Cole Power Hour

60 min Power Hour with Cari Cole, Celebrity Vocal Coach, Artist Development Expert + New Music Business Mentor


THIS IS A GREAT STARTING POINT: Transform your voice in a power-packed customizable one hour session with music mentor + vocal master, Cari Cole. This session includes the best of Cari’s master vocal techniques, warmups and cool downs, vocal styling and arranging or vocal health + wellness. The Cole Power Hour is held,  by ZOOM video conferencing. Comes with a complimentary set of Cari’s Singers Gift Vocal Warmups ($97) & The Vocal Resource Library ($37).

60 min Power Hour with Cari Cole, Celebrity Vocal Coach, Artist Development Expert + New Music Business Mentor


The Cole Power Hour is a very special 60+ minute vocal session with Cari to up-level your voice, vocal technique, vocal health and performance.  Choose from the following: vocal technique, styling, or health + wellness, or grab a sampling of everything. Meet on Zoom conferencing or in-person at Cari’s studio in Manhattan.

The session focuses on vocal technique and correcting specific vocal concerns as well as identifies problem areas. Also addressed is phrasing, and vocal style development. Great for developing a strong vocal technique. The session ends with a suggested customized regimen and plan. Upon registration, students receive an instant welcome pack that includes Cari’s Singers Gift Vocal Warmups ($97 value) and her Vocal Resource Library of vocal health + trade secrets. All sessions are recorded for playback.

We wrap with setting up a game plan of your next best steps in music. Knowledge is power, baby. And we believe in telling you exactly what need to know to move your career forward the smart way. The Cole way.




• Vocal Technique, Health + Wellness: Experience new found vocal strength, power and agility, eliminate strain and fatigue, find solutions to all vocal problems.


Comes With

Singers Gift Vocal Warm-ups ($97 value)

Cari’s Vocal Technique Wellness & Resource Library: with her complete body of research of over 25+ years in the latest vocal breakthroughs, tips, trade secrets and techniques – AND – up-to-date information and articles about how to keep your voice healthy, prevent injury and be free from strain ($1000 value)

Total Value: 1,392.00


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