Taking Your Ego Out of Your Music

Do you feel sleazy promoting your music? Are you too serious about it? Is the pressure so high that you don’t do anything? You’ve got too much of your ego in the game, my dears, which means you’re focusing on the wrong thing! You’re making it about you, when you’re really part of something much bigger. Don’t let fear or guilt from your ego sabotage your music career – use these tips to keep it in perspective!

1. Keep a Log of Compliments.

Think about the compliments you’ve received because of your music in the past. Don’t focus on the “you sounded great!” ones, instead think about the “Wow, you really made my night!” ones. Taking someone’s mind off their troubles, giving them a little catharsis through some tears, or just helping them get out of their Work.Eat.Sleep routine is a service! You’re providing real value to them. Keep a log of those kinds of compliments so you don’t forget it!

2. Don’t Take it Personally.

This is one of the Four Agreements from Don Miguel Ruiz that inspired my album, Circle of Fire. It’s a really hard one, but you have to know that nothing anyone says to you or about you is really because of you. It’s because of them. For example: the surly bartender or sound guy isn’t reacting to you specifically – he’s in a bad mood for his own reasons, or just got pressure from his boss, or maybe he’s waiting on results from a serious health test. If he had just gotten good news, he’d probably be treating you very well. The point is – it’s not about you. Whatever the attitudes of the people around you, you’re there to bring what you have to give. Don’t let anyone stop you.

3. Create Experiences that You’d Want to Be a Part of.

Take the lead and create an experience of your own. Whether that means getting together some of your favorite bands and playing a live stream concert, or tying the experience to a theme or holiday of some kind, make it exciting for yourself! You might feel weird promoting something totally based around you, but an “Autumnal Equinox Indie Artist Extravaganza” would be fun to promote! Get creative.

Whenever you get caught up in fear from your own ego, try to put your focus outward. To the people around you, and what you’re giving to the community and world at large! Everything you do is contributing to your personal growth and the growth of our planet.

And if you get freaked out, remember, I’m supporting you 100%! And you can try lightening up – make a little fun of yourself!

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Taking Your Ego Out of Your Music

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