What is the one thing that without it, you most likely won’t be successful with your music (at least not enough to live off it anyway?) Well you might quickly blurt out “talent”.

But think again.

Think about the artists who are not so talented or “gifted”, that even in spite of it, have achieved music success – even fame. Yes, some mega stars are super-talents, but many others are just moderately talented, yet somehow burst through the veil of obscurity all the way to being a household name. But how?  And even more, why them and not you? Even though you can analyze the path each took, there are different components, a different journey, that isn’t applicable to you because the journey for each artist is as different as our fingerprints. Which makes it all the more hard to pin down, and frustrating to figure out – this mysterious, elusive Lady Fame – or just plain success, screw the fame part.

So what is it that successful artists do differently?

I see it with so many artists – the ones who grow and the ones who struggle. I do know from my years of experience in the music biz, that it absolutely has something to do with that inner path, the one that you might not know you’re on. Something happens inside first, before it manifests on the outside. I’ve witnessed that, countless times. Fame, success – whatever you want to call it, is created, manufactured and orchestrated. But it starts first inside of you with recognition of who you are.

I went through this recently with one of my artists. She was so talented, and everyone around her knew it, but she kept screwing it up. She’d always over-shoot, consistently lead herself down the wrong path. She would get an idea, and then would get so far into it that she would go off the deep end and it would end up being too much, and — it never worked in the end. Because – she was trying to be something she was not. It was as if she thought what she did on the outside would make her famous … and she neglected the inside and the truth about who she was.

Until she joined my artist community, and started getting that professional, straight-to-the-point feedback that helped her to see what she was doing. She not only got the feedback she needed, working with a team provided a mirror so she could “see” her own reflection. And she started to change, to become whole, to get more aligned with who she really was, to stand more powerfully in her own light. They don’t call artists “stars” for nothing. You do have to shine – your own light that is.

I remember doing the same thing myself as an artist. I always wanted to be like so-and-so – if I was just more like “her”, then I too would be famous. I think it’s a natural tendency to want to emulate our heroes, but to be like them is to miss being you. And being you gives you a much better shot at making it than not. Especially today – when the trend is “authenticity,” being “transparent,” direct-to-fans connecting instead of standing behind the veil.

Being you is the one key ingredient to creating massive success in music. Everyone who’s become anyone has done it. But it’s tricky business – it’s easy to miss, to over-shoot. And the only way to get it is by getting real feedback – not just pats on the back from family and friends. It’s by getting constructive, professional feedback, which takes you in the right direction – the direction that is more yours and doesn’t copy someone else’s path, making you miss your own light. And it’s by creating a community of other artists who are also working hard on their craft and career – where there is a professional camaraderie – authentic support, not competition. That’s why great artists have always worked on their craft with people that make them better – better than they even think they can be or better than they could ever arrive at on their own. People who challenge them, push them to be more, to dig deeper, to work harder, and to make better art. It’s never done alone. It’s always created, manufactured and orchestrated. And the GOOD ones – the people that really help artists – help them stand in their own light.

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