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What You Want: To be a Success

You know that your music is good and worth pursuing, but you’re discouraged by the odds of success. And that’s understandable because you’re smart. You know that the industry has changed and that a label isn’t coming to sweep you off your feet.

The nature of fame has changed.

You don’t have to be a household name to be famous. You can be local famous, YouTube famous, songwriter famous, or beatmaker famous. You can lead a tribe of followers that will follow you to the ends of the earth - or at least to your secret unplugged show in the basement of that chapel with the killer acoustics. And pay for you to take them there. It’s possible now to make a career for yourself in music without getting a record deal.

You’re not looking for fame exactly, but you would like to be recognized for your art.
You’re not looking to make a fortune in music, but you’d love to make a living at it.
You’re looking for success on your terms and a path that makes sense for you. Your personality, your desires, your music, your dreams.

Welcome to Fast Forward!

A 4 month online training program for independent artists that will teach you how to turn your music into a business.

Everything you need to know about Time Management, Goal Setting, Branding, Website, Social Media, Licensing, Making Connections, Crowdfunding, Multiple Income Streams and more is included in the Fast Forward to Fame Program + Blueprint.

What Fast Forward ISN’T:

A One-Size-Fits-All Approach.

There is no one solution to making it as an artist these days. What Fast Forward will give you is the tools + guidance to dig deep within yourself and figure out a plan that works for YOU. There are examples of what other artists have done to leverage success that will inspire you to make the most out of your own unique talents + skills.

A Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme.

If you’re in the music business to make millions of dollars, you may want to look elsewhere. But if you’re a dedicated artist who has the talent and drive to turn their music into a full-time career, then you’re in the right place.

Fast Forward will teach you how to work smarter, not harder.

But maybe not in the way you think. Working smarter doesn’t mean you don’t have to bust your ass - because you do. Making a life in music is HARD WORK and there’s no way you’re getting around that. Fast Forward doesn’t just throw a bunch of information at you - it gives you a system for implementing what you learn. If you actually take on the habits of a successful business-person, ask yourself the right questions to get at the heart of your message + branding, and have a system for handling all of the opportunities in front of you - you will be in control of your music career.

You can’t do everything.

Fast Forward will help you identify what artist path you should pursue to be successful and give you the confidence and savvy to speak up and carve out your own path in the music industry.

The thing that’s going to make you stand out and get noticed is already inside of you - you just need to discover it, own it, and work it until you get where you’re going. This course will “fast forward” that process so you can actualize your highest potential much sooner than you could on your own.

A Note from Cari

A Note from Cari:

As an artist myself I didn’t find success in the mainstream. I found it in tuning into my unique strengths, following a topic I was passionate about, and finding a niche that would support my music. I sold over 30,000 records as an independent artist, performed at prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall and Town Hall in New York City, and didn’t have to sell my soul to do it.

So that’s why I’ve put everything I know about building an artist-based business into the Fast Forward Program + Blueprint. The program is built from my signature way of working. It’s a method I’ve used with hundreds of artists that goes from the inside out to help them find their voices, power, and unstoppable brands. It’s all based on allowing your individuality to be expressed and then refining and amplifying your craft + image to make your music stand out from the crowd. This works for your business too.

How it works:

Each week you get a new training module. Modules are mp3 downloads, with a video presentation and a toolkit of worksheets and resources to help you put the material to use. You can follow the pace of one module per week, or save the material and go at your own pace. The information is yours to keep forever and you can use it as a reference when you are in a place to tackle that section of your career.

Fast Forward to Fame will Give You the Tools You Need To:

Manage your time effectively
Get attention from the industry
Make your fans and followers adore you
Make music your full time job

What Grads Are Saying:

Sara Skinner
“...In the program you learn branding, how to build your fan base, how to effectively speak with music industry professionals, and so much more...” Read Sara’s Entire Review
Katey Laurel
“I... cannot say enough great things about your level of dedication to developing the complete artist...” Read Katey's Entire Review
Andre Henry
"When I entered the FFF program, I was seriously considering giving up on making music as a career. But, in a short time, I found myself more confident than I've ever been..." Read Andre's Entire Review

Sara Skinner

"In Cari's Fast Forward to Fame Program is where I learned the business side of music. In the program you learn branding, how to build your fan base, how to effectively speak with music industry professionals, and so much more. My personal goal is to get a record deal and not have to deal with all of that stuff, but I know that having the background knowledge of the industry will help me to make wise career decisions, and it has already prevented me from getting cheated (there are SO MANY big talkers, and people that are only out for your money). I am now completely confident when speaking with music business professionals, simply because now I can actually understand what the heck they are talking about. The speed of my progress has been mind blowing. I have to stop and remind myself It's only been a few months of training with Cari to get to this place in my career. Thanks to all of this, I know who I am as an artist, I have a 5 song EP called "Unchangeable" out, and I'm making the move to LA where I currently have some big offers on the table!"

