by Cari Cole

There’s a lot of chatter out there about what you need to do as a musician to get out there and grow your music in the world. A LOT of chatter. Marketing, social media, radio play, publicity, touring etc. But no one’s really talking about the inside game. And we all know, that no matter how far you get with your independent musician music business skills, if you don’t really believe it on the inside, you’ll only get so far — you’ll plateau.  

Truth is, how you see yourself is how others will too. The reason people who aren’t authentic get far is because they believe their own bluff. Because if they believe they are it, then so does everyone else. And sometimes it’s the most sensitive artists that suffer the most because they can’t bluff others — and worse, they secretly doubt themselves.


Or maybe you don’t struggle with self-doubt, maybe you’re kinda confident, or maybe you’re over-confident. Where you are on the scale could hurt or help.


Here are my Top 3 Tips for Upping Your Inner Game of Music: Confidence, Self Respect and Showing Off Your Inner Light


1. Work on Your Self-Respect


Self-respect is a big thing. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s hard earned and hard won. Because if you can respect yourself, everyone else will too. How do you earn your own self-respect? (see #2)


2. Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You


You wanna get in the ring? Want to be invited behind closed doors? Be so good they can’t ignore you. That means upping your music, your brand, your live show, your musicianship, your songwriting, your vocals. Pursue it more than you think you can. Leave NO stone unturned. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you are better than you are. The great artists stop at nothing.



3. Believe in Yourself Even When You Don’t


You’re not always gonna think you’re the next big thing, but hold your head up high like you are, no matter what. And don’t feel insecure about your older music just because your new music is better. Every artist is an evolution. It’s all grist for the mill. Be genuine, but stand tall. You deserve it. And when you do, you’ll notice that people will treat you better ;).

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