Finding Your Artist Identity

60min Audio Class: Still Not Sure of Your Niche and Direction? Your Problems Are Not As Unique As You Think - 3-Part Training


THIS AUDIO CLASS IS A ONE OF CARI’S MOST POPULAR PREVIOUSLY HELD TELE-CLASSES, THAT HAS BEEN RE-RECORDED FOR SALE. Comes with a Step-by-Step Worksheet, not included with the original tele-class.

You can market until you are blue in the face. You can hire the best publicity and social media team, but unless you know who you are as an artist you have nothing. Zilch, nada, niente, nothing. The truth is that an artist’s identity – and the process to it which Cari reveals in this powerful 60 minute teleclass audio training – is believed to be by some industry tastemakers, as the cornerstone to it ALL. There’s a real reason why music takes off, breaks through and blows us all away, and it’s NOT marketing.  Whether you are deepening your artistry or doing a new album and ready to reinvent yourself, finding your artist identity is a huge piece of your success. If you fail to nail your niche, the result is in the stats. How many people converted to your list or started to follow you? No one will tell you why they didn’t follow you after attending your concert – but the numbers won’t lie. The secret to your success lies in your identity as an artist.

Failing to nail your identity is critical. The one thing in common that all successful artists have is a strong identity. If they’re doing their job well you either love them or don’t ~ there is not much middle ground. That’s because they have learned to stand their ground and own their sound. It also means they can’t do everything or be everything for all people. That’s not the way you build a real fan base.

In this 60 minute audio training class (one of Cari’s most popular teleclasses we turned into an evergreen training, available immediately upon download)

You’ll discover:

  • Why liking all kinds of music is good for your ear but bad for your brand.
  • The #1 reason why most artists fail at discovering their real talents and signature (and how to identify yours!)
  • Why fitting in is the death of an artist (and how to stand out instead!)
  • The reasons why labels used to use spend so much to develop artists (and the best artist development methods and techniques to make your music kick some serious boot-ay!)
  • Why nailing your niche actually attracts more followers instead of diminishing them (most people think it’s the opposite.)
  • Why no one will tells you the truth, or worse yet – why they just click away.
  • The best proven step-by-step process of a successful artist rebrand or brand development (and a few keys things to do right away to improve yours!)

If you are an artist looking to take your music to an undeniable level, for the behind the scenes of expert A & R guidance used by industry tastemakers, as well as uplevel your music in the marketplace, this teleclass training is for you. This is also for managers, management companies and indie labels looking for information to better develop their artists.

Learn the art and science of finding your own unique identity and how to infinitely blow people away with your sound in this 60 min audio training.


To make this teleclass training more impactful, Cari created a beautifully designed worksheet to help you more powerfully walk through the 3 Step training and deepen your experience.