Paul Taneja, Pinto and the Bean

"Fast Forward to Fame is definitely the P90X of the independent music world. This is for any serious musician/band navigating their way through the current music industry. Cari’s program is incredibly intense and detailed; she’s totally on top of all trends so nothing is ever outdated in any of her material. I’ve never seen a program or book that gives musicians every single tool they need in order to find the success they’re searching for. In addition to the invaluable tools provided in FF2F, her program is awesome because, as musicians, we’re scatterbrained people and we need some guidance and help staying organized. Fast Forward to Fame teaches you exactly what to do to stay on top of things, with great step-by-step modules, which will help you reach wherever it is you’re going. By the time you finish this program, other musicians and bands in your music scene will be looking at you in a different way. You’ll have professionalism about you that I guarantee you didn’t have prior to joining this. You’ll be getting more gigs and more fans. It’s an intense program and I don’t advise any ole’ musician to join. This is for artists who are willing to put in the work."

Katey Laurel

"I have since decided to move forward with Fast Forward to Fame and cannot say enough great things about your level of dedication to developing the complete artist, including the mindset piece that so many coaches fail to truly address, and your attention to detail regarding the technical ins and outs and day-to-day tasks of an artistbased business. There is truly no other program like this out there to educate and elevate independent artists. I can't wait to delve into the rest of the program. I am setting up a vision board, a twelve to fourteen month calendar and taking this next year by storm. Thanks Cari for transforming my artist career!"

Dan Orlando

"I've been fortunate enough to work with Cari Cole in a number of different capacities, but my role as her student has by far been the most rewarding. Like any great mentor, Cari consistently challenges me to go deeper into my craft, whether it be as a writer, performer or entrepreneur. She offers an unvarnished perspective designed to bring out the very best version of the artist in all of us, and delivers it in a way that makes you feel loved and believed in. Cari's systems provide as unique an opportunity for artistic and personal growth as I've ever encountered. So much so that when I look back on the last three years leading up the release of my debut record, I consider this relationship to be the single biggest turning point of my career,and feel more prepared than ever to step into my artistic space."

Tamar Haviv

"Cari Cole took my album seriously, possibly more so than I did. Upon first listen (during the pre-mixing stage) she saw its strengths & encouraged me to treat it as if it would be played alongside some of my favorite records. This meant, going all out on every level by giving attention & care to every last detail. Her perspective, guidance & wisdom was exceptional, and furthermore the feedback that I have been receiving from the industry, in gaining an Exclusive License Company & having my songs placed in both Film & National Ad Campaigns, has proved it does stand equally alongside other successful artists today. All of the hard work, plus Cari's guidance brought the record to that level. I feel extremely grateful to have her as my mentor."


Andre Henry

"When I entered the FFF program, I was seriously considering giving up on making music as a career. But, in a short time, I found myself more confident than I've ever been about building the type of career that suits me as an artist. Cari is wonderful coach who genuinely cares about the people she's working with. She's an honest critic, and the quintessential encourager--the rarest of combinations. FFF took the fear-based mystery out my vocation as an artist; I didn't need to find a way to make people--industry or otherwise--get what I was doing. I needed to get what I was doing, and lean into that. The modules in FFF help clarified that for me--"what type of artist do I want to be?", "how many fans do you want to have?", etc. It helps make all that cloudy dreaminess turn to concrete goals and planning--clarity. I left this program with the one thing every artist needs--confidence."

Katherine Moller

"Working with Cari Cole has changed my career! Before meeting her I was a moderately successful local musician who was trying to figure out how to move ahead. I have had the pleasure of being involved in several of her programs. With Cari’s help I am now taking myself more seriously and not asking for permission to succeed. Through her “Fast Forward To Fame” program I learned about how to up-level my on-line presence to present a unified brand across platforms. With her encouragement I met many new contacts through social media and toured Ireland as a result. Her mentorship has also been instrumental in developing my teaching studio, treating it more like a business, and maximizing the results I achieve for my efforts. Lastly, Cari has been a great source of encouragement and advice in the recording and planning of my fourth CD “Greensleeves & Puddin’ Pies”, a Christmas CD to raise money for local food banks. Cari is a great mentor and inspiration!"


