8 Steps to Your Breakthrough Record

60 min Audio Class: How to Stand Out, Get Noticed, Gain Placements, Win Awards and Be A Brand Fans Want to Follow


THIS AUDIO CLASS IS A ONE OF CARI’S MOST POPULAR PREVIOUSLY HELD TELE-CLASSES, THAT HAS BEEN RE-RECORDED FOR SALE. Comes with a Step-by-Step Worksheet, not included with the original tele-class.

When someone hears that you’re a musician and asks you, “Do You Have a Record Out?”, you have one, but make an excuse for it? For the quality or the songs or the production because it doesn’t really represent your music right now? Or are you proud of the album itself, but disappointed that you still have 1,000 of them sitting in your basement? Or do you know deep down that you haven’t made your best record  yet? Chances are, if you’re reading this, you want to have the artistically distinctive, broadcast quality,exceptional, pro record that will gain serious traction with fans and industry… and — newsflash: You absolutely NEED one to pierce through the veil of the overcrowded marketplace out there. This powerful teleclass training Cari gives walks you through the 8 steps to releasing an breakthrough record – so you can gain the knowledge you need to release YOUR exceptional work. From the nitty gritty of great A & R to how to choose your best songs (one’s that will win your awards and hint hint: it’s not necessarily the ones you think will), to exactly how to find the right producer for you (and why it’s the kiss of death to produce your own record) and so much more. Don’t think about releasing another record without this valuable insider know-how and information to make your next project go the distance ~ for real.

So how to do you make a record that has enough energy to breakthrough as a new artist?

Here at Cari Cole Voice + Music our #1 goal is to help each and every music creator we come in contact with rock their music career in their own way.  One of the biggest hurdles we see artists struggling with in the Indie/DIY community is creating music that has the ability to break through “the noise.”  It all starts with your record. Creating a record shouldn’t be something you do in your basement in one weekend.   The artists who get “heard”…  the artists who get development deals or who have industry people knocking down their door…  are the artists who are creating great works of art. They are the artists who are as meticulous about the music they put out as they are about their musicianship and their material.

There’s a system to it. And you know what?  You can do it too!

If you are an artist looking to take your music to an undeniable level, for the behind the scenes of real record making and A & R guidance used by industry tastemakers, as well as uplevel your music in the marketplace, this teleclass training is for you. This is also for managers, management companies and indie labels looking for information to better develop their artists records.

Learn the craft and business of exceptional record making to take your new project to a whole new place in the real world of music with this 60 min audio training.


To make this teleclass training more impactful, Cari created a beautifully designed worksheet to help you more powerfully walk through the 8 points of this training and deepen your experience.