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Vocal Freedom Circle – Coming up in Spring 2020!

May 5 @ 3:58 pm


Free Your Voice in 3 Months w/ Celebrity Vocal Coach & Artist Development Expert, Cari Cole

The Vocal Freedom Circle is a 3-month course with Celebrity Vocal Coach & Artist Development Expert, Cari Cole. If you’re a singer, singer-songwriter, songwriter, music producer, or simply want to develop a stronger and more resilient voice, this course is for YOU!

Cari has coached some of the world’s most famous and beloved Grammy winners and rock star legends over her 30+ year teaching career, as well as tens of thousands of independent artists worldwide. Now you can glean the very best of Cari’s private methods and techniques in a small group setting to make your voice shine like never before!


  • 12 Vocal Freedom Training Classes w/Cari (4 90-minute classes via video per month for 3 months)
  • The Singers Gift Vocal Warmups: 17 Exercises & 2 Instructional E-books (digital format)
  • Cari’s Master Voice Building Exercises: 38 voice-building techniques that build tone, range, endurance and true vocal power (digital format)
  • Cari’s Vocal Health Resource Library: Cari’s 30+ years of research on holistic techniques to repair your voice and keep it healthy
  • Accountability Practice Log to track your progress during the course
  • Accountability Pods to keep you motivated and build community!
  • 🎧 Daily Guided Vocal Practice Sessions (via online video) to structure and empower your vocal development!!
  • A private FB Page and Artist Community 24/7


May 5
3:58 pm

Stop Shredding Your
Voice & Take Control
of Your Vocal Health

Grab the Vocal Road Warrior 3-Part Series.

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