Cari Cole Voice & Music Presents
The Artist Success Circle

The Artist Success Circle Mastermind
Live Classes w/Mama Cari

Artist Success Mastermind Live Classes meet twice a month over video conferencing to work on your music career, brand, & strategy.  

Each participant prepares a Master Gameplan for the 6 month course to build their next steps. Discover innovative ways to build your business with the support of professional music industry guidance and a community of experienced dedicated artists. 


Month 1


How to Think Strategically and Build a Music Success Game-plan & Strategy That Advances Your Career.

How to Carve Out a Plan That Fits You and Your Music (and claim your spot in the industry!)

How to Build & Prioritize Steps and Tasks to Reach Your Goal (especially the ones that are not obvious)

How to Implement Your Plan and Stay the Course.

How to Create Music Business Opportunities Instead of Waiting For Them to Find You (How to Be Proactive Instead of Reactive.)

The Courage & Conviction to Overcome Obstacles, Rejection & Self Doubt to Boldly Step Into Success.

60+ minutes of Training and Momentum Toolkit w/worksheets.

Month 2

The 7-Step Music Success Strategy System
How to Define and Deliver Your Overall Marketing Message plus the Marketing Message of Each Song (and why that’s SO important!)

How Your Marketing Message is the Key to Attracting Fans & How it Is Tied to Metrics  (Growing Your Fanbase!)

How to Implement & Execute A Successful Strategy (this gets detailed!)

How to Stay the Course (without getting distracted or collapsing in overwhelm…)

When and How to Say NO! (and which things to say no to!)

How to Measure Your Progress and Stay on Target…

60+ minutes of Training and Momentum Toolkit w/worksheets.​​​​​​​

Month 3

Setting Up Your Music Business & Catalog for Licensing

Setting up Your Music Business Foundations & Framework (Bank account, PRO, publishing, licensing etc.)

How to Understand Basics Regarding Contracts You’ll Need and Use Frequently.

How to File and Manage Song Titles and Copyrights Appropriately!

Ways You Can Make Royalties Right Now!

Copyrights, Codes, Licenses & Registrations

How Music Licensing Works and How to Prepare Your Catalog for Licensing.

60+ minutes of Training and Momentum Toolkit w/worksheets.

Month 4

Your Kickass Record Release Plan 
How to Set-Up, Implement and Manage Your Record Release Like a Boss!

Detailed Strategies & Campaigns to Widen Your Reach and Significantly Improve Results.

The Key Points and Strategies to Help You Execute Your Campaign With Ease & Precision.

What a Campaign Is, How to Set One Up and Manage it Throughout Your Release. 

Create Your Overall Timeline ~ How It All Fits Together Seamlessly. 

How and When To Avoid Overwhelm & Distraction, and When and How to Say “No."

60+ minutes of Training and Momentum Toolkit w/worksheets​​​​​​​


Month 5

Your Music Success Strategy: How to Build Opportunities & Grow Your Career

Plus Special Section on How to Book Your Own Tour & Find a Booking Agent.

How to Build Your Business, the steps and key point to improve your ROI.

How to Build Your Music Catalog and Increase your Income. 

How to Build Your Brand to Attract Opportunities and Immediately Uplevel Your Career.

How to Book Your Own Tour, Like a Musicpreneur Boss! Steps to booking a tour (including Routing, Research, Contact, Follow up, Confirmation, Promotion).

Details on booking specific types of shows, like Colleges, Festivals, and House Concerts -- plus, How to Break into a New Town (or ANY Town).

60+ minutes of Training and Momentum Toolkit w/worksheets.

Month 6

Music Business Connections & Relationships That Build Your Career. 

How to Find and Nurture Industry Relationships That Help Build Career Opportunities! 

Stop operating solo and get informed on the little known insider opportunities and strategies used by successful artists (Hint: most indie artists are completely unaware of these opportunites!) 

How to work inside the industry grow your income streams and industry connections and and triple your chances of success! 

60+ minutes of Training and Momentum Toolkit w/worksheets.


Meet the CCVM Experts!

ASC Private Sessions
Throughout the Artist Success Circle 6 month program, VIP & Featured seats will receive personalized guidance from both Cari & The CCVM Team Experts. In the 4 sessions offered, you will solidify your brand, music business strategy, and artist persona, and get answers to your burning questions. Cari and the team will get you on track and help you dial out your master gameplan.  ​​​​​​​
Month 1: Private Music & Online Brand Review Session with Mama Cari! 

Month 4: Private Artist Persona & Branding Session with Mama Cari!

In month 1 Get professional feedback on how to uplevel your music, online presence and brand from Mama Cari’s 3 decades in the music business. In Month 1 participants fill out a Prep Form and your music, brand and online presence is reviewed by Cari prior to the 30 minute private session.

In month 4, you meet with Cari again to hone in on your artist persona, name, look, and visual brand. In this 30 minute private session, Cari will review your overall "look" and public presence to give you constructive, step-by-step feedback. 

Month 2: Private Music Bio Review Session with Our CCVM Team Expert: Lorne Behrman.


Meet Lorne Behrman of Lorne has written bios for some of the biggest names in entertainment including Lana Del Rey, Julian Lennon and Joe Jackson. Sessions are 30 minutes. Participants get professional feedback on how to uplevel your message, bio and story!


Month 3: Private Music Business & Licensing Review Session with our CCVM Music Business Expert: Katey Laurel.

Meet Katey Laurel -- a Denver based singer-songwriter with 3 full length albums out, national radio airplay and multiple songs licensed music for film and TV. Laurel went from $0 to 5 figures in music licensing. Participants get professional feedback on how to uplevel your music business and licensing opportunities! Sessions are 30 minutes. Get ready for some insider wisdom!