"When I started working with her last year, I was feeling overwhelmed with so many questions about how I should be focusing my energy. With Cari’s guidance and all the information she packed into her program, she really helped me figure out how to stay organized and build a team so I could focus on what I do best – making music. She took the time to work with me on a personal level, and broke things down into bite-sized pieces so I could easily see what needed to be done and how. Her positive outlook and holistic approach really resonated with me and set her a world apart. Since working with her, I’ve had my first label release, booked my first big commercial job, and am now working on a full-length album with amazing producers. The advice she has shared with me has been invaluable and I will draw on it for the balance of my career. I highly recommend working with Cari if you want any guidance in the music industry and I am so glad I found her!"

Jody Quine

"I have been lucky enough to co-write and sing on other projects with major and indie labels resulting in weeks on the Billboard charts and music videos with over 130,000 views. It's always been a bit surprising to me that with all of my successes there is no obvious and clear path that I can see to making a living as a recording artist. At least there hasn't been, until now. Almost immediately the skills, methods and practices I have learned through Cari and the Fast Forward to Fame program, are garnering real results. My branding has improved immensely and my fan base is growing daily. I have released an independent solo record via Crowdfunding and am now on the first round ballot for 3 Grammy categories. From social media to booking shows, recording music and performing at cool venues so much of my life is about doing what I love. Now every day, is about my music career and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you Cari!"

Denise Moser

"Cari Cole’s Fast Forward to Fame program was a fabulous opportunity! Its value will continue long after the class has ended. Some of the content of the program was immediately useful to me – essential elements of a website, how to build my mailing list, the importance of blogging and sending consistent newsletters to fans, and the power of a fabulous photograph. (Cari recognized mine before I did!) Other aspects of the program are waiting for me to revisit them now that I am ready. Cari provides a wealth of information and resources, and she creates a community to share the experience with. I am grateful for having participated. I now understand more about how to create systems that will help my music business grow. In the two weeks that I have had my new CD in my hands, I have received radio play on WXPN (my favorite station!) and I have been approached about a potential publishing deal. This is due in part to the way I have learned to present myself to the world. Cari Cole shines a bright light on the path for indie artists. I feel grateful and inspired."

Clara Bellino

""Studying with Cari was the best decision I made last year for my career. I joined the Fast Forward to Fame pilot program. I had recorded my third CD, and I wanted this one to take me higher! Guided by Cari I dared to write and speak my Big Dream. I discovered the power of the Calendar to reverse engineer the first year of my dream. I learned to trust that if I did what I scheduled in small increments and consistently I would get there, while enjoying the journey! I didn't always know how I would get there. I did everything I dreamed of: I released my 3rd CD incrementally, I grew my list, I went on tour, I got out of my comfort zone some more and presented a workshop at the Independent Music Conference in Los Angeles, and called it "The Power of Positive Action". The response from artists around the world was very validating and confirmed how important it is to get out of your comfort zone in order to grow. I stopped accepting doubt and worked on my mindset. I just returned from MIDEM, the big European music conference in Cannes, which Cari had suggested I attend. It was inspiring, exciting, thought provoking, challenging, and I know good things are coming from it. I am very grateful to Cari for her generous ability to support, encourage and believe."

Course Material

Here’s how it works:

Below you will find a description of each course module below, along with the bonus modules in the blue box to the right.

MODULE 1: COMMIT. Commit to Creating Your Big Vision & Busting the Myths of the Music Business. Stronger your commitment, the stronger your results! Comes with a Step-by-step Formula to Create Your Big Vision and Make it Tangible! Includes the Reverse Engineering Formula and your very own Commitment Contract! Move from “reactive” to “creative” in your career and take control of the reins! Each Module Comes with a Momentum Toolkit of Downloadable Worksheets, Checklists + Resources.

MODULE 2: CREATE. Foundationing: Everything You Need to Know About Having a Successful Artist Based Business From Positioning to Systems and Set Up-Including: Falling In Love With Why You Are Different and How That Works In Your Favor! Learn the S.M.A.R.T. Rules, Bite Size Business Systems and more! Each Module Comes with a Momentum Toolkit of Downloadable Worksheets, Checklists + Resources.

