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Singer’s Gift Vocal Warmups

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Cari's revolutionary Singer’s Gift has been heralded as one of the best warmup training programs on the web. It comes with a set of 17 digital downloadable vocal warmups in an audio format that include breathing, her revolutionary vocal stretching including her laryngeal pull down and soft palate flex, and a set of cool downs to use post performance that conditions your voice after performance.  Whether you're looking to ease strain and tension or open your range, this set of vocal warmups is like having a vocal coach in your pocket ready to address the full range of issues that arise before and after each performance. Comes with 17 digital breathing, stretching + singing exercises, plus The Singers Gift Instructional Guide to accompany each exercise.


Comes With

The Singers Gift Instructional Guide to help you deepen your understanding of each exercise in the series.












Featured Addition: Daily Practice Videos

To help you with your Daily Practice, alongside the vocal technique series on audio, Mama has recorded a set of 20 min videos of Singers Gift and the Master Vocal Exercises for you to practice with!


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Praise for Cari Cole

Alyse Black

"I have most all of the best vocal practice programs out there. Cari's "Singer's Gift" is my go-to program every day - particularly before concerts. No other program gets my voice into its bes…

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Praise for Cari Cole

Diane Birch

“Working with Cari has been, and continues to be an incredible experience for me. She has an amazing gift for understanding the many facets from the technics l to the mental, emotional and …

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Praise for Cari Cole

Jody Quine

"The Singers Gift Vocal Exercises are stellar!! Seriously I've only done them a handful of times and such a difference already. And I was already doing great exercises and felt very confident abo…

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