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My step-by-step plan for how to build an effective daily practice and improve your voice & musician skills!

How to make a huge difference in your vocal range, pitch, tone and endurance right away with my Singers Gift Warmups.

How to improve vocal problems, hit better high notes and say goodbye to tension forever!

How to dive fully into your artistry and become an artist / musician /songwriter that turns heads!: Learn the real difference between good and great.

Plus!: My very own Ultimate Performer Tools & Techniques Guidebook to keep your voice and body healthy and vital for performance with all of my natural techniques and regimens for singers. 🚀

60+ minutes of Training and Momentum Toolkit w/worksheets.



My personal step-by-step plan for how to build real and lasting confidence from the inside out.

How to deal with stage-fright, build an unstoppable presence on stage, and finally get comfortable in your own skin.

The Major 3 Components all stars have and exactly how to implement them.

​​​​​​​60+ minutes of Training and Momentum Toolkit w/worksheets.





How to I.D. your Signature in your Music & Brand and why that’s so important.

How to create a Signature Look and Persona that is unstoppable and undeniably compelling (and authentic to YOU!)

10 Ways to Immediately Step Up your Image & Brand – authentically and powerfully! The keys to building a real career in music.

​​​​​​​60+ minutes of Training and Momentum Toolkit w/worksheets.



How to build a Plan that actually does something instead of just sit there.

The Steps to Stardom Blueprint. Learn the path & System used by actual stars to create a successful career in music (your OWN way!)

Design a Gameplan that’s right for YOU and YOUR music.

How to build a team that supports you and your needs!

60+ minutes of Training and Momentum Toolkit w/worksheets.



Why you need a Plan and how to build one that suits you and your music!

My own simple secrets for creating real momentum no matter where you are in your career.

The #1 secret for building industry connections that actually help your career.

60+ minutes of Training and Momentum Toolkit w/worksheets.



My exact step-by-step formula for building real artistry – the kind that wins Grammys (or stands up to your own indie cred!)

Simple pre-qualifying secrets to help you eliminate dead-ends in advance (before you spend lots of time, energy, and money going down the wrong roads).

The Four Pillars of Clarity to give you instant vision in your career including the keys to your Internal Guidance System that will never fail you -- no matter what!!

60+ minutes of Training and Momentum Toolkit w/worksheets.

When you get Step Up to the Spotlight
you'll also get these three music career-building bonuses:
Singers Gift

17 revolutionary digital vocal warmup exercises designed to open and free your voice. 

Plus bonus cool downs for post show conditioning to keep your voice healthy on the road and off. 

Comes with a 30 page Instructional guide to help you move through the exercises. 

Ultimate Performer Tools & Techniques Guidebook

“Cari, I’ve been singing professionally for 15 years, am on the road alot and struggle with burnout. Your Ultimate Performer Tools & Techniques Guidebook has not only been a lifesaver, I have learned so much about taking care of my voice, that I can now sing night after night with no problems! Thanks for saving my voice and putting swagger back in my performance!” - Chris Williams, singer/songwriter

3 Audio Classes w/Mama Cari!
- Dreamer to Diva Audio Class 

- Finding Your Artist Identity Audio Class

- 8 Steps to A Breakthrough Record Audio Class

All classes are 60-75 minutes with worksheets to guide you through the steps! 
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FEATURED SEAT: $125.40 to register + 3 payments of $124.25 spaced 15 days apart.

VIP SEAT: $179.40 to register + 3 payments of $224.25 spaced 15 days apart

Get: an extra 10% off!

Email Team Cole at:​​​​​​​info@caricole.com
for your discount


When you purchase Step Up you get VIP Lifetime Access to all future updates, Group calls with Mama and 24/7 access to the Step Up Community year round!

About Cari Cole

Cari Cole is a highly respected and in-demand Celebrity Vocal Coach, Artist Development Expert, and New Music Business Mentor. Her star-studded client list includes some of the biggest names in music: multiple Grammy winners, legendary rock stars, major and indie label artists, and thousands of independent artists. She helps singers, recording artists, songwriters, musicians & producers find their voice, build their brand, and create successful careers in music. 

To learn more about Cari – and to get her free Vocal Road Warrior 3-part series for keeping your voice healthy while you’re out conquering your tour – visit her website/blog: caricole.com.


