5 Ways To Move From Dreamer To Diva/o

60 Min Audio Class: From Dreamer to Diva: Under the Hood of Real Artist Development and Becoming the Artist of Your Life


THIS AUDIO CLASS IS A ONE OF CARI’S MOST POPULAR PREVIOUSLY HELD TELE-CLASSES, THAT HAS BEEN RE-RECORDED FOR SALE. Comes with a Step-by-Step Worksheet, not included with the original tele-class.

Most artists hope a manager or label will come along to rescue them. Understandably so. But the days of deep pockets and being discovered are over. There are many preliminary steps you have to take before you are manager worthy or potential. The good news of this change in the industry is that artists have more creative control of their music. But the bad news is, how do you develop yourself?

Look no further. This popular teleclass training examines all of the insider tools for how to become the artist of your life. How to take your raw talent and develop it to the point that all great artists arrive at. Learn how to train your craft and create the daily habits and mindset practices to become the best that you can be. Whether you are on your first record or your fifth, becoming a better artist is at the forefront the success of your next project.

There is no shortcut to real success. Learn the real behind the scenes process of artist development and raise the bar on your music. Don’t go undiscovered, discover yourself and learn why falling in love with why you are different could be the game changer for your career. Stop trying to please fans and industry and start making the music you want to hear. Check.

So how to do you traverse the new terrain? Most singers and artists unfortunately miss the developmental stages that develop them fully. And as a result they miss key opportunities simply because they dont know how to put it all together. If you are plodding along hoping for that BIG break, to meet the right connection or to “get signed”, don’t worry, it’s not your fault! You’ve been trained that way. But today’s industry is a completely different landscape. You can market until you are blue in the face, but if you don’t have what people want, you have nothing.

If you are an artist looking to take your talent to an undeniable level, for the behind the scenes of real artist development and A & R guidance as well as uplevel your knowledge of the new music industry, this teleclass training is for you. This is also for managers, management companies and indie labels looking for information to better develop their artists.

Learn the craft and business to take your new project to a whole new place in the real world of the new music business in a 60 min audio training.


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To make this teleclass training more impactful, Cari created a beautifully designed worksheet to help you more powerfully walk through the 5 points of this training and deepen your experience.