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The A&R Model: Digging For Your Signature Sound

March 31, 2020

It’s a new day in the music business. Yes, we have arrived. And it was worth the growing pains. For one distinct reason. Artists have control of their content. Now artists can choose whether they want to pursue the over-processed, over-commercialized, plastic music that the big boys churn out to the masses to pay for their … Continue

6 Things Holding You Back From A Music Breakthrough

March 24, 2020

Sabotage. Sigh. It’s real. And artists are especially victims to it. The margins of error are huge. From wrong advice, disingenuous advice, or just plain lack of good advice, to the challenges riddled with potholes and landmines to trip you up on your way to that breakthrough moment.  Here are the top 6 ways artists and … Continue

Turning Pain Into Music

March 17, 2020

Today’s article is about what happens when you take your pain and turn it into triumph. It is my honoring of two of the world’s greatest teachers, leaders, visionaries, and activists ever: Maya Angelou and Nelson Mandela. There is so much to learn from these remarkable people and the gifts they gave from the pain … Continue

Art Over Commerce: Committing to Your Truth

March 10, 2020

There’s a problem out there, and it causes great artists, musicians and songwriters to lose touch with their best work and even get swayed off course. As a result, great songs, that should see the light of day, fall by the wayside. In the name of commerce. Commerce over art. Yep, that’s what the big boys are … Continue

How to Get Industry Attention Without Selling Out

March 3, 2020

The music industry has left artists by the wayside. Fraught with the pressures of making money in the wake of streams, free downloads and a singles market, that followed a long reign of “the album”, the industry is no longer willing to fork over cash for much needed A & R. As a result, artists … Continue

The Songwriting Hibernation Strategy

February 25, 2020

Hibernation is not an unusual tactic used with musicians during the songwriting phase of a record. Distraction is the biggest killer of creativity, and in today’s iPhone, social media frenzied world, it’s a bigger challenge than ever to stay focused long enough to get to the good stuff. And time is what any creative project … Continue

How to Avoid the Non-Breakthrough Phenomenon

February 18, 2020

Most people come to me for vocal coaching because a) It’s my specialty, and b) it’s what I’m most known for – making voices shine. But the bigger reason in the past several years that people come to me is that they know it’s not just about doing the scales. They know that having a great voice is a … Continue

Musician Mindset: Getting Out of Your Head 

February 11, 2020

You know you’ve got something, or you wouldn’t be jumping through the hoops that you are on an hourly, daily, yearly basis, to get the job done. You watch artists on TV and listen to their streams on Spotify, and you know you’re just as capable, just as good, and that you could be there … Continue

Musician Metamorphosis: From Dreamer to Household Name

February 4, 2020

Metamorphosis. Also called transformation. A change in the form and often habits of an animal during normal development after the embryonic stage. Metamorphosis includes, in insects, the transformation of a maggot into an adult fly and a caterpillar into a butterfly and, in amphibians, the changing of a tadpole into a frog. In a human, … Continue

6 Black Holes in Your Music Career

January 28, 2020

Let’s face it, being a musicpreneur is a freakin’ full time job, matter of fact, it can swallow you whole – right into a black hole. The challenge is how to make time for your music while you gain ground with your music career. Time management people! Here are a few tips for how to avoid … Continue

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