music out there. It’s just what makes us tick.  And I tell artists all the time, that if you make the end goal, not how many people you reach, but on ... Continue

Are You Skipping Steps with Your Next Music Masterpiece?

Jan 21, 2014

They say success in anything is in the details. Nothing is more true - especially for musicians. I just worked with an artist who wants to move into being a motivational speaker and use his music as an integral piece of his events. It’s exciting stuff, but it struck me that he had not worked out the details of that ... Continue

The Ugly Duckling turned into a … Rockstar

Jan 15, 2014

Not everybody who sets out to be an artist reaches their destination. It’s for a ton of reasons, some outside of your control, but most probably because of tolerance. Tolerance for sucking until you don’t suck anymore. It takes a lot of hours (some say 10,000) before the ugly duckling turns into a .. rockstar. It’s going to challenge every ... Continue

3 Tools to Move Through Any Block in 2014

Jan 07, 2014

Right about this time of year, it’s easy to get a little down in the dumps. The holiday frenzy is over - the celebrations are done, the noise is winding down and the weather is frigid. You’re still in throes of writing your New Years Resolutions, but you’ve done that before and they didn’t stick, so now what? Well, I heard ... Continue