Musicpreneur: Artist Development in 3 Steps

October 20, 2020

While there are several vocal studios that teach singers how to use their instrument, there are very few that provide an environment to nurture the artist and foster growth and development.  I’ve been developing artists for many years now in the heart of New York City and have worked with literally thousands of aspiring artists.  … Continue

Listen to Music Like the Pros

October 13, 2020

Progress, with all of its innovation and flaws is still a good thing. But with it, comes a natural resistance, resistance to the new. Especially when you listen to music. I was one of those fortunate enough to have grown up during a musical revolution. I was one of those people always talking about the … Continue

Your Music Career Blind Spot

October 6, 2020

You know that we all have at least one blind spot – right? Even if you have a hard time admitting that you do, you probably have a friend who has one. You know — that friend who just doesn’t see the elephant in their room? Often times it is what is right under our … Continue

Musician Interdependence: A Paradigm Shift

September 29, 2020

Music is collaboration. Musician to musician – artist to fans – artist to label /industry… Now more than ever, in this time of such independence, I am struck by the interdependence of things. And music, being a shared experience by two or more – strikes me as a perfect vehicle for interdependence and a distinction that could benefit all artists … Continue

6 Ways to Stop Struggling with Your Music

September 22, 2020

What word do you end that sentence with? Stop Struggling with “blah blah blah”… pick one. You want to know why you struggle? Are you ready for this? Because you do (sigh). Didn’t ya just know it was your fault? But hey – it’s a little more complex than that. Look – we all know life … Continue

The Most Important Ingredient to Music Success

September 15, 2020

What is the one thing that without it, you most likely won’t be successful with your music (at least not enough to live off it anyway?) Well you might quickly blurt out “talent”. But think again. Think about the artists who are not so talented or “gifted”, that even in spite of it, have achieved … Continue

3 Shortcuts to Avoid in Your Music Career

September 8, 2020

They say success in anything is in the details. Nothing is more true – especially for musicians. I just worked with an artist who wants to move his music career into being a motivational speaker and use his music as an integral piece of his events. It’s exciting stuff, but it struck me that he … Continue

The Secret Weapon to Your Music Success

September 1, 2020

Everyone wants a secret weapon for music success – naturally. But not everyone has one. First, because you may not know where to find it. Second, because you may think you can’t afford it (whatever it is). Third, because you think that you can do it yourself. This article will dispel the first, show you why … Continue

The Musician’s Signature Sound Checklist

August 25, 2020

What is more important than having the best voice or musicianship on the planet? A distinctive sound that is instantly recognizable – a signature. Use this checklist to sharpen your signature and get some tips for how to find yours along the way. The Signature Sound Checklist: 1. A clearly defined genre. You’re not “iffy” … Continue

Do’s and Don’ts of Covering Songs

August 18, 2020

Covering songs is all the rage, but how do you choose the right song covers for your b(r)and? What song covers will bring views and create leverage? And what covers could do some damage, even sink you, or worse, get NO views. We all know how important “numbers” on social media are. While you can’t … Continue

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