The Secret Weapon to Your Music Success

Everyone wants a secret weapon for music success – naturally. But not everyone has one.

First, because you may not know where to find it.

Second, because you may think you can’t afford it (whatever it is).

Third, because you think that you can do it yourself.

This article will dispel the first, show you why you can’t afford not to have it, and will explain why playing solo is deadly.

Wikipedia says “A ‘secret weapon’ can be a figurative phrase referring to an unknown technique of any kind that a person uses suddenly and surprises his opponent.”

We know that creating success in music is equivalent to pieces of a giant puzzle scattered in all corners of the Earth that have to somehow magically find their way to each other to come together. And do this just in time before the artist falls over from exhaustion or gives up.

No one said it would be easy.

But knowing that doesn’t make it any easier. In fact, it makes it harder.

But, once you realize that success in music is based on two things: 1. your craft and 2. your business savvy, at least you know where you stand and what lies ahead. Once you are in the game doing-the-work, you are on course to do everything in your power to become a success.  Once you take full responsibility for your success, that’s when it gets exciting, hopefully for you. And then – you need a secret weapon. Everyone successful has one.

So in hopes of inspiring you, I wanted to share what my secret weapon to music success was when I was struggling to be an artist. She had long red hair, was an amazing singer and I went to see her every week up on 73rd St. on the west side of Manhattan for 8 years. She not only taught some of the biggest names in music, (Cyndi Lauper had an appointment right before mine), but she shared every bit of her sacred knowledge, generously with me. The stories, the successes and the failures of her own career and her students – it was like going to church for me. I never missed a lesson (well maybe a few, but I paid for every single one). She was my mentor, my hero, a healer, a therapist and a consultant all rolled into one and most of all she was my vocal coach – my secret weapon.

Yes it was an investment. At the time I was waitressing and going to music school so cash was sparse. Also, it was a huge gamble, who knew if it would ever bring a return (who knew how much!). There were times I had to eat canned beans, but I wouldn’t give up my appointment time – that would have been sacrilege.  I was getting the education of my life – the one I wouldn’t ever find in school. And as a result I became a singer who stood on the world stage, got standing ovations, won numerous awards, played the biggest venues in the US, put out an amazing record that touched tens of thousands of people’s hearts. But mostly, I made the record of my life. I accomplished my mission.

And now, I share that knowledge with you – my readers, my friends and my cherished artists. I am your secret weapon. My team is your secret weapon. The industry experts that you may and or not be using yet are your secret weapons. It is crucial that you don’t try to face your music career on your own without the necessary professional guidance you need.

Sometimes I think back on what would have become of me if I hadn’t made that investment (all eight years of weekly voice lessons – you do the math!). Or how, if I had held onto my wallet too tightly, I would have missed the ride of my life. Don’t let that happen to you. If you need help – go and get it.

If we work together, I’ll share with you everything I know, generously. It’s my legacy that no artist go undiscovered. Ask any of my students and that is what you will find. I’ll be just as much your secret weapon as I have been for thousands of artists, celebrities, famous movie stars and music icons over almost 3 decades in New York City. I won’t hold anything back because you, your music and your career are the most important thing in the room when we’re together.

If you’re interested in knowing your next steps or working with me, click here to learn more. I so look forward to working with each one of you and inspiring you to your greatness one day.

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