The Singer’s Gift Vocal Warm Ups

Warm Up Don’t Wear Out


Warm Up Don’t Wear Out 

Being a skilled vocalist is like being a pro athlete. Consistency is the key to vocal control, power and ease. You need a warm-up you can live by.

The Singer’s Gift gives you 17 warm-up exercises to build your voice the healthy way, bonus post-performance conditioning cool downs to keep your instrument in top shape.

Cari’s revolutionary Singer’s Gift has been heralded as one of the best warmup training programs on the web. It comes with a set of 17 digital downloadable vocal warmups in an audio format that include breathing, her revolutionary vocal stretching including her laryngeal pull down and soft palate flex, and a set of cool downs to use post performance that conditions your voice after performance.  Whether you’re looking to ease strain and tension or open your range, this set of vocal warmups is like having a vocal coach in your pocket ready to address the full range of issues that arise before and after each performance. Comes with 17 digital breathing, stretching + singing exercises, plus The Singers Gift Instructional Guide to accompany each exercise.

Comes With

The Singers Gift Instructional Guide to help you deepen your understanding of each exercise in the series.