Ultimate Performer Tools & Techniques Guidebook


Welcome to The Ultimate Performer Tools & Techniques Guidebook.

You are about to learn the tools, techniques and trade secrets of performing used by Grammy winners, American Idol finalists and legendary rockstars.

In these pages, I promise you will find approaches that will transform, elevate and empower you as a performer and improve your craft and career exponentially.

The truth is – I’m giving it away here – so much so that even my vocal coach colleagues warned me not to reveal it all here! But the truth is that I really want artists like you to have this information – primarily because I wished I had this info back when I was struggling to be an artist. So – I want to give you the very best – so that you can go out there, make your performances nothing short of exceptional and be the star you were meant to be.

And I know that a career in music is challenging and that being at your best is top priority – so I’ve also included some top secret tips that I give only to my private clients – some truly shape shifting stuff designed to transform YOU.

Check out what’s inside:

The Three Day Rule – which tells you exactly what to do and what to stay away from in the three days before a performance.

The Ultimate Performance Routine – a step by step outline for the ultimate preparation the day of your performance.

Ultimate Nutrition Tips and Cari’s Favorite Singer’s Products my favorite natural products and remedies for performing.

AND…some shape shifting transformational tools and techniques for creating Ultimate Performances night after night.

I know this is going to make a massive difference for you when you start applying the tools and techniques outlined here.

Now – it’s time to step into your Ultimate Performer self and become the star that you were born to be! In love and support,

With the Ultimate Performer Tools & Techniques Guidebook you’ll finally:

  • Know the tools, techniques and trade secrets of performing used by Grammy winners, legendary rockstars, American Idol & The Voice winners & finalists, as well as tens of thousands of independent and emerging artists.
  • Shapeshift into the ultimate performer you were born to BE.
  • Develop a rock-solid mindset—suitable for the future rockstar in you
  • Practice powerful daily habits and rituals to build a strong foundation for success, using the Ultimate Performer Daily Routine.

Why You Should Buy the Ultimate Performer Tools & Techniques Guidebook:

  • Stage Fright will be a thing of the past & you’ll boost your confidence as an artist.
  • You’ll develop a superstar mindset, learn how to prep your body and confidently perform with conviction.
  • You’ll turn every performance into a smashing success, thanks to mastering the 3-Day Rule.
  • You’ll master your pre-performance routine, simplify your warm up practices and elevate the artist in you!
  • Gain ultimate nutrition tips & Cari’s Favorite Product Recommendations: The best natural holistic remedies!
  • Tools and techniques for creating consistency and strength in your performances and blowing away your audience…and more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: *If you purchased Singers Gift before June 2017, you’ve already received the Ultimate Performer Tools & Techniques Guide! Please reach out to info@caricole.com with any questions.