Artist Development Program

Define Your Artist Persona, Refine Your Signature Sound & Direction, Build Your Brand, Go Pro

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READY TO HAVE IT ALL AND DEVELOP OR REINVENT YOUR SIGNATURE SOUND AND STYLE in a supportive, professional environment with industry mentors and experts who care about you and your music?

In this program artists develop a well-defined artistic sensibility, well-crafted songs, a well-developed persona and brand as well as command a powerful presence onstage and on record. It doesn’t take a lifetime to develop real artistry, it can be achieved quicker with the right professional development and guidance.

The Artist Development Program is a white glove, private 1-on-1 program with Mama Cari for artists who are ready to discovering or reinventing their sound and direction, deepen their artist persona, songwriting and crafting, to record music that will make an impact to uplevel their brand & career. This program covers all aspects of what it takes to become an exceptional artist, one that wins awards and gains immediate attention from fans and industry. This program covers all genres in commercial music and is highly personalized to each artist.

Artists leave this program with a clearly defined sound and direction.You will emerge stronger, bolder and more powerful than you ever could have imagined. Artists have won multiple awards, placed on the Billboard Charts, signed licensing, management and recording contracts as well as doubled and tripled their fanbase, following and career opportunities.

Cari Cole is an artist development expert, acclaimed artist, and a renowned vocal coach with 30+ years experience as a leader in the music industry helping artists build their artistry and careers. Her unique and comprehensive perspective on artistry is a rarity, and this popular program is a game changer for independent artists.


Comes with monthly:

Two private 60-min Artist Development Sessions with Cari: Master your artistry, songwriting, A & R direction, artist persona & branding, transform your craft and career and become the artist of your life.

One private 30-min Artist/Career Development, Strategy, Song reviews (or whatever is needed), with Cari.

Introductions and guided access to our CCVM Songwriting Team: our vetted songwriters who write signature songs with our CCVM artists to get their message and sound on the page.

Unlimited email access to Cari during the program.

This program is available by Skype or in person.


Comes With

Free Edition of my Singers Gift Vocal Warmups ($97 value).

Cari’s 38 Master Vocal Exercise System ($297 value).

Weekly Email Support, Song Reviews & Career Consulting.

Free Edition of the Your Exceptional Record Course ( 6-12 month program only ~ $1300 value)

Registration comes with immediate access to materials so you can get started right away!

Total: $25,000 value per 12 month program



Prices lower with longer programs.

3 Months: $2,655 / $350 due at registration. Payments of $368.50 billed on the 1st & 15th of each month.

6 Months: $4,950 /$750 due at registration. Payments of $350.00 billed on the 1st & 15th of each month.

12 Months: $9,000 /$1000 due at registration. Payments of $333.33 billed on the 1st and 15th of each month.


To Get Started:

1. All private programs with Mama Cari start with a Cole Power Hour. For more info or to book a Cole Power Hour click here. Cole Power Hour registration comes with instant access to Cari’s Singers Gift Warmups so you can start your vocal transformation right away!

2. Fill out this quick Work With Cari 1-on-1 Application here.

For more information, email us at or click here to set up a quick “no pressure” phone consult with Team Cole

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