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About The Program

Step Up is a jam-packed intensive 6 week program for any artists looking to step up their craft, confidence and business know how.

Once upon a time there were A&R (artists and repertoire) men and women who scouted talent, signed the said talent, and nurtured the artist through the record-making process. The artist, in turn, had someone to bounce ideas off of, a form of quality control, and a chance to explore their creativity. These artists had the luxury of having a creative dialogue that vastly improved their records. Today’s music industry has largely done away with artist development. So nowadays, artists frequently put out inferior records because they don’t have a counter perspective to help ensure the record is the strongest it can be, and because of this, artists often alienate fans and lose out on big industry opportunities.

The Step Up To The Spotlight Artist Development program offers musicians a methodology that could very well make them a marquee artist.

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Free Access * No Hidden Fees, EVER

Inside the Program

52 Week Artist Development Plan

Chart your path and follow the steps to stardom. Grow your plan, stop procrastinating, and become the artist of your life. The 52 Week Plan will teach you shortcuts to save you years of trying to make it and avoid all of the common music career pitfalls.

Weekly FB Live Sessions with Cari Cole + Access to Our Rich Artist Community Get access to CCVM CEO / Founder, Cari Cole, during our Weekly FB Live Therapy Sessions + Live Q & A for expert guidance on mindset, voice, branding, songwriting, and more. Plus you'll be invited to the Private FB page and artist community with access to Cari, Team CCVM, and the group 24/7.

Singers Gift Vocal Warm Ups + Daily Practice Videos

$97 Value Now FREE

Warm up, don’t wear out. 17 revolutionary digital vocal warmup & cool down exercises designed to open and free your voice. Plus Daily Practice Videos led by celebrity vocal coach, Cari Cole, to guide you through the exercises step-by-step. Comes with a 30-page instructional guide.

6 Content Rich Artist Development Training Modules

Over 12+ hours of Cari's best tips, tricks, trade secrets and training to level up your daily practice, build your brand and artist persona, & jumpstart your career. Comes with weekly Momentum Toolkits to empower your strategy and create real world results with your music.

The Steps to Stardom Blueprint

Learn the path & System used by actual stars to create a successful career in music (your OWN way!). Designing the Game Plan that’s right for YOU and your music is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Find out where you fit and carve your unique path!

Vocal Resource LibraryCari's complete body of research of over 30+ years of the latest vocal breakthroughs, remedies & vocal techniques. This easy to follow Ebook is for the singer looking to have more control over your voice, heal up fast, and use natural techniques and approaches to keep your voice healthy and on track.

Ultimate Performer Tools & Techniques GuidebookLearn the tools, techniques and trade secrets of performing used by Grammy winners, American Idol finalists and legendary rockstars. In this content-rich guidebook, you will find approaches that will transform, elevate and empower you as a performer and improve your craft exponentially.

Cari’s Most Popular Audio Training ClassesGet access to Cari’s exclusive Audio Class Trainings: Dreamer to Diva/o, Finding Your Artist Identity, + 8 Steps to A Breakthrough Record. You will learn how to find your niche and direction, gain industry attention, and become the artist of your life.

Daily Juice Emails42 amazing days of Cari’s juicy motivational + inspirational messages in your inbox! Get the daily support, tips, and guidance you need to create serious momentum in your music career.

Musician Mindset Meditations○ Over 3 hours of Cari’s 7 meditations designed specifically for musicians to strengthen your mindset & music career results! Get a head start on clearing your mind & building your artist confidence from the inside out.

Hear from our Step Up Alumni...

“Working with Cari has been, and continues to be an incredible experience for me. She has an amazing gift for understanding the many facets from the technical to the mental, emotional and physical aspects. She really helps you understand what you are doing and how it all works!”

- Diane Birch

“Carl Cole's Step Up Program is as vital of a foundational course for emerging artist's as it is a career recalibration opportunity for seasoned musicians. I've been a full-time, independent performing songwriter for over a decade now, and there's indispensable information in this program that I wish I had known when I was starting out. Step Up allows me to work from home at my own pace while still benefiting from the nurturing support system of Cari and her exceptional team. This course is a must for any artist, musician, or representative who takes their career seriously.”

- Gregory Douglass

“Carl took my head out of the clouds and helped me create real, tangible, attainable goals. When I started, I was feeling overwhelmed with so many questions about how I should be focusing my energy. With all the information she packed into her program, she really helped me figure out how to stay organized and build a team so I could focus on what I do best - making music. Her positive outlook and holistic approach really resonated with me and set her a world apart. The advice she has shared with me has been invaluable and I will draw on it for the balance of my career. I am so glad I found her!”

- Beca

Free Access * No Hidden Fees, EVER

Private Facebook Community

  • Weekly Facebook Live Sessions + Q & A
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  • Supportive & rich artist community.
  • 24/7 access to Team Cole!


CCVM CEO and Founder, Cari Cole is reimagining how we invest in the future of music by rethinking how we value our artists. She has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment including Grammy winners, legends and rockstars, contestants on American Idol and The Voice, and thousands of independent and emerging artists worldwide.

Her team at CCVM has had the privilege of creating today's top hits with Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Hall & John Oates, Christina Perri, Adam Lambert, David Guetta, and many more. Cari's Songwriters have signed with Kobalt Records, Warner Chappel, Sony / ATV and have works featured on Netflix, CBS, and HBO.


CCVM Once you join my FREE program you will have VIP Lifetime Access to Step Up for-ev-er. That means NO hidden fees (yes, really). We take our learning environment very seriously and maintain a very high standard of positivity, encouragement and action-oriented learning.

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