Hey Songwriters,

You’ve been perfecting your craft for a long time, honing your skills and now you’re ready to send in your best work to the CCVM Best New Artist Songwriting Contest –  we can’t wait to near your work! Below are instructions on how to easily upload your video according to the contest format. Your songs are awesome and fabulous, so please do not submit songs through any format other than a youtube video. We will not be able to accept any submissions submitted through bandcamp, soundcloud, etc… You do not have to submit the video as private, however you are welcome to do so if you’re working on a big release you want to keep from the public for a bit, or if you just don’t want to have content on youtube 😉


Good luck!!!



How to Format and Upload a Music Video to Youtube (Mac)


Step 1. Click on the Finder icon on your toolbar


Step 2. Choose Applications from the dropdown menu.


Step 3. Find and Select the iMovie icon


Step 4. Click Create New to create a new project, then select Movie


Step 5. Drag your Audio File onto the lower part of the window


Step 6. Drag your chosen photo onto the lower part of the window above the audio file


Step 7. Loop your photo so that it is shown for the full length of the video.

To do this, move your cursor over the photo until an arrow appears. Drag the photo to loop it, and make sure that your photo loops for the entirety of the audio file! Otherwise your song may cut off midway through


Step 8. Select File, then Share, and Select Youtube


Step 9. When this window pops up, set your own privacy settings. If you decide to set it to Public feel free to submit. If you set it to Private, please send us an email with permission to view 🙂




How to Format and Upload a Music Video to Youtube (Windows)

Step 1: Open the Windows Live Movie Maker, drag a photo into the window. The photo can be your very own cover art or any photo you wish to be seen on the screen.


Step 2: Click Add musicAdd music from PC then choose the song or audio file you want to upload on YouTube.


Step 3: Hit Open and then click ProjectFit to Music.


Step 4: Click the YouTube icon on top and choose the video resolution you want.


Step 5: Sign in your Microsoft Account as well as YouTube account.


Step 6: After that, input the title, description and tags for the file.


Step 7: Wait for the video uploaded on YouTube.



Happy New Year and can’t wait to see what you’ve got!





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