Vocal Mastery Program

Liberate Your Vocal Artistry Through Mastering Your Instrument

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ARE YOU READY TO DISCOVER THE UNTAPPED POTENTIAL IN YOUR VOICE? —Is it time to explore the world of richer vocal expression that is waiting for you to unlock. This is your chance to experience what it’s like to have vocal freedom and control and breakthrough your vocal barriers once and for all. Cari Cole is one of the music industry’s best vocal coaches, bringing together 30+ years of trade secrets and expertise in training professional voices. Embrace your vocal potential through learning one of the most solid and powerful vocal techniques on the market in a fraction of the time of other techniques.

The Vocal Mastery Program is a 1–on–1 private intensive vocal coaching experience with Cari Cole for singers and musicians who want to master vocal technique, transform their vocal performance, find their signature vocal sound + create a healthy singing voice free from strain. In these private sessions,  Cari will personally guide you through all of the steps to creating a powerful resilient voice to become a master of your vocal instrument. In this program learn all of Cari’s Master Voice Building System and trade secrets finely tuned from over 30+ years of teaching singers. Find your true potential that corrects any problems and lays a solid foundation no matter how long you’ve been singing.  Learn one of the most solid and powerful vocal techniques on the market that delivers results in half the time of other techniques. Comes with over 70 exercises on audio and video.



• Two private 55-minute Vocal Mastery Signature Sound Sessions each month held on ZOOM. Recorded for easy playback and reference.

• Free Bonus Edition of my Singer’s Gift Vocal Warmups (audio and video)

• Free Cari’s 38 Master Voice Building System (currently unavailable anywhere else but through this program – audio and video)

• Weekly Email Check-in

• Cari’s Complete Vocal Technique Wellness & Resource Library

This program is available by ZOOM conferencing


Comes With:

Free Edition of my Singers Gift Vocal Warmups ($97 value)

My 38 Master Vocal Exercise Voice Building System ($297 value)

My Complete Vocal Technique Wellness & Resource Library ($37)


To Get Started:

1. All private programs with Mama Cari start with a Cole Power Hour. For more info or to book a Cole Power Hour click here. Cole Power Hour registration comes with instant access to Cari’s Singers Gift Warmups so you can start your vocal transformation right away!

2. Fill out this quick Work With Cari 1-on-1 Application here.

For more information, email us at info@caricole.com or click here to set up a quick “no pressure” phone consult with Team Cole.

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