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What is Cari Cole Voice & Music?

Cari Cole Voice & Music is a full service music educational company for singers, indie artists, musicians, songwriters and music professionals to find their voice, build their custom brand and create successful careers in music. Cari is a Celebrity Vocal Coach, Artist Development Expert & New Music Business Mentor. Cari Cole Voice & Music is also home to a professional team of in-house songwriters, music producers, music business & branding experts that serve the independent artists in our programs and community. CCVM also hosts a music publishing company division to help build the careers of artists we work with.

What services do you offer?

We offer customized services for the independent, signed and unsigned artist ranging from vocal technique training, vocal arranging, customized songwriting guidance, A & R services (developing artists sound and material), branding & career consulting, strategy and career planning. Over the past 30 years, we have helped thousands of artists build their careers. We show our artists the path and system to building a brand and career that people will want to follow.  Each one of our programs handles a specific facet of the industry to build a music brand and career that has true style, power and impact. Artists have stepped out of our programs directly into deals with management, booking agents, licensing and record labels. We are the secret weapon of thousands of independent and emerging artists. Now we can be yours.

Explore all of our signature offerings and choose the level + focus you need. Programs are held online (by Skype and video conferencing) and in person at Cari’s studio in New York.

How long has Cari Cole Voice and Music been in business?

30+ years. Cari started her voice studio in 1987. She then created the online artist development and career programs in 2007 as the music industry transitioned away from developing artists to provide those services for independent musicians.

What famous musicians has Cari worked with?

Cari has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment. In addition to a rich roster of emerging and independent artists, she has worked with such legends as Courtney Love and the band Journey, Grammy winners Donald Fagen/Steely Dan and Chrisette Michele and award winning singer-songwriters like Diane Birch, Julian Velard, Rainsford (Rainey Qualley), and finalists & winners from American Idol and The Voice.

Does Cari work with Artists internationally?

Yes. Cari works with artists from all over the world by Skype and video conferencing. Our Programs and Circle are held exclusively online on Zoom video conferencing. We work with artists in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia and other worldwide locations. For a full menu of services click here.

Does Cari travel to Artists to work with them?

In most cases it’s not necessary. Cari teaches vocal technique, artist development and career consulting by Skype (or in person in New York.) She also conducts vocal arranging sessions and preps singers and artists for their records over Skype. In some circumstances, producers Skype Cari in to sessions during recording sessions. However, in certain cases she is available to travel given advance notice.

How much does it cost to work with Cari?

Entry level costs start at $97 and up. All of prices are listed on the Store on our website. To work with Cari privately, prices start around $750 per month with a 3 month minimum. Cole Power Hours are available to new students at $325 per hour (comes with Singers Gift $97 value) Click for more information on pricing here.

How do I know which Program is right for me?

Over the past 30 years of working with music artists, Cari has developed a 3 Step System that develops an artist as a viable brand for the industry. Cari is well known in the industry as producing artists on a major label level, without the major label.

In each Step of the 3 Step System, there is a Program and a Circle. Each Step of the System is taught online with digital downloads and online classes.

Each Program is a series of Modules delivered in a sequence with master worksheets, a private Facebook Group with direct access to Cari and comes with Group Calls hosted by Cari. They are jam-packed with information and have a high impact ratio.

Each Circle is a video conferencing course taught by Cari in-person online, with course content, modules, worksheets and a private community Facebook Group. Each Circle has specific benefits and features that suit the content of each course.

It is recommended to take the Program first and follow with the Circle in each Step. However, you can take a Program or Circle in any order depending on your availability and schedule. Students get tremendous benefit by following the 3 Step System, but courses can be taken and will benefit in any order. Cari’s courses all teach from the top down, rather than the beginner level up. There is a high bar and an intensity of material in each course for maximum value and benefit. Artists have walked out of our programs into deals with management, booking agents, licensing and record labels.

What is the recommended flow for the Cari Cole Voice & Music Co. 3 Step System?

The order below is our recommended flow, but you can enter at any step. To get a customized recommendation of placement in our programs, set up a 20 min consult here with Team Cole.

Step 1 Voice & Artist Development: Freeing Your Voice & Becoming the Artist of Your Life including master vocal techniques, vocal arranging, developing your signature sound and a complete artist development process

Program: Step Up to the Spotlight Kickstart Artist Development ProgramComes with a 52 week Artist Dev Plan.)

Circle: Vocal Freedom Circle: Free Your Voice in 6 Months. Comes with Cari’s full set of 75 vocal exercises including her set of 38 Voice Building Exercises.)

