Lost In Translation: How To Speak Producer

May 20, 2015

by Cari Cole  

As an artist, you regularly have epiphanies, inspirations and visions of your creations. That’s what being an artist is. A creative who interprets life into art and brings to life their vision through their work.

But the challenge lies in the ability to achieve your vision, not dying with the song unsung. It not only takes ... Continue

10 Top Money Wasters On The Road To Your Next Record

May 13, 2015

by Cari Cole

We all know that it’s easier now than ever before to make and release your own record. But just because you can doesn’t mean you want to plunk your hard earned dollars into a record that’s not going to fly the coop ~ right? No artist envisions tons of boxes collecting dust in their garage or ... Continue

The New Music Biz Rules For Record Making And Breaking

May 05, 2015

by Cari Cole  

Has record making really changed in the new music biz? In some ways, yes. There’s newer technology just like every other industry, tools and tricks that make it easier, less expensive. There’s also the convenience of sending files via the internet and doing records by Skype. One of the last records I did the vocal arrangements ... Continue

Commitment Vs. Genre Hopping: Why You’re Genre Hopping And You Need To Stop

Apr 22, 2015

by Cari Cole

If you’re like most artists you hate being put in a “box” and you despise labels. I get it. It’s natural, especially when your brain is wired to explore and create like a mad scientist!

Exploring and experimenting are good, just not on your album.

But truth is, unless you jump the proverbial “fence” and ... Continue

World Voice Day 2015 – The Motto Is Voice: The Original Social Media

Apr 14, 2015

by Cari Cole

Happy World Voice Day (April 16th). Your voice is the original social media.

The purpose of World Voice Day is to demonstrate to the general public that Voice Matters. 2015 the motto is – VOICE, The Original Social Media. (See below for events worldwide that you can participate in.)

How do you use your ... Continue

World Voice Day Sale!

Happy World Voice Day!

Every year World Voice Day is on April 16th. The premise underlying the World Voice Day is to demonstrate to the general public that Voice Matters.

In honor of World Voice Day we are having a SALE!!!




EXERCISE #1: Diaphragmatic Breathing EXERCISE #2: Diaphragmatic ... Continue

Is Lifting Weights Good For Your Voice?

Apr 08, 2015

by Cari Cole  

Yes and no. It depends on your before and after regimen, plus a little bit of maintenance and you’re good to go.

Weight lifting is good for your body. It makes you stronger and makes you look more fit (no argument with that!). But does a stronger body make a stronger voice? Basically, yes.


4 Quick & Dirty Little Secrets To Killer Vocals A.S.A.P.

Mar 31, 2015

by Cari Cole  

Sometimes singers don’t want to admit to having a vocal coach.

I get it.

They think somehow it takes away from their own “natural” talent. Besides, it’s no one’s business.

But in the entertainment industry, nothing is “natural.” Voices are worked on, worked over and worked through in every which way possible to ... Continue

5 Ways To Step Up Your Voice To The Big Time

Mar 24, 2015

By Cari Cole  

Just recently one of the artists I work with took a big risk.

She stepped up to the big time.

Here’s her story.

When I met her, I could feel her talent, it was just oozing out of her. She was ready for the next level, but there were some vital pieces that ... Continue