Module 3: The Fan Base Growth System: Learn How to Attract and Capture A Tribe of Really Awesomely Like-Minded People Who Really Love You! Learn How the World Sees You and Hot to Craft Your Irresistible Offer. Find Out Why Your Music Is Not Connecting the Way it Should and How to Become a Magnet for Your Fans, Naturally and Authentically (without icky market-ey tactics!). Each Module Comes with a Momentum Toolkit of Downloadable Worksheets, Checklists + Resources.

Module 4: Having a Website that Actually Does Something Instead of Just Sit There! -- and Better Yet, Works While You’re Sleeping and actually makes you some real Cash!) Do not make the same 6 mistakes most musicians make with their websites! (It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or you’ve been out there - it’s an epidemic!) Comes with the Website Map + Website Startup and Website Wellness Checklists for You, Your Web Designers + Programmers and more! Each Module Comes with a Momentum Toolkit of Downloadable Worksheets, Checklists + Resources.

Module 5: Creating Social Proof: The Power of Social Media for Performers, Demystified & Simplified! The Actual “How-to” Grow your Followers Organically + Authentically! Each Module Comes with a Momentum Toolkit of Worksheets, Checklists + Resources: 50 Things to Talk About With Your Fans, Twitter + Facebook Checklists, Social Media Resources and more!

Module 6: Proven Paths to New Music Business Success: Approaches to Carving Your Niche and the Latest Tools & Technologies to Get There. entify Your Artist Path and Carve A Career that Fits You and Your Lifestyle! Comes with: The Artist Identifier Quiz, Proven Pathways and 7 Steps to Navigating the Music Business and more! Each Module Comes with a Momentum Toolkit of Worksheets, Checklists + Resources.

Module 7: Strategic Marketing for the Independent Artist: How to Make the Most of Your Record Release. The musician who markets more wins. Don’t release your music without a real marketing plan. Comes with the 10 Step Strategic Record Release Campaign Plan with a full Spreadsheet for Keeping you on Track and Accountable Before, During and After Your Record Release! Each Module Comes with a Momentum Toolkit of Worksheets, Checklists + Resources.

MODULE 8: Multiple Streams of Income for Musicians. Plus, How to Incorporate Your Other Talents + Gifts Into Making a Living Making Music and Even Quit Your Day Job! Comes with 38 Income Streams for Musicians and A Checklist to Instantly Uplevel Your Income Streams and more! Plus how to apply your Artist Path to Your Income Streams for More Laser-focused Strategy and Success! Each Module Comes with a Momentum Toolkit of Worksheets, Checklists + Resources.

MODULE 9: How to Communicate to the Higher Echelon of Successful People in the Entertainment Business and Know Whether They Are Right For You Or Full of BS. Communication Tips & Strategies for Successful Career Negotiation! Comes with The Higher Echelon Worksheet and the Music Industry Checklist and more! Each Module Comes with a Momentum Toolkit of Worksheets, Checklists + Resources.

MODULE 10: How to Connect to Other Music Industry Professionals (Ones That You Are Probably Don’t Know Are There To Help You), and How to Make Those Relationships Work For You! Plus, How to Implement Your New Knowledge + Conduct Your Career with the 10 Step Fast Forward Overview and Challenge! Comes with the Musicpreneur Quiz, The Relationships Checklist and more! Each Module Comes with a Momentum Toolkit of Worksheets, Checklists + Resources.

PLUS! You get the Accelerator Pack

1. Self-Management for Musicians

This module will literally save hours to each day once you apply the tools that you learn here. You will learn how to look at everything you do with new eyes for efficiency and effectiveness and gain control of you, your time and your career.

2. Money Mindsets for Musicians

Learn the right mindsets to draw money to you instead of pushing it away. Train your brain to implement a new way of looking at money and success to make you “money-friendly” and help you create true abundance.

3. The Dark Side of Fame

Learn how to use your artist’s sensitivity for good and not fall prey to the traps of the ego. Learn my Very Own Instant Recovery Ritual and my step-by-step Sacred Soul Tools to restore balance and commitment.

And you also get, the "Music Mogul Master Pack"

1. How to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign:

Everything you need to know about fan funding your next project!

