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Signature Songwriting Circle (DATE TBA)

March 25, 2020 @ 1:21 am

The Signature Songwriting Circle: 
How to Write Distinctive Songs that Create A Signature, Win Awards and Gain Critical Acclaim.

The Signature Songwriting Circle™ is an immersive songwriting experience created specifically for independent artists, recording artists, songwriters, or music producers/creators who are looking to write songs that break the mold and make an impact.Participants come together online for 6 months to learn the art of signature songwriting in a community of industry professionals and mentors, other artists, and our CCVM Award-Winning Songwriting Team. If you write your own songs and co-write with other artists (or are interested in experiencing co-writing with award-winning writers) – this program is for you. You’ll master the art of writing signature songs™ and learn the science behind songs that break the mold

Professional Co-Writing Sessions:

VIP & Featured Seats get exclusive Signature Songwriting Sessions with our CCVM Songwriting Team!

Our VIP and Featured Seats get the exclusive opportunity to write with our CCVM Songwriting Team of Award-Winning Professional Writers. Our Team is experienced at writing signature songs across genres that help artists get their message on the page and out to the world, and they’re ready and waiting to work with YOU.

Some artists are afraid that cowriting will deprive them of their musical identity. The opposite is often true! You can lean on your strengths and focus on what makes you unique, then bring other pros into the process (like our Songwriting Team) to enhance your craft. It’s a win-win!

The opportunity to collaborate with these incredible songwriters is not available to unsigned artists anywhere else in our programs– aside from our private clients — but is offered at a fraction of the cost as part of SSC.

VIP, Featured, and Viewer Seats Get:  

Who is the Circle For?

The Circle is designed for independent artists, recording artists, songwriters, and producers who want to build a signature into their writing and make a stronger impact with their music and brand. The Circle meets twice a month for master songwriting coaching and review sessions where artists present songs/demos/mixes to Cari & the group to get laser-focused, high level, personalized guidance & feedback. Plus you’ll hear Special Guest Songwriter Interviews with Q & A’s and receive monthly Jam-packed Course Content Trainings from Cari.

The only prerequisite is dedication and an avid interest in becoming a better songwriter.


What’s a VIP Seat vs. Featured Seat vs. a Viewer Seat?

A VIP Seat means you get direct interaction, personalized coaching and guidance from Cari in the group sessions. Only 4 seats available.

A Featured Seat means you get direct interaction, personalized coaching and song critiques from Cari. Perfect for those who have material ready for review and want to experience a high level of challenge and growth in their writing! 20 spots available.

A Viewer Seat means you get to attend the course for half price from a “viewer” perspective only. You can watch and interact via “chat,” but will not get your songs reviewed by Cari. Perfect for those who are learning and want to watch but are not ready to get critiqued! 24 spots available.

All seats get an Accountability Pod.

For more information on the Signature Songwriting Circle, click here.


March 25, 2020
1:21 am

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