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THIS IS A GREAT STARTING POINT: Transform your voice, music and career in a power-packed customizable one hour session with music mentor + vocal master, Cari Cole. Choose from the following: Mama’s master vocal techniques, vocal styling or health + wellness; artist branding and career strategy; or grab a taste of everything (see below). The Cole Power Hour is in person (in New York City), or by video conferencing. Comes with a complimentary set of Cari’s Singers Gift Vocal Warmups ($97) & The Vocal Resource Library ($37).


ARE YOU READY TO DISCOVER THE UNTAPPED POTENTIAL IN YOUR VOICE? —Is it time to explore the world of richer vocal expression that is waiting for you to unlock? This is your chance to experience what it’s like to have vocal freedom and control and break through your vocal barriers once and for all. Cari Cole is one of the music industry’s finest vocal coaches, bringing together 30+ years of trade secrets and expertise in training professional voices. Embrace your vocal potential through learning one of the most solid and powerful vocal techniques on the market, health and maintenance, as well as zeroing in on your personal style and signature sound.


READY TO HAVE IT ALL AND DEVELOP OR REINVENT YOUR SIGNATURE SOUND AND STYLE in a supportive, professional environment with industry mentors and experts who care about you and your music? In this program artists develop a well-defined artistic sensibility, well-crafted songs, a well-developed persona and brand as well as command a powerful presence onstage and on record. It doesn’t take a lifetime to develop real artistry, it can be achieved quicker with the right professional development and guidance.


If you’re interested in working with Cari in a one-on-one setting, then click the link below to submit an application and set up a phone consult with a member of Team Cole.

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