2. How to Make 50K a Year in Music:

The real “how-to” make a living making music.

In addition...

    1. Full Access to private Fast Forward Members Area

    Over a period of 14 weeks, you’ll meet with me by audio and some video training, where I will spend one hour or more with you teaching you the powerful steps, strategies, formulas, blueprints, and systems of the Fast Forward to Fame Program and Blueprint.I’ll share with you the exact steps you need to take to succeed and I’ll make it super easy on you to understand exactly HOW to do the assignments. (By the way, this alone comes out to over 14 hours of time with me coaching you.)

    2. Each Module comes with its very own Momentum Building Tool Kit!

    Each module is accompanied by all the tools you need to create and guide your momentum as you take your career to a higher level.

    Samples & Templates to Model You’ll get downloadable samples and templates of materials, scripts and other elements that you can model for your own career and make your work a breeze without having to reinvent the wheel!

    1 Worksheets and Clarity Builders These are the core of your training – the tools that will accelerate your progress by accelerating your clarity – the key to your success as we build momentum in this program.

    1 Checklists & Strategy Outlines Eliminate the guess work and use all of my checklists to keep you right on track. Use these as a continued reference each time you create any marketing or new system in your business.

    1 My Rolodex and Resources For each topic we walk through together, you’ll get an additional bonus that’s just like having my own private rolodex, right there with you. This is all the products, services, people, tools and resources that I have used in my own business – as well as some commentary to help you determine if they will be best for you.

    Click below for a Sample Worksheet

    3. Q & A Calls with me.

    As a coach I understand that progress is made because of two things:Accountability and support.That’s why I’ve included Q & A calls during and AFTER your Fast Forward to Fame Program so that you get the support you need. As you go through the 4 month program, you’ll be able to reach out and get your questions answered right as you need it! PLUS, our calls go beyond the 14 weeks of the program. That’s because I want you to have that extra support as you continue to implement what you’ve learned and transform your career! And at each Q & A, I stay on the phone until every question is answered!

    A Private 1-on-1, 30 minute Strategy Session with me.

    During the 16 weeks together, you and I will jump on the phone for a private Strategy Session (my private session space is completely filled up so you are first in line!) In this Strategy Session, I will help you plan out and set into motion a custom-made strategy to fit you and your music. We will clarify your direction and purpose, do some Fame Finding (your unique angle) and then set an actual custom made strategy in motion to zoom you forward!!

    Before your session, you will fill out a Prep Form (where you can prepare for your session and so I come to the session knowing exactly where you are at! (By the way, this session alone is worth ⅓ of the cost of the Program.)

    4. Full Access to your Fast Forward peers through our Online Private Members-Only Facebook Forum

  • Here’s where you can get bonus accountability, as well as a place to collaborate and network. With this forum, you’ll get even more feedback, accountability, brainstorming and resources. The advanced opportunities in this forum will be a bonus you will absolutely love! This is one of the most popular features of our programs artists enjoy! Here you can ask questions, support each other and connect with me too.During the 90+ day program, I will regularly visit our page and answer questions, post ruminations and offer support and guidance. This is a private Facebook forum, only accessible to Fast Forward to Fame Program members!

Early Bird Bonuses and Pricing are no longer available.

Early Bird Bonuses

1. Review U: Customized Report - A $297 Value!

Get a complete analysis of your web presence, presentation and materials in a detailed report from me. I will pour over your website or online portal and offer you life-changing tips. You’ll learn exactly what you need to do to capture the attention of casual web surfers and turn them into dedicated fans.

2. Mind Over Music Membership Circle - A $300 Value!

PLUS: Comes with the 7 Mindset Meditations to Master for Musicians

Limit: First 25


Mind Over Music is a monthly membership program to retrain your mind to move towards success. Defeat the “I’m not good enough, I’ll do it tomorrow” syndrome. Artists have turbulent minds: highs + lows, bursts of creativity and periods of writers block. Remove fear + doubt by doing the soul-searching inner work that gives you purpose, faith, and initiative. Build that unshakeable confidence + determination with my live monthly mentoring calls, Q&A sessions, and the Mind Over Music Musician Mindset Meditation Series. If it’s not right on the inside, it ain’t right on the outside.

