Vocal Rescue Kit

The Singer’s Guide to Vocal Health & Wellness: 15 Exercises to Restore, Reclaim & Ignite Your Singing and Speaking Voice!


The Vocal Rescue Kit is for singers who are looking for better vocal health and a way to restore and recover their voice from over-singing, incorrect technique, from being sick or from vocal problems. It is designed to bring immediate relief to tired, sick, overused or hoarse voices. Perfect for when you are recovering from vocal problems or are just trying to improve your overall vocal health. They are super handy to have on tour to keep your voice healthy and free of the wear and tear of professional singing.

The Vocal Rescue Kit gives you a full spectrum of healthful vocal techniques to restore your singing and speaking voice. You get a complete view of how to care for your vocal instrument, and to understand exactly what comprises vocal health and wellness to put the ultimate control over your vocal health, back in your hands.

From vocal therapy and speaking exercises to conditioning cooldowns and vocal care, natural remedies for chronic issues including colds, cases of flu, allergies, reflux – and all the problems that plague singers we’ve got you covered. 

Alongside Cari’s very best natural vocal remedies — you get Mama Lion’s entire bag of tricks, including the Vocal Road Warrior Formula to stay injury free! The Vocal Rescue Kit is every singer and public speaker’s gig bag of solutions, techniques, tips, and answers for you to not only return to health but to stay healthy and to avoid future injury.. From vocal therapy and speaking exercises to conditioning cooldowns and vocal care, natural remedies for chronic issues including colds, cases of flu, allergies, reflux – and all the problems that plague singers we’ve got you covered. We’ve also got a health and nutrition interview with a Musicians Nutritionist which will enlighten you on how to care for more stubborn issues, to the in’s and out’s of staying healthy on tour.


The Details:

Section 1: Vocal Therapy Singing Exercises

This is a great place to start if you are having problems with your voice, have had vocal problems in the past, or just want to feel vocally healthier.Mama Cari is well known for her quick natural techniques and solutions to restore singers health and has helped many a singer and public speaker avoid more serious or prolonged vocal problems. These Vocal Therapy exercises will help restore vocal health to a compromised voice.

Section 2: Cool Down Exercises

Start here if you’re performing a lot, or need help with clearing up a raspy voice. Cari’s revolutionary Cool Downs are a conditioning treatment to keep your cords fit and fierce. Great for post-performance to keep your voice in great shape on tour, or to bounce back quickly when you are getting over a cold, or when you are having some vocal problems like loss of range and flexibility. These exercises help to reduce inflammation at the vocal folds, clear up hoarseness and fatigue, and get rid of mucus. They can also be used as a warmup when the voice feels sluggish or lethargic. They will help to prevent wear and tear and help keep you safe from vocal injury.

Section 3: Speaking Exercises to Help Heal Your Speaking Voice

If you struggle with a hoarse or raspy speaking voice, or you lose your voice after prolonged periods of talking, you need to clean up your speaking voice. Often it is the speaking voice that causes vocal problems with a singer’s voice. These exercises will align your speaking voice and help to fix any problems stemming from your speaking voice. From glottal strokes to low voice placement, discover how to keep your speaking voice from hurting your singing voice. And for all of you coaches and public speakers, these speaking exercises are key to find your voice placement and not wearing out.

Section 4: The Vocal Road Warrior 3-part Series: Vocal Health & Wellness

This series takes a looks at vocal health from a vocal, nutritional perspective and includes all the natural approaches to keeping your voice healthy. Mama Cari has over 30 years of helping singers stay healthy naturally and in this series, she gives away all of her trade secrets for ultimate vocal health. You’ll also hear an interview with the “Musician’s Nutritionist, Wendy Jo Peterson, and find answers for chronic problems singers struggle with like reflux, colds, and cases of flu. From which supplements to take, to how to care for your body and instrument, The Vocal Road Warrior shows you how to be healthy while you’re out conquering your tour, or getting ready to!

Comes With:

  • 7 Revolutionary Vocal Therapy Exercises to heal the singing voice (40 min program)
  • 5 Expert Speaking Exercises to heal the speaking voice (30 min program)
  • 3 Cool Down Exercises to condition the voice post-performance and keep your voice healthy on or off tour (25 min program)
  • Vocal Rescue Kit Ebook to help you deepen your understanding of each exercise in the series

Save your voice from unnecessary vocal problems and get on the road to vocal health and wellness right now. Never lose your voice again!

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