Today I’m officially 54 years. And my life is so very full! I have a thriving business, incredibly talented students, a hard-working team, my health – beloved friends – I could go on and on…


I thought about throwing myself a big party. But this year, I want my birthday to be about others.


I feel so sheltered sometimes living in the great land of America. It’s hard to believe that over 1 billion people in our world don’t have access to clean water and 1.8 million lose their lives because of it each and every year. There’s so much we take for granted…


This year, all I’m asking for is help in raising $1,000 to fund an entire village with clean water.


And no amount is too small. Even $5 can make a HUGE difference!


Do you realize that if 200 people donated only 5 bucks, TOGETHER we could bring clean water to a village of men, women and young children?

  • That’s like giving up ONE fluffy coffee drink (which damages your vocals anyway) OR
  • ONE slice of pizza (and who needs those extra calories?)


This year on my birthday, I invite you to help me make a difference in the lives of people so much less fortunate than we are.


Click here to help me Let Them Drink Clean Water for my birthday.

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