By Cari Cole

It’s 2018!! Has a nice ring to it ~ eh? A new opportunity, a fresh slate to create your New Year. Will this be the year all your dreams come true? Will your luck bestow the winds of fortune in your favor? Today I want to talk about what you can do to improve those odds ~ right now. What is in your hands. As a musician, you are a creative being. Your strength is your creative energy, ideas and concepts that fire a million a minute when you are in the flow. Even not in a flow, creative juices are as natural to you as math is to a scientist. All you have to do is put it to work — on your business as well as your music.

One of the easiest ways to make strides in your career is to harness that creative power and put it to work using the power of recommitment, rebrand and or reinvention.

Being a musician is an evolution. And until you hit your stride (you’ll know because your career will take off), you are on that continual moving wheel of evolution. Seeking for the exact right brand, the music that will catapult you forward, the right message that speaks to the world in a way that is undeniable. You can see this evolution as you study artists rise. As you watch them try things, rebrand, evolve. And so should you. It’s a process, a journey to find YOU.

Here are 3 steps to hit refresh on your music & brand this year.. 


1. Recommit.

Your dream of music is never going to go away. It will haunt you for the rest of your life. So you might as well do it well now, before more time passes away. Take the opportunity to look at what’s in your heart. If music is there — then take this turn of the New Year to recommit. Recommit to yourself and your dreams.



2. Rebrand.

Maybe it’s time for a rebrand? Artists are always experiencing different seasons. The season of writing for a new project; the season of recording; the season of promoting and touring; the season of gathering ideas for the next project. Each season has a different momentum and energy. The season of gathering ideas and writing are more internal. The seasons of recording and promoting/touring are more external.  

Rebranding is a great tool to reinvent yourself. It’s a time to come out with a new aspect of yourself. A rebrand can infuse new blood, fresh perspective, a new piece of you to the world. It’s an opportunity to hit reset on your music and persona. And it can be a turning point.

Most artists rebrand with the release of a new record, but nowadays with artists releasing singles or covers in between projects there is even more opportunity to rebrand. Each time you go out in the world with something new is an opportunity to rebrand. A new release vs. a new record can be considered a “soft” rebrand, vs. a “hard” rebrand for a new album which is a bigger rebrand. In a soft rebrand you can have a new concept with a few new pics, but you wouldn’t change your social media avatars. In a hard rebrand all avatars are replaced with the new “look” and persona.

I often speak to artists who are in between seasons. They just finished releasing a new album and are gathering ideas for the next. This can be a good moment for a “soft” rebrand.

Whenever you rebrand, take the opportunity to evolve your persona and message. It can reinvigorate a career ;).



3. Reinvention.

Similar to rebranding, reinvention reinvigorates a career. Reinvention is a deeper look at rebranding. It takes rebranding to a whole new level. Great for when you want to radically change directions, reinvention is usually applied before the artist has a large audience (hundreds of thousands or millions). This is because when you have a large audience, it is harder to completely reinvent yourself as you risk losing your followers.

Reinvention is a great opportunity when you are still trying to find yourself. Some artists create a completely new name, new persona. A few great stories of reinvention was Father John Misty or Lady Gaga. New name, new look, new persona – completely revitalized their careers and broke them through.

Who are you waiting to become?


Keep growing, keep evolving.. Keep your ear to the ground, your mind in the stars, evolving, growing, searching, seeking until you arrive. And “wherever you are, be the SOUL of that place.” Rumi.


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