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Artist Development Program

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Step Up is a 6 module jam-packed intensive 6 week program for any artists looking to step up their craft, confidence and business know how… Once upon a time there were A&R (artists and repertoire) men and women who scouted talent, signed the said talent, and nurtured the artist through the record-making process.  The artist, in turn, had someone to bounce ideas off of, a form of quality control, and a chance to explore their creativity. These artists had the luxury of having a creative dialogue that vastly improved their records. Today’s music industry has largely done away with artist development. So nowadays, artists frequently put out inferior records because they don’t have a counter perspective to help ensure the record is strongest it can be, and because of this, artists often alienate fans and loose out on big industry opportunities. The Step Up To The Spotlight Artist Development program offers musicians a methodology that could very well make them a marquee artist.

A Kickstart Artist Development Program

This program is for you if you are looking to improve your craft, build your brand and get a deeper understanding of the music business. Some people think that artists are born, not made – we know it’s not so simple. Talent does get you to a certain point, but going from amateur to pro requires that you step up your craft in a major way.

Step Up to the Spotlight is a 6-week online program that transforms your mindset, work habits, voice, style, spirit, performance, and confidence so that you can stop waiting to be discovered and start creating success in your music career.

Cari’s highly acclaimed popular online Artist Development Program, has been heralded worldwide as one of the best online programs for independent artists.

Module Overview

• Module One: Step Up Your Daily Habits & Practices (Comes with Cari’s Singers Gift Vocal Warmups, 45 minutes of exercises + 2 E-books).

• Module Two: Step Up Your Confidence

• Module Three: Step Up Your Persona & Brand

• Module Four: Step Up Your Game Plan

• Module Five: Step Up Your Year – Cari’s 52-Week Artist Development Plan

• Module Six: Step Up Your Truth – Finding Your True North

Each Training Module is delivered in a digital mp3 file and is accompanied by worksheets and checklists. Comes with VIP Lifetime Membership – access to each future run of the program with updates and a talented community of independent artists.

Comes With

52 Week Artist Development Plan – a weekly blueprint of steps to take to make massive impact with your music over the next year!

Singers Gift Warm Ups – Warm Up, Don’t Wear Out

Step Up Daily Juice / Daily Fuel for Your Daily Muse – Daily emails of motivation, musical mojo + inspiration in your inbox every day!

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