3. Build It. Brand It. 3-part Webinar Series - A $397 Value!

Limit: First 50

Get VIP access to an exclusive program not even sold to the general public. It was created as an exclusive part of “Musician’s Summer School,” featuring Ariel Hyatt, Sarah Gavigan, John Oszajca and myself. In this 3-part webinar series, I reveal an easy-to-follow formula to build your brand and establish a powerful online presence that attracts fans and key industry leaders, and discover the top 3 branding mistakes most artists make and how to avoid them.

“My Own Personal Money Back Guarantee”

Here’s how it works:

I live what I teach. And this program MUST be life-changing and career-changing for you. Otherwise we’re not serving each other and changing the world are we?

Join the program. When it starts, try it for 14 days (that’s 2 modules). Show up at the Q & A’s. Get everything you can. If you still don’t think I’m delivering massive value, high-level authentic success-bringing information – then you get a full refund, keep the downloaded materials from the 2 modules – and I’ll still love you, anyway.

However, I have to be honest; I do not want people in this course if you are on the fence about it. This is for artists who are truly inspired to making a change – an improvement in how things are. So as long as you are committed to making a difference, one that will change your life and career, then hop on board. But we do know that things come up, so just in case, we will offer a full refund within 14 days of the program start. No questions asked.

That’s how it works. It’s the way we run our businesses in an abundant world. So, dude, you have NOTHING to lose (well except for being a slave to your day job, or a victim to your career by not making a living. But hey, maybe you enjoy that!)

What Other Artists Are Saying:

Paul Taneja, Pinto and the Bean
“Fast Forward is definitely the P90X of the independent music world. This is for any serious musician/band navigating their way through the current music industry...” Read Paul's Entire Review
Dan Orlando
“...Cari consistently challenges me to go deeper into my craft, whether it be as a writer, performer or entrepreneur...” Read Dan's Entire Review
Tamar Haviv
“Cari has the ability to cut through physical, emotional + energetic barriers which halt one’s music career …” Read Tamar's Entire Review
Katherine Moller
“...Through her “Fast Forward To Fame” program I learned about how to up-level my on-line presence to present a unified brand across platforms...” Read Katherine's Entire Review
“…Cari took my head out of the clouds and helped me create real, tangible, attainable goals…” Read Beca's Entire Review
Jody Quine
“...Almost immediately the skills, methods and practices I have learned through Cari are garnering real results....” Read Jody's Entire Review
Denise Moser
“Cari Cole’s Fast Forward to Fame program was a fabulous opportunity! Its value will continue long after the class has ended.” Read Denise's Entire Review
Clara Bellino
“Studying with Cari was the best decision I made last year for my career...” Read Clara's Entire Review


Is Fast Forward Right For Me?

Here are some of the tough questions we get asked about the program – plus our honest answers. Fast Forward isn’t right for everyone so we’ll tell you the truth to help you make the right decision for you.

"When does the program start? And, I’m traveling for the next few months. What if I miss one of the calls"

The first module of content is released the day the program starts. You’re busy – we get it. That’s why if you’re going on tour or you’ve got a ton going on, you don’t have to worry about missing out because you get lifetime access to Fast Forward.

That means you can’t ever fall behind. You’ll learn at your own convenience on your own time and the training materials will be there for you as long as you need them. Our Group calls are usually in the evenings at 8 pm EST. If you can’t make a call, we’ll record if for you (and you can still submit your questions ahead of time.)

“What if I live outside the United States? Can I still take this program?"

Yes you can! The program content is 100% digital. That means all you need is a computer and a phone to be in it. The entire program is available online or downloadable to your computer and viewable on your laptop, iPad or iPhone. This is a multimedia program that includes video, transcripts, worksheets and checklists, group & private one-on-one calls by phone or Skype.

“What if I don’t have music out yet? Will this help me anyway?”

This is a really great question. While the majority of the artists in the program have music out, some are in the recording or songwriting stages but want to get ahead of the curve in knowing what lies ahead once they are ready to release their record. And we say “yay” to them because too many artists wait until they have music out in the marketplace but then have no one to release it to.

Fast Forward to Fame is perfect for you if you have music out in the marketplace and you want to learn the New Music Business Model Online and get on top of what’s happening now. Or it’s for you if you are almost ready to record (still writing songs but it’s flowing fast) or you are in the process of recording and need to start preparing and planning for your release (instead of waiting ‘til the last moment and no one to release it to because you were waiting – bad move but you won’t do that if you take this program ;) )

>If you are just starting out as a performer, then this program is not right for you. The perfect program for you is the Step Up to the Spotlight Artist Development Program which teaches the Craft of being a singer-songwriter-performer and about the business and building your brand.

