by Cari Cole



What we think, and what we believe influences every cell in our body. Just ask Bruce Lipton, MD cutting edge neuroscientist who says that all of our cells respond to our thoughts (read his book Biology of Belief for most recent discoveries on this subject).

So here’s the thing, don’t even think twice. You are not a victim of your past, you are a victim of your thoughts. It ain’t what happened that’s the problem, it’s what keeps happening. Ready to hit delete on these troublemaker attitudes that keep you imprisoned in your own psyche? Check. One year from now you’ll be shocked at how far you’ve come. Promise.


1. You’re Too Broke

No musician (or very few) has money, not really. Especially starting out. Create your exceptional work, distribute your music, grow your list the organic way without spending a dime (social media people), and keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll get there. Everyone else did. It takes fortitude not money.


2. You’re in the Wrong Town

Not anymore. You can build your career from anywhere. You might consider a move once things are in full swing, but you don’t have to be in the center of it all for things to happen. I just coached an artist in Austin who landed a big licensing deal from our work together – love it! ;).


3. You Don’t Have the Right Friends

Well you might not have the right friends, but don’t hold that mantra in your brain for another second. It won’t do you one bit of good. You can change anything you don’t like about yourself. But be good to yourself. Make a plan to go find the people you WANT to meet.


4. You “Need” Help

Well everyone needs a little help from their friends, but no one should “need” it. Feel the difference? So should your brain. If you tell it you “need” something you program it for desperation and victimhood. Instead program it to feel your own value and worth so that you are attractive to yourself and consequently to opportunity – like a magnet baby!


5. You Don’t Deserve It

Now that’s just plain not true. Everyone deserves to have success. But if you’re telling yourself this, you probably don’t believe it and that’s where the work is. Ask yourself why? And then make a plan to fix that little part of yo’self. If you need to become a better musician or work on your people skills then make a plan to improve. You can do it. In a year you’ll thank yourself profoundly.


6. You Shouldn’t Have to Ask for It

Ever run a Crowdfunding Campaign? Then you KNOW that’s not true. Not one bit. You have to go out there and ask for it – everyone does. But do it with class, with panache and make it exciting for people (not just your boring sales pitch!) – and you’ll find success. But never stop asking.


7. You’re Not Good Enough

If you’re asking that question, you’re either suffering from low thyroid or adrenal fatigue or you have a poor self image that’s most likely not your fault (that stuff is put on ya, not inherent). Work on either shifting your mindset or on bumping up your self image.  Get new pics or work with a stylist. You’d be surprised what that will do to shine up your “good enough” shoes.


8. You’re Just Not As Successful As Other People

Don’t give me that malarkey! I’m part “Mickey” ya know. Now you’re just beating on yo’self! And I won’t hear of it. I mean I get it, I pull that one on myself too sometimes (can you believe it? wth?). But —- I slap myself on the shoulder and snap myself right on out of it in a flash. First of all, it’s a lie you’re “telling” yourself, second it’s not fair to you. Hit delete.


9. The Grass Is Greener

You know it always seems that the grass is greener, but it never is. Nope. Not ever. It just looks greener from the other side of the street, but it’s got its own share of pests.


10. Some People Have All The Luck

You know those stories you hear all the time of successful people who came from nothing and out of nowhere and became successful? Well, fill your thoughts with those stories, ‘cause they’re real. You need to think of them and that will help you believe it for yourself. Watch last year’s Oscars, Jared Leto’s Acceptance Speech will remind you.


Share with me in the comments below what you’ve ditched this year that’s made a difference in your mindset!!





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