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FEATURED SEAT: $597 to register + 10 payments of $298.50 (billed 2x mo)

VIP SEAT: $397.00 to register + 10 payments of $198.50 spaced (billed 2x mo)

VIEWER SEAT: $148.50 to register + 10 payments of $74.25 spaced (billed 2x mo)


Get: 10% off!

Note: There are no refunds
when paying in full.



Since this program is an “in person” program with Cari and run live (not pre-recorded) we have less wiggle room and do not offer a refund. You have up to 14 days to withdraw from the program if you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise. The deposit and any payments made up to that point are non-refundable.
We take our learning environment seriously and maintain a very high standard of positivity, encouragement and inspired, action-oriented learning. Our programs change careers and change lives (and it’s not just our opinion!) We have no desire to work with people for whom the material is not a fit (or lazy wishy-washy students ;)) You’re either all in or all out. That’s how we roll!


About Cari Cole

Cari Cole is a highly respected and in-demand Celebrity Vocal Coach, Artist Development Expert, and New Music Business Mentor. Her star-studded client list includes some of the biggest names in music: multiple Grammy winners, legendary rock stars, major and indie label artists, and thousands of independent artists. She helps musicians find their voice, build their brand, and create successful careers in music. 

To learn more about Cari – and to get her free Vocal Road Warrior 3-part series for keeping your voice healthy while you’re out conquering your tour – visit her website/blog:


Here are some of the questions we frequently get asked about the Artist Success Circle. It isn’t right for everyone so we want to help you make the right decision for you.

“Who is this program for?”

The Artist Success Circle is a perfect fit for independent artists who have music out in the marketplace or are releasing soon who need help getting to the next level with your music career. Think of it as having your very own music mentor, manager and guide and a community of hand-picked high level music artists . Whether you’re on your fifth record or your first, this program is about mapping a plan for your career and how to get to the next level working inside the industry instead of standing on the outside hoping to get in!

“How is the program delivered? Do I have to be in New York?”

No! You can be anywhere in the world and take The Artist Success Circle. The Artist Success Circle is hosted completely online. All you need in an internet connection and a smartphone or computer.

“What if I can’t keep up with the program delivery schedule? And, I’m traveling for the next few months. Can I do it at my own pace?”

Classes are twice a month and spaced out to give you ample time to keep up with the course. You will always receive recordings of the calls or in person sessions that you can reference forever. It’s recommended that you be able to involve yourself fully in the course so you get the most out of having live access to Cari. But don’t sweat it if you can’t make every class, we’ll send you the recording to listen back later!.  That way the information is yours to keep for future reference as well!

“What if I live outside the United States? Can I still take this program?”

Yes you can! The ASC Online program content is 100% digital. That means all you need is a computer and or a phone. The entire ASC Online program is available online or downloadable to your computer and viewable on your laptop, iPad or iPhone. Classes meet via a conference line.

“I’m so busy already, how much time do I need to do the program effectively?”
Classes are 2 hours long twice a month. Modules are related once a month and are about 60 – 75 minutes long. You’ll have some additional time you’ll want to spend with assignments and worksheets.

“Will it work for me? I’ve joined other programs before and I’m still in the exactly the same place as before. How is this different?”

ASC is a serious kick-ass program that will completely transform your music career if you bring yourself fully to the course materials. And it’s not just our opinion, but the opinion of our Alumni. We really CARE that you get results and we go out of our way to see that you do!

“Do I get access to the entire Artist Success Circle materials all at once?”

The Artist Success Circle Curriculum is built around a live class system and modules released monthly to move you through the program in a sequence of information. Over these 6 months you will refine delve your vision, message, brand, and strategy and create a real plan. You wouldn’t want it all plopped in your lap at once– talk about overwhelm!! 😉 We keep it organized and flowing for you in the right order!

“What if I’m more advanced and already have my music out there – will this work for me?”

Abso-friggin’-lutely!! You’ll actually benefit more. Because if you’ve been out there for awhile and haven’t gotten where you wanted it is because something is not right where it matters most! And this course provides that help, guidance and serious deep dive that makes artists careers really happen. Artists who have followed this guidance have made serious headway in their music careers. From signing, licensing and management deals to publishing contracts and record deals, to tripling their fans and income, this program delivers to each artist personally the missing ingredients in their content. Use this program as a chance to make sure you’ve got the goods you need to go the distance. It all starts with your songs. You can do this!

“What if I’m not ready now, when will you be offering this program again?
If you want to do this program, do it now. Think about it. There’s never a time in life when you’re ever truly “ready” to do anything. You will always be busy and always doubt your “readiness.” If you’re trying to make it out there as an artist, don’t hesitate to, take this program ~ read the testimonials. The proof is in the pudding. Besides, we do not know when we’ll run it again!

Worry free registration … 14 day refund policy”

Since this program is in person with Cari and run live (not pre-recorded modules) we have less wiggle room and do not offer a refund. But, we’re fully committed to help you change your career and your and your life as a result of this program. You have up to 14 days to withdraw from the program if you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise. The deposit and any payments made up to that point are non-refundable. We take our learning environment seriously and maintain a very high standard of positivity, encouragement and inspired, action-oriented learning. We have no desire to work with lazy people or wishy-washy students and do not attract them. You’re either all in or all out.

“Can I talk to a real person?”

Yes! If you still have questions email us at or click here to schedule a phone consult and I or someone from my team will be happy to answer any and all of your questions! Our mission is to serve! (no question too small.)