Apr 16 2014

16 Ways to Use the Power of Your Voice

Posted on April 16, 2014 in Voice

It’s World Voice Day! World Voice day was founded on July 4, 2012 by a group of speech pathologist, doctors, professors, voice scientists, audiologists, and other voice professionals.  The mission of the group is to share the excitement of voice science, pedagogy and the vocal artist with the public by organizing a global celebration of World Voice Day. Here are Cari Cole Voice + Music, we celebrate World Voice Day as an opportunity to celebrate our voice in all the ways in which we use it. It’s not just singing – it’s the power of your words and communication. To not use your voice is a waste, especially in the free world. Your voice is a powerful tool. How do you use yours? Here are 16 Ways to Use the Power of Your Voice on World Voice Day. Just choose one or two and to power up your voi …

Apr 09 2014

9 Vocal Faux Pas and Fixes to Live By

Posted on April 9, 2014 in Uncategorized, Vocal Technique Tips

It’s easy to miss these vocal faux pas. You’ve probably made many of them – I know I have. But chances are, you didn’t know they were faux pas until you got further on down the line. And, sometimes I still hear seasoned singers making these blaring mistakes. Thing is, if they cleaned them up they’d sound ten times better than they do now. And this is not just my opinion, it’s a fact. I’ve witnessed minor and major vocal transformations in the wink of an eye or over years of practice. Funny thing is, after almost 3 decades of being a vocal coach, I can now fix in a few seconds what used to take singers years to turn around. The problem is getting the vocalist to remember the fix that fast – which overtime with repetition, they naturally do. Here’s my top ten pet peeves when it comes to voca …

Apr 02 2014

5 Dragons of Music Burnout

Posted on April 2, 2014 in Music Career

Burnout. Burning out is no joke. It can grab ahold of you without you even realizing and it will steal your thunder just when you need it. Here is my list of the 5 Dragons of Music Burnout and how to slay those beasts (with your gentle loving care and attention ;)). 1.    Dragon #1: The Dragon of Silence. You’ve hit a long streak of writer’s block. Nothing is coming out and if it does, it sucks. The very first thing to do is to take off your “editor” hat. Chances are you recently raised the bar on your writing and it brought you to a halt. Tip 2: don’t force yourself to write in a particular style, tempo, or genre. Just let whatever is there come out, crappy or not. Keep in mind there is an ebb and flow to writing and you might be in the “ebb” phase. Like the waxing and waning of the moon, …

Mar 27 2014

Music Business Detox: 5 Ways to Ditch Your Bad Habits

Posted on March 27, 2014 in Music Business

If you ever find yourself feeling toxic from too much business and not enough music, you’ve probably fallen into some bad habits without realizing it. You may even wonder if you’re any good at this, or even worse, if you should just throw in the towel. But the problem is most likely not you. Most likely the problem is your business or time management skills. So let’s take a look at the ways you can clean up and rid yourself of those music business toxins! 5 Ways to Ditch Your Bad Habits and Start Your Spring Cleanse: 1. Stop Doing What Everyone Else Does and Start Doing What Is Right For You. Busy-ness isn’t the remedy for good business. Are you filling your days trying to play catch up with everyone else? Problem is, sooner than later you wind up chasing the pendulum instead of making pro …

Mar 18 2014

10 Music Mistakes That Turn Fans Off

Posted on March 18, 2014 in Artist Development, Music Business, Music Career

This list is not for everyone. It’s for you if you are ready to pull out all the stops and get serious about your career. It’s for you if you like to hear what no one else has the guts to tell you. This advice, which is my professional opinion comprised after 28 years of coaching thousands of independent artists, celebrities and Grammy winning artists from my voice studio in New York City, is for the express purpose of helping you become a great artist (musician + songwriter) so you can get ahead and make a dent out there. It’s not for the faint of heart. Keep in mind that this is a list to work on accomplishing –  it’s not important to have all of this aced ~ consider it 10 lessons to work on. 1. You post your demos publicly. Don’t post demos for all the world to hear, keep them private. …

