3 Shortcuts to Avoid in Your Music Career

They say success in anything is in the details. Nothing is more true – especially for musicians. I just worked with an artist who wants to move his music career into being a motivational speaker and use his music as an integral piece of his events. It’s exciting stuff, but it struck me that he had not worked out the details of that transition.  It’s not as simple as setting up a site, blogging and speaking at a few events – you need a much more detailed plan than that. So many musicians and entrepreneurs miss the small steps and shortcuts that make up the planning for a serious business – and as a result, fall short never realizing their potential.

For music artists, it’s especially critical that the small steps are not missed in the artistic preparation of a new product. Ultimately this process is laid out and revisited each time a new album is released (yes, I still believe in the album and there are many reasons for that but that’s a whole ‘nother blog). Each time an artist embarks on a new creation there are certain steps that must be implemented for the success of that project – if you want to make a masterpiece that is. The to do list at this point is elusive – nobody really talks or shares this part. It’s all behind the curtain.

Over the past 3 decades of working with musicians in New York City, I have developed a system and process that walks artists through a step-by-step system with big results (many have signed deals, gotten placements and created big success with it). Here’s a quick peek at a few of the steps that most leave out (and they’re the most critical ones I thought you’d want to know about for your next project).

1. Signature Song.

In order to break through as a new artist – I mean really breakthrough you not only need a signature sound, but a signature song. Signature in this case means “instantly recognizable” and uniquely yours.

2. Inner Circle.

Don’t let your project go out into the world without consulting your Inner Circle of carefully selected trusted advisors and music aficionados. Perspective is everything.

3. Vocal Arranger.

I know, I’m a voice coach and a vocal arranger and it sounds like I’m tooting my own horn, but – the truth is – whether you use me or someone else, all big records have a vocal arranger – it’s that critical to the success of the record. Making you sound good (and better than you ever thought possible) is the result of a great arranger. And yes, you can hire me for your next project.

Happy music-making! Share your insights or questions below!

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