by Cari Cole




It’s World Voice Day! World Voice day was founded on July 4, 2012 by a group of speech pathologist, doctors, professors, voice scientists, audiologists, and other voice professionals.  The mission of the group is to share the excitement of voice science, pedagogy and the vocal artist with the public by organizing a global celebration of World Voice Day.


Here are Cari Cole Voice + Music, we celebrate World Voice Day as an opportunity to celebrate our voice in all the ways in which we use it.

It’s not just singing – it’s the power of your words and communication. To not use your voice is a waste, especially in the free world.

Your voice is a powerful tool. How do you use yours?


Here are 16 Ways to Use the Power of Your Voice on World Voice Day.

Just choose one or two and to power up your voice and explore the possibilities that are a’waiting you:


1. Share Your Voice On Social Media!

Post a clip of you singing a song with an empowering message on social media or just post something inspiring in honor

of World Voice Day! Encourage people to speak up, use their voices etc.


2. Use Your Voice to Pin Some Gratitude.

Shout out about someone whose voice you admire!! Pin your favorite mentor, leader, author, inspirational coach

on our Pinterest World Voice Day Board!


3. Use Your Voice to Express Your Generosity.

Help a friend in need. Sometimes all someone needs is an ear to listen,

a kind word and a nod of acknowledgement. Who needs some of your loving care today?


4. Use Your Voice to Empower Someone Younger Than You.

Reach out to someone younger than you to mentor a little bit today. Young people rock.

Or go sing to kids in the hospital and lighten up their day. What youngster in your life can you

reach out to inspire or lend a helping hand to today?


5. Use Your Voice to Lift Up Someone Older Than You.

Call up a family member who is older than you and sing their favorite song to them on the phone.

Or visit an old folks home and bring your guitar. Sing an oldie (bring a songbook and have them

sing along with you ;)) It’s easy to forget about those who are in their golden years. Send a

little juice their way and your heart will shine for days.


6. Use Your Voice to Empower Your Tribe.

Write up a last minute blog or vlog and post to your tribe today. Tell them how grateful you are

for them and encourage them to use their voice today to celebrate World Voice Day.


7. Inspire Complete Strangers.

Busk, sing on the street (or park bench, subway station). Go busk somewhere in your town today and

light up your corner of the world with a street serenade. Be sure you have the appropriate permit,

if needed, before you go busk.


8. Throw a Surprise Online House Concert For Your Fans + Newcomers!

Sometimes last minute concerts can be a fun thing! You catch everyone who’s just hanging out watching

the tube anyway! Use it as an experiment to see how responsive your list is (make sure you engage

your fans on social media too – especially Twitter where people are hanging out looking for stuff to do!).

Make the night fun for them. Have them send in song requests (send them a list) or think of ways to

get them engaged in the evening with you.


9. Write a Song About Something You’ve Had Trouble Speaking Up About and set yourself free.

Nothing is more powerful than putting something you can’t say out loud or have trouble communicating to

someone in a song, it’s #songtherapy. Say it loud and proud in a song and honor your voice today.


10. Write a Song for Someone Who Has No Voice

I.e..: a woman in a third world country that can’t speak up (no women’s rights); someone in a

rural impoverished area who has no internet or smartphone. Someone wrongly imprisoned or who is a

minority (hard to imagine this still exists but it happens all the time).


11. Write a Letter to Someone Who Needs to Hear From You.

Letters are pretty cool in this day and age. Every now and then I get one, and it always warms my heart.

That someone took the time to get a card, write a note and send it snail mail is impressive. Who can you

send a thank you or a note to?


12. Call an Old Friend and Re-connect.

Sometimes we are so busy connecting with new friends we forget to reach out to old ones. Call or email

an old friend and with a Howdy Do and ask them to catch you up on their life! Use your voice to re-connect.


13. Use the Power of Your Voice to Forgive Someone.

Life is short. Don’t hold on to resentment. That energy only stays in your body wreaking havoc with your

system and energy. Let it go today – write that letter whether you send it or not. Get it out of your body!


14. Give Away Your Album for Free Today, This Week or This Month, Just Because You Want To

Want people to listen to your music? Make it easy for them. Run a “free music” campaign for 30 days and give

away your best songs. Your list will grow and you’ll make all kinds of new friends!! Generosity rules!


15. Shout Out About a Company Whose Sustainable Practices You Admire.

A clothing line, manufacturer of organic products, etc. Retweet them – who knows, you might reach a bunch of

new fans you didn’t even plan on!


16. Shout Out About a Fellow Artist You Admire.

A great way to foster rich community is using your voice to speak out about others you admire.


I hope you pick at least one of these today and use your voice in a way that enriches your life as well as

those around you. I hope it helps you come out of your shell – you know the one we all sometimes forget

we’re in? Speaking up and speaking out breaks down that barrier and exposes how we really feel so we can

all be more free. Share your World Voice Day contribution in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear them all!!!

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