By Cari Cole

So you’re off to the recording studio to record your next record? Are you ready to ramp up your vocals? I’m going to say something that might come as a surprise to you (and forgive me to those this is not true about) but did you know that many producers are not experts when it comes to vocals?

That’s right. I’ve worked with Grammy-winning producers who really did not know a thing about making a vocalist sound better. They only knew how to point out what wasn’t working.

So what do you do when you’re in the studio behind the mic and the producer says “just get into it more, let go more” and you’re thinking “but I am into it” or “let go of what, I’m not holding on to anything.” Point being, it’s going to take more than suggestions like that to pull the best out of your voice.


Here’s exactly how to ace the vocals on your next record with these 5 Secret Weapons!


Secret Weapon 1: Vocal Skill.

Don’t wait until the last minute, prepare your voice ahead of time. It won’t make you sound worse, it will make you sound way better, I promise. Your voice is an instrument inside your body, and making it stronger by practicing technique ahead of time will give you more choices in the studio. Don’t leave yourself stranded, practice technique used by Grammy winners and legends here.


Secret Weapon 2: Phrasing.

Work with a vocal coach or vocal arranger who knows great phrasing. Or have a really amazing singer sing your tune to cop ideas for phrasing. Ever notice how you sound better singing covers than your own stuff? That’s because the song has already been interpreted. It’s harder when it’s a blank slate.


Secret Weapon 3: Dynamics.

You don’t speak every word at the same volume, so why should you sing like that? Where you put your emphasis will bring out your lyrics and help your voice have more emotion and a deeper connection. Each section has it’s own dynamic,as does the overall arc of the song.  Use dynamics to make your point and enrich your vocals.


Secret Weapon 4: Ditching Dipthongs.

A dipthong is a vowel that has 2 vowels in it. There are 3 dipthongs: Ay-ee (as in the word “stay”), I-ee (“I”), oh-oo (as in “glow”). You never want to sing on the second vowel – only the first.


Secret Weapon 5: A Vocal Arranger.

This is what your competition has on you. Here’s why you’ll want to hire a vocal arranger for your next record. Click here to inquire about hiring Cari Cole to Vocal Arrange your next record.

Here’s a little sneak peak of how vocal arranging helped one of the artists in our community, Robyn Cage.



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