Mar 11 2014

My Secret Weapon of Music Success

Posted on March 11, 2014 in Music Career

Everyone wants a secret weapon – naturally. But not everyone has one. Firstly because you may not know where to find it. Secondly, because you may think you can’t afford it (whatever it is). Thirdly, because you think that you can do it yourself. This article will dispel the first, show you why you can’t afford not to have it and thirdly explain why playing solo is deadly. Wikipedia says “A ‘secret weapon’ can be a figurative phrase referring to an unknown technique of any kind that a person uses suddenly and surprises his opponent.” We know that creating success in music is equivalent to pieces of a giant puzzle scattered in all corners of the Earth that have to somehow magically find their way to each other to come together. And do this just in time before the artist falls over from exha …

Mar 04 2014

8 Telltale Signs You Might Be Killing Your Music Career

Posted on March 4, 2014 in Music Career

Nothing is worse than not knowing when you are headed down the wrong path, or take the wrong turn. My hope is that one of these 8 telltale signs will rescue you from heading in the wrong direction, or worse, stalling out! You write great songs non-stop but you spend most of your days in silence staring at the computer or nights at home playing your guitar. Get yourself out of the house and perform. A lot. You spend more time talking about your music or career rather than performing. Perform more than you talk about your career and you won’t wonder if you have a career. You’ll figure out how to be a great performer. You have a propensity to sing every kind of genre but don’t specialize in any one.Jack-of-all-genres, master of none. Singing or playing all kinds of music is good for your soul …

Feb 25 2014

7 Secrets of an Olympic Performance for Music Artists

Posted on February 25, 2014 in Artists, Music Career

Throughout my practice as a vocal coach I have always utilized athletic techniques as a part of my practice. Singers are athletes of the small muscles of the voice and breathing. The same principles of technique, practice and diet/health apply. In today’s article I give you the 7 Secrets of an Olympic Performance for musicians.  Leave any out and you’ll miss your mark. Use them to deepen your craft and practice. It’s the bedrock of your success. 1. Commitment It would seem that if you are pursuing your career that you are committed. But do you sabotage that commitment? Do you doubt yourself? Real steadfast commitment means that you commit fully regardless of how you feel. This allows you to push through when your faith wavers (which it will) and hold fast to your vision. 2. An Olympic-leve …

Feb 18 2014

20 Ways to Blow People Away With Your Voice + Music

Posted on February 18, 2014 in Music Career, Voice

Make a plan. Follow these tips … (musicians translate “sing” to “play” etc.) Practice your ass off. Period. The only way you get great is with a boatload of practice hours (think 10,000 hours.) Perform – a lot. That’s how you get comfortable. Get voice lessons. Don’t work with the cheapest coach in town – work with the best. You’ll pay for it later if you don’t. Sing every day – your voice won’t lie.  If you have vocal strain – then get lessons and learn how to sing without hurting your voice. It’s not rocket science. Fix weird pronunciation issues. This is tricky, because sometimes odd pronunciations rock – but not always. And, no one will tell you, they’ll just click away. Sing on pitch. Period. No matter what anyone says, don’t let notes on your record stay off pitch because of a grea …

Feb 11 2014

The Signature Sound Checklist for Musicians

Posted on February 11, 2014 in Artist Development

What is more important than having the best voice or musicianship on the planet? A distinctive sound that is instantly recognizable – a signature. Use this checklist to sharpen your signature and get some tips for how to find yours along the way. The Signature Sound Checklist: 1. A clearly defined genre. You’re not “iffy” about what kind of music you play. And you’re not reinventing the wheel or calling your music “unique.” Matter of fact, no one has to ask you, it’s obvious. 2. A distinctive quality/style about your voice or playing. You don’t sound like everyone else (thank goodness). Matter of fact you stick out like a sore thumb. Think of the drawling quality of Leonard Cohen’s voice, the fast vibrato of Stevie Nicks or Antony + the Johnsons, or the raspy breathy vocal sound a la Macy …