“I’m confused about what program is right for me!"

Here’s what we recommend taking in the following order:

For aspiring artists who are in the development phase

1. Step Up to the Spotlight: Kickstart Artist Development Program This is for the developing artist and is all about Craft and Career. How to be a great artist-singer-performer.

For independent artists looking to learn the new music business model:

2. Fast Forward to Fame Program & Blueprint: How to Have the Music Career You've Always Dreamed Of in 10 Steps

I hope that helps. Let us know if you have any questions. Watch the videos on the links above to get your questions answered. If you still have questions someone from our team can jump on the phone for a quick chat.

“I’m so busy already, how much time do I need to do this?”

The more you put into Fast Forward, the more you’ll get out of it. We’ve timed our program and found that on average, you’ll need about 2 hours a week to go through the core program materials. Remember, you’re also getting access to bonus Accelerator Pack, live Group Calls, and an incredible community – which you can participate in. So if you plan to take full advantage of everything we offer, we recommend between 3-5 hours per week.

“Will it work for me? I’ve joined other programs before and I’m still in the exactly the same place as before. How is this different?”

No program works unless YOU work it and YOU get value out of it. If you’re expecting Fast Forward, or anything else, to magically solve your problems or make you money, please do not sign-up. This is not some “get rich” quick program. Plus, we really CARE that you get results and you’ll do that by working the materials.

That’s why you must agree upon registration to our 14 Day Refund Policy: in order to be eligible for a refund you MUST submit your completed homework for all available modules.

Why? Because we know that if you do the work, you will achieve results in your career and Artist-based business. We’re challenging you to THINK differently, to behave differently and to become the awesome artist and musicpreneur you’re meant to be.

“Do I get access to the entire Fast Forward program all at once?”

No. The Fast Forward curriculum is carefully designed so that you complete each module and complete the corresponding worksheets and assignments in order. This is a proven program and it works best when you follow the system.

If you’re the type of person who always wants to “jump ahead,” and get to the “good stuff” because you “know all this already,” you’ll need to be patient. That kind of energy often misses things. The program is designed to maximize your results and long- term success. We would not have raving fans if this program was badly designed.

Once you complete the full Fast Forward program, you get lifetime access and can re-visit the modules in any order you like.

“How does the “group” stuff work, I’d rather have more one-on-one attention!”

One of the coolest things about this program is the online group forum and accountability partner you get during the program. As I’ve shared we have a very active global community. You can contribute as much as you like or remain anonymous. Some Fast Forward participants fall in love with the online community of their peers and find it to be an invaluable piece they were not even expecting.

While we encourage community and group sharing, we do not force that on you. I will say that through the Fast Forward community, artists have made connections and gotten answers from each other that made things happen in their careers.

“What if I’m more advanced and am already out there?”

If you already know in detail the New Music Business Model online and have implemented everything you know, then this is not right for you. Your best option would be to apply to work with Cari in her highly individualized coaching programs (available online or in person.) However grads of Fast Forward have been signed label artists, well-known managers and industry people and backup singers of famous artists. Artists in the program added anywhere from $15,000 to $60,000 to their business from what they learned in the program. While they were already successful they weren’t leveraging their options.

Of course we cannot guarantee these or any results in your business, but these are examples of what can happen from some of our students.

“What if I’m not ready now, when will you be offering Fast Forward again?”

If you want to do this program, do it now. Think about it. There’s never a time in life when you’re ever truly “ready” to do anything. You will always be busy and always doubt your “readiness.” I honestly don’t know when or how we’ll offer Fast Forward again. After this program, we have other initiatives in our company that may take priority. So if you want in, do it now.

“What are the payment plans for Fast Forward?

Early bird payments close a week before the program starts and you can either pay in full for $997, or three monthly payments of $350. If you choose the payment plan, your payments will be automatically charged every 30 days.

Regular payments you can either pay in full for $1497, or three monthly payments of $516.67. If you choose the payment plan, your payments will be automatically charged every 30 days. We do not offer any “special” or extended payment plans.


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So, hop on and join me!! — for a program that will literally change your life and your pocketbook (and your music career) – forever. I promise you, if you follow this from beginning to end, you will never, ever look at your music or your career the same again.

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