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Private sessions on ZOOM w/ cari cole



Book 1-30 min Session: $175

Need a professional ear on your vocal performance? In a nurturing, and safe setting? Discover how to reach your full potential as a vocalist, what’s holding you back, and exactly how to fix it. Great for when you’re looking to give your voice an extra shot of confidence and attention, or fix some nagging vocal issue. Get results in half the time of other techniques. Participants send in 1 vocal demo, or video that is reviewed prior to the session.



Book 1-30 min Session: $175

Want expert feedback on your song from the Head of a Music Label? In a thorough and personalized way that is reflective of you and the kind of music that you want to put out? Get direct but supportive feedback on A & R, melodies, lyrics, song concepts, arrangements and overall composition. Great for when you are lining up material for your next release or need help improving your songwriting skills. Find out exactly what your songs need to reach their full potential. Participants send in 1 song demo, or video that is reviewed prior to the session. (This session can also be used to review mixes.)



Book 1-30 min Session: $175

Want to get professional eyes on your brand? Your image is your music at first glance. Is it working for or against you? Artists often feel resistance to branding, thinking it will limit creativity. But branding done well, is about building an identifiable message and story for people to care about, one that offers value. Discover the key elements you may be missing and get the guidance you need to instantly elevate your public presence and artist persona. Great for when you’re getting ready to release new material or need help hitting refresh on your “look” and image. Participants fill out a Brand Review Form. Online presence is reviewed prior to the session.


POWER 30 Bundle

$475 $525

Book all three and save $50.





Power Hour 1: Voice | 60 min

ARE YOU READY TO DISCOVER THE UNTAPPED POTENTIAL IN YOUR VOICE? This is your chance to experience what it’s like to have vocal freedom and control and break through your vocal barriers once and for all. Cari Cole is one of the music industry’s top celebrity vocal coaches, bringing together 30+ years of trade secrets and expertise in training professional voices. Embrace your vocal potential through learning one of the most solid and powerful vocal techniques on the market while elevating your health and wellness.

Vocal Mastery Prep Form is filled out and reviewed prior to the session. Comes with an immediate download of Cari’s Singers Gift Warmups ($97 value) If you already have the Singers Gift we can discuss a substitution.

Price: $375 $750


Power Hour 2: Vocal Health | 60 min

Have you been experiencing vocal problems? Are you losing your voice periodically or struggling with vocal fatigue, loss of range and breath control? In this 60 minute session, Cari will address any problem areas and give you the tools + techniques to heal your voice as quickly as possible. Cari uses a holistic approach combining natural remedies, techniques and methodologies for preventative and long term healing. She is also skilled at finding answers for more stubborn or hard to diagnose issues.

Comes with immediate access to Cari’s Vocal Rescue Kit ($97 value) that includes Vocal Therapy + Speaking Exercises and Cool Downs for vocal conditioning.

Price: $375 $750


Power Hour 3: Vocal Arranging | 60 min

Have an audition for The Voice or an important recording session for your next project? Would you like expert help in sounding your best? In this 60 minute session, Cari will build out a customized vocal arrangement for your performance or recording. She will develop the dynamics, improve phrasing and endings, rephrase melodies as needed to deepen the overall emotional impact and delivery of the song. Arrangements are customized to your voice, style and genre. She is an expert vocal arranger, and can improve any singer’s voice whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

Price: $375 $750


The Cole Power Hour VOICE Bundle

$1,025 $1,175

Book all three and save $100.


Power Hour: A & R | 60 min

Do you wonder what your songs could be with the right direction? Every artist needs some level of professional guidance in finding their sound and reaching their full potential. After 3 decades of writing with independent artists, and seeing similar issues arise, Cari designed this session to give artists access to a high-level of A & R Direction, usually only available to signed artists. In Session we will explore your influences, musical direction, and message and more. Accelerate your next project with the professional guidance it needs to go the distance.

A & R Prep Form is filled out and reviewed prior to the session.
Comes with: An A & R Profile, song concepts, and reference tracks of your sound and direction to use on your next project. Super helpful to give your producers and musicians to help carve and solidify your signature.

Price: $375 $750



Power Hour: Strategy | 60 min

Are you ready to make music your full time career? Do you wonder what you’re missing to reach the next level of success? No artist ever broke through without a plan and strategy. A career in music is not a “one size fits all” approach. Each artist needs a customized plan specific to their music, genre, and goals. In this session, you’ll work with our CEO/Founder, Cari Cole to get the direction and custom path you need to reach your destination.

Artist Strategy Prep Form is filled out and reviewed prior to the session.
Comes with: A 1 Year Plan w/ action steps and customized professional guidance to reach your music goals.

Price: $375 $750




PRIVATE VOCAL MASTERY PROGRAM w/ Cari Cole / Zoom Sessions 3 month minimum required

The Vocal Mastery Program includes everything in the Cole Power Hour Voice Bundle above, but goes more in-depth in regularly scheduled sessions twice per month for optimum results. This is a 1–on–1 private intensive vocal coaching experience for singers and musicians who want to master vocal technique, transform their vocal performance + create a healthy singing voice free from strain. Cari will personally guide you through all of the steps to creating a powerful resilient voice to become a master of your vocal instrument. In this program learn all of Cari’s Master Voice Building System and trade secrets finely tuned from over 30+ years of teaching singers. Find your true potential that corrects any problems and lays a solid foundation no matter how long you’ve been singing. Learn one of the most solid and powerful vocal techniques on the market that delivers results in half the time of other techniques. Comes with over 70 exercises on audio and video.


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Cari Cole

Cari Cole is the CEO + Founder of New Music Company CCVM: Label w/o Walls. She has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment. Her client list includes Grammy winners, legends and rockstars, contestants on American Idol and The Voice, and thousands of independent and emerging artists worldwide.

Her team at CCVM has had the privilege of creating today's top hits with Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Hall & John Oates, Christina Perri, Adam Lambert, David Guetta, and many more. Cari's Songwriters have signed with Kobalt Records, Warner Chappel, Sony / ATV and have works featured on Netflix, CBS, and HBO.

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