How to Find Your True Voice

May 21, 2019

By Cari Cole Speaking from your true voice is something singers, actors, entertainers, public speakers and people in general strive their whole lives to be able to do. If you’ve ever gotten on stage and doubted what you really have to bring, if you’ve felt off-kilter, or like there’s nothing special about you – then … Continue

4 Ways to Check if You’re Recording Studio Ready

May 14, 2019

By Cari Cole More records are made today than ever before. With the ease of technology, all you need (technically) is an iPad and plugins. For musicians and music makers that has improved creativity, artistic control and a shot to run up against the big boys. But the tricky thing is… it’s deceptively easy to … Continue

5 Hacks to Invest in Your Music Career on a Budget

May 7, 2019

By Cari Cole As an artist, you’ve got your back against a wall. A wall that will take all of your resources and cleverness to break through. You’ve probably already spent a small fortune just to get your music out. But how do you make a dent after you spent most of your resources on … Continue

How To Write The Song That Will Change Your Career

April 30, 2019

By Cari Cole So you may have heard it said (or not), but the truth about your success in music is only one song away.  All you really need is one song to make your mark. And sadly, it’s so easy to get lost in the chatter out there and think that marketing and branding … Continue

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3 Pro Tips to Writing Hit Songs

April 23, 2019

By Cari Cole Let’s talk about songwriting!! The way I teach songwriting is by co-writing with my students, or sending them to our team of CCVM Songwriting Experts, and showing them how it’s done. They get to see all of our techniques up front and personal. I’m all for theory – but hands on is … Continue

CCVM Best New Song Scholarship & Winner List

April 24, 2019

OMG, I’m so blown away at the talent on the Best New Song scholarship! Major praise to the incredible voices, songs and performances. You ALL have blown our minds. Wow! We made our selections mostly based on artistry/craft and who could use the program the most, as well as the efforts to gain likes which … Continue

Top 3 Hacks to Making Hit Songs

April 9, 2019

By Cari Cole Everyone can write a song. But what makes a song land in our solar plexus and stick there ….on repeat, or even .…constant loop?? It’s more than clever lyrics and beats, although the accoutrements of the right production are paramount. But a great production without a great melody or lyric fall short … Continue

The How to Guide for Singing Through a Cold

April 2, 2019

By Cari Cole Not only must the show go on, inevitably someone will upload an iPhone video of it on social media so you want to be prepared to do the best you can under trying circumstances. But… using the list below, you’ll still be able to rock your show… much better than you would … Continue

4 Tips to Step Up Your Next Vocal Performance

April 16, 2019

By Cari Cole Singers want to sound good when they sing live.  Whether you’re aiming to be a rockstar or diva, or just want to sound better, did you know that with just a few tweaks, you can make significant changes.  Here are my singing lesson secrets that I’ve found to make a huge difference … Continue

World Voice Day Flash Sale

April 15, 2019

    Hi beautiful artists!!!! Happy World Voice Day! Every year World Voice Day is held on April 16th. It’s the Day we celebrate the original instrument and give a shout out to Your Voice Matters. This year in honor of World Voice Day we want to give all the artists around the globe an … Continue

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