Here are some of the questions we frequently get asked about the Step Up Program. Step Up isn’t right for everyone so we want to help you make the right decision for you.

“Who is this program for?”

Step Up to the Spotlight is a perfect fit for emerging or independent artists, singers, songwriters, recording artists, music producers, composers and musicians who are “rebranding”, working on new records, and/or who are looking to vastly improve their vocals, career and brand. This program is all about Craft and Career – how to become the “artist of your life” and find your true soul and purpose in your music and brand.

The program comes with a 52 week Artist Development Plan and Cari’s Singers Gift Warmups that have transformed voices all over the globe – experience real vocal power and control. Warm up – don’t wear out!

“How is the program delivered? Do I have to be in New York?”

No! You can be anywhere in the world and take Step Up. We’ve had hundreds of artists all over the world in this program – as far away as Slovania, Tokyo, Singapore or Brazil.

The program is hosted on our platform and you are notified of each Module release by email. You will log on to access the Modules (training calls accompanied by slides), worksheets and instructions. There are also Webinars and transcripts of each call or mp3’s so you can listen on your smartphone or your computer. Whatever works best for you. There are monthly group calls with Mama Cari (see calendar) that you can join by video conferencing from anywhere on planet Earth :). 

“What if I can’t keep up with the program delivery schedule? And, I’m traveling for the next few months. Can I do it at my own pace?”

You’re busy – we get it. That’s why if you’re going on tour or you’ve got some other conflicts, you don’t have to worry about missing out because you get lifetime access to Step Up. Which means you can’t ever fall behind. You’ll learn at your own pace, on your own time, or you can easily catch up when you miss one. The training materials will be there for you as long as you need them.

“What if I live outside the United States? Can I still take this program?”

Yes you can! The program content is 100% digital. That means all you need is a computer and or a phone. The entire program is available online or downloadable to your computer and viewable on your laptop, iPad or iPhone. This is a multimedia program that includes video, transcripts, worksheets and checklists.

“I’m so busy already, how much time do I need to do the program effectively?”

On average, you’ll need about 2 hours a week to go through the core program materials. Remember, you’re also getting access to two amazing bonus programs – which will really help you explode your craft and career growth. So if you plan to take full advantage of everything we offer, we recommend between 1-3 hours per week (but keep in mind that you can do the modules at your own pace if you need to slow them down.)

“Will it work for me? I’ve joined other programs before and I’m still in the exactly the same place as before. How is this different?”

Because Step Up is designed to help artists and we know where you get snagged. The mindset piece of this program is worth over the price of admission and it's not just our opinion, but the opinion of our Alumni worldwide. Of course, no program works unless YOU work it and YOU get value out of it, but even with minimal input, Step Up gives great value. Thousands of  artists who have gone through the program agree.

“Do I get access to the entire Step Up program all at once?”

No. The Step Up Curriculum is carefully designed so that you complete each module and complete the corresponding worksheets and assignments in order. This is a proven program and it works best when you follow the system.

If you’re the type of person who always wants to “jump ahead,” and get to the “good stuff” because you “know all this already,” you’ll need to be patient. That kind of energy often misses things. The program is designed to maximize your results and long- term success. We would not have raving fans if this program was poorly designed. Once you complete the full Step Up program, you get lifetime access and can re-visit the modules in any order you like.

“What if I’m more advanced and already have my music out there – will this work for me?”

Most artists at advanced levels are often blown away at the value Step Up offers them at their level. Often artists are missing critical pieces of information at higher levels since music is not a step by step one-size-fits-all kind of career. If you are at a point that you are plateauing or tired of not advancing your career, Step Up could be the missing information that closes the gap. 

“What if I don’t like Step Up… do you have a refund policy?”
Yes. You can test drive the course for a full 14 days. If you do the work and don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money. We know that Step Up delivers results but we understand that sometimes life things happen, and in those cases, we cheerfully refund you 100% of your tuition within 14 days. 

“Can I talk to a real person?”

Yes! If you still have questions email us at info@caricole.com or click here to schedule a phone consult and I or someone from my team will be happy to answer any and all of your questions! Our mission is to serve! (no question too small.)