by Cari Cole




Take off your rose colored glasses. Because there’s no doubt about it –  seeing clearly will only help – not hurt you. I just saw the Steve Jobs movie with Ashton Kutcher (rocks!)  – and I was so proud to hear Steve say something I say all the time to my team: “Always tell me the truth – the honest, brutal, truth.” Some people might be surprised to hear that, but it’s the only way to really grow bigger. You can’t rely upon your perspective alone – you need to filter it through what others around you can see that you can’t. You can’t afford to fool yourself when you’re trying to build something – become something. It’s time to take off your rose colored glasses and jump start your career! Start with these 3 things to snag your place at the front of the pack.


  1. Measure the Right Metrics:

    Don’t fool yourself with the wrong metrics! So your Facebook likes are climbing and you’re getting consistent RTs on Twitter – score! But wait – what about your email list subscribers? Has that number been consistently growing, or are you at a stand still? Also, is your actual live fan base growing as you play shows? Not to mention actual dollars coming in… These are the right metrics to measure! Social media is great, but if it doesn’t translate into super fans, you’re not building the type of support you really need to make a living. What can you do to connect more deeply?

  2. Work with the Right People:

    Your old bassist had to quit because he’s got his hands full with a newborn baby, so you got your friend-of-a-friend Joe to step in. He’s great – except when he’s late, or forgets to come in on the second verse, or asks you to re-send him the gig info five times. If someone important to your music career (a band member, producer, publicist) and you’re generally describing them as “Great – except when [insert list]…” then you’ve got a problem. Nip so-so relationships in the bud before you become dependent on someone who really isn’t a great fit for your music + vision.

  3. Play the Right Material:

    Are your songs the best they can be? Do they engage people all the way through or do you find yourself in cliches by the 2nd verse? What about the music? Have you just not gotten around to writing those more expressive guitar arrangements to match your new skills on the instrument? Or are there parts that you worry about getting right? Go back to the writing + rehearsal room! You’ve got some work to do.


Work on these three elements of your music career and don’t overlook over the details! The longer you put it off, the harder it is to change, and the more time lost. Just take it one step at a time!

Share with me in the comments below what you’ve learned this year and in what ways you took off your rose colored glasses this year?


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