Vocal Resource Library


The Vocal Resource Library is Cari’s complete body of research of over 30+ year of the latest vocal breakthroughs, remedies & vocal techniques.

This eBook will help you expand your knowledge of your vocal instrument, how to care for it, how to avoid injury, improve on your techniques and find the best natural remedies and approaches to staying healthy over the long haul.

Mama has also thrown in some innovative techniques for pre-performance prep and how to master a song that has helped students grow exponentially. The Vocal Resource Library is sure to transform your singing voice and keep it healthy on and off tour.

Buy the Vocal Resource Library for just $37 and get all of these fantastic resources:

  • Singer’s Products—a holistic care routine for voice and body.
  • The 11-Step Allergy Buster—manage, control and prevent allergic outbreaks.
  • Alternative Cold & Flu Remedies—because your voice deserves the best care available.
  • The Three-Day Rule—the much-loved pre-performance ritual favoured by leading artists.
  • The Laryngeal Reflux Files—what you need to know to get rid of the mucus overload which wreck havoc on your cords.
  • A Daily Voice & Body Regimen—the what, the why and the how of caring for your body and voice.
  • How to Master a Song—move over Celine, with this resource you’ll enter the Matrix without having to swallow a red pill and learn to gracefully navigate the art of song mastering.
  • Daily Checklist—to care for your body, mind and spirit as well as fine-tune your instrument of choice.
  • DIY Hatha Yoga Class—12 steps to a fantastic self care routine that will trim your waistline and delight your soul as you learn powerful poses such as the downward dog and salute to sun. Goodbye pain and stiffness—hello flexible and nimble you.
  • Self Massage for Singers Cheatsheet—to keep your vocal instrument tension free with little-known massages to free your vocal instrument.