10 Musician Attitudes to Delete From Your Cellular Memory

Sep 10, 2014

by Cari Cole   What we think, and what we believe influences every cell in our body. Just ask Bruce Lipton, MD cutting edge neuroscientist who says that all of our cells respond to our thoughts (read his book Biology of Belief for most recent discoveries on this subject).   So here’s the thing, don’t even think twice. You are not a victim of your past, you are a victim ... Continue

The Artistic Life: Unplugging From the Big D….

Sep 02, 2014

  by Cari Cole   With so much hype about marketing, social media and promotion, it seems that the focus on being an artist and the artistic life has taken a back seat. The biggest problem is that artists who should be focusing on their art, are spending endless hours plugged into the antithesis of creating = social media and surfing the web.   It’s one of our biggest addictions = ... Continue

5 Mindsets to Zoom Your Music Ahead Right Now

Aug 26, 2014

by Cari Cole   Mediocrity is not what you signed up for. Fitting in is not your best attribute. Accept it. And then get a watering can ;).   1. Follow Your Bliss   You can really get what you want without taking a risk. It goes with the territory. It not only takes optimism to follow your bliss, but massive amounts of courage. The French origin of the ... Continue

The Devil is in the Details

Aug 19, 2014

By Cari Cole

  You’ve heard it said that the devil’s in the details? Darn if it ain’t true.   Greatness, genius, brilliant marketing or monumental momentum - all have one thing in common - details. Success may seem to be stumbled upon, but I assure you it’s not. It’s often the tiniest most intricate details that are integral to the success of any project and ... Continue

Why Your Website Matters More Than Anything Else…

Aug 12, 2014

  by Cari Cole   Why? Because it is your home in cyberspace. And without a home you leave yourself vulnerable and subject to the whims of social media platforms.   Growing your list on social media sites is important for “social proof” but keep in mind it builds their platform, not yours. Everyone knows that artists who do not have a dedicated site are not in it all the ... Continue

The #1 Question You Ask…

Aug 05, 2014

by: Cari Cole   The #1 question I get asked on a regular basis is:   “What is the fastest way to grow my fanbase and get followers?”   I hear you! It’s every musician, recording artist, anyone-daring-to-live-the-dream’s dilemma.   As I said last week in my Smart Musician Strategy teleclass the question you should really be asking yourself is “what am I giving them to make them want ... Continue

Cari, who have you helped who went on to make millions?

Jul 29, 2014

by: Cari Cole   That was the question he asked, by email no less.   We’re in the middle of launching our annual Fast Forward Program + Blueprint and in the flurry of emails that go out to let our list know, there’s always a few disgruntled responses - and I totally get it!!! That’s why we do our best to keep it to a minimum and ... Continue

Smart Musician Strategy 3-part Training Series

Jul 22, 2014

by: Cari Cole   It’s not enough to release a record thinking that the music on its own will build your brand, it won't. Marketing will.  But even when you have a good marketing skills and a well established social media presence, social media followers are at best non-committal and flakey when it comes to real support and forking over dollars. There’s one thing you won’t create real ... Continue

How to Brand and Market Your Music to the World With Authenticity + Integrity

Jul 15, 2014

  By: Cari Cole   I’ll admit - that’s a big title. But it’s actually the smallest details that make it happen.   For the past 4 years in my online programs I’ve been teaching artists about how to brand and market but with authenticity and integrity - not just marketing tricks. Because in music - marketing tricks look cheap - and shoddy.  And over here at CCVM (Cari Cole Voice ... Continue

The New Meaning of DIY for Independent Musicians

Jul 08, 2014

By Cari Cole


DIY is not really Do-It-Yourself anymore.


What it really means is this:


1. You run your own business.


You are not waiting for anyone else to come along to

rescue you. You are hard at work every day building your

foundational business systems, and marketing pieces. You

know exactly what to do ... Continue