Each Program and Circle runs twice throughout the year. Click here for the schedule of upcoming courses. 

Step 2 The A & R Process (Artist & Repertoire)Creating Your Breakthrough Release with customized signature songwriting, A & R development (finding the right material, sound and producer for each artist)

Program: Your Exceptional Record Course: Creating Your Breakthrough Release

Circle: Signature Songwriting Circle: Writing Songs That Break the Mold in 6 Months

Each Program and Circle runs twice throughout the year. Click here for the schedule of upcoming courses. 

Step 3 Becoming ‘Industry Ready’ and Navigating the Music Industry: Building A Customized Brand & Career In Music including customized signature branding, marketing, strategy, consulting, career guidance and introductions.

Program: Fast Forward Program & Blueprint: Build Your Artist-Based Brand & Business In The New Music Biz Model and Launching Your Music to the World

Circle: The Artist Success Circle: Masterminding & Strategy for Independent Music Artists (6 Month Course) 

Each Program and Circle runs twice throughout the year. Click here for the schedule of upcoming courses. 

The order above is our recommended flow, but you can enter at any step. To get a customized recommendation of placement in our programs, set up a 20 min consult here with Team Cole.

What level of experience is required for Programs or Circles?

Programs and Circles (with the exception of Signature Songwriting Circle and the Artist Success Circle) are open to anyone seeking help and information. The Signature Songwriting Circle is for semi-professional or professional songwriters and the Artist Success Circle is open to independent artists with music out in the marketplace. Occasionally Cari or Team Cole will make an exception. For more information about whether you qualify, set up a phone consult with Team Cole here.

Step 1 is for any singer, musician, songwriter, music producer or music creator, who wants to improve their voice, performance and recordings and deepen their craft and artistry.

Step 2 is for indie music artists, musicians and songwriters who are considering making an album in the next year or so or who want to learn about how to make a breakthrough record. Artists at this step are either on their 1st or 4th or 5th record and are looking to break through.

Step 3 is for independent artists who have music out in the marketplace and are looking to grow their music brand and to position themselves in ways to grow their music career more rapidly with strategy and career planning.

What level of experience is required to work with Cari privately?

Cari selects her private students based on talent, drive and musicianship. She works with a wide range of levels from young emerging artists to seasoned performers and celebrities. For more information about whether you qualify, set up a phone consult with Team Cole here.

How do I work with Cari privately?

To get started working with Cari, set up a phone consult here with Team Cole.

If you’d like to jump into a session with Cari right away, you can schedule a Cole Power Hour right here. There are a limited number of Cole Power Hours available each month. If there is availability to purchase on the Store, that means there are sessions open. After purchasing, you will be contacted by Team Cole within 24 hours to set up your appointment.

If you are the kind of person who wants a white glove VIP experience, and cost is not an stumbling block, then Cari’s private sessions are the creme de la creme! To get started, set up a phone consult with Team Cole or set up a Cole Power Hour with Cari here. If there is no availability, click here to fill out an Application. Keep in mind that Cari’s sessions often are sold out 3-4-6 months ahead so it’s best to apply ahead of time.

We have found that artists benefit the most in working with Cari by first going through our 3 Step System and then coming to work with Cari privately. See above for info on the 3 Step System.

Is there an age requirement to work with Cari privately?

Cari has worked with students as young as 7, although generally young students come to her around the age of 11 on up. Most of Cari’s clientele ranges from 18 – 40ish.

Do you run scholarships?

Yes, we run them frequently throughout the year. Fill out your name and email on our Home page opt in here to get notification.

Does Cari work with signed and unsigned Artists?

Yes. Cari has worked with artists on all major and independent labels or independent artists developing their own careers.

Does Cari manage Artists?

Although Cari does not traditionally manage artists, her methodologies serve as a management tool. By providing artists with the know-how to become industry ready, she bridges the gap between artist and manager and makes an artist appealing for management. As a result of working with Cari, many artists have signed deals with management, booking agents, record labels and licensing.

How long are the Programs?

Programs run from 6-12 weeks and Circles are 6 months in duration. For more specific information and the upcoming event calendar, click here.

When do classes start?

We have a variety of programs that begin at different times throughout the year. To see the schedule of upcoming programs click here. Programs & Circles are run primarily online.. Private sessions with Cari are held by Skype or in person at her studio in New York, NY.

What vocal remedies does Cari recommend?

A list of Cari’s recommended vocal products can be found in the Vocal Resource Library.

Cari’s Vocal Technique Videos

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