by Cari Cole

world voice box

Happy World Voice Day (April 16th). Your voice is the original social media.

The purpose of World Voice Day is to demonstrate to the general public that Voice Matters. 2015 the motto is – VOICE, The Original Social Media. (See below for events worldwide that you can participate in.)

How do you use your voice? Do you stand up and speak out? Or do you sit in your chair and swallow what you think? Some of us are naturally better at speaking up than others. It depends on whether we are used to doing it or not. When you’re not used to blogging or speaking, it can be quite daunting. Once you get in the saddle, it’s easier than one thinks. Funny to note that most music artists, who might seem to be extroverts since they are performers, are often the shy and private off stage, not liking the idea of “social media” and barking out about themselves. Maybe traditionally that’s why there are managers, or booking agents, other people to talk for them. Also, it’s kind of tough to talk about how great you are in first person, which you often have to do when booking yourself.

Either way, before there was social media or media, there was the voice. People spoke in town squares, then came newspapers, followed by radio, then television, then the internet. If we were stripped of it all, we’d be right back to where we started. But regardless of the medium, it’s still the power of the voice to reach people.

So today, tomorrow and this week, in honor of World Voice Day, how can you more effectively use your voice to get the word out about your voice and music?


Here’s a quick list to bump up your voice in the world:

Whether you are a public speaker, persona, celebrity, radio personality, musician, songwriter, recording artist or emerging artist, your voice is your most powerful platform to speak to the world. What you say matters.

1. Don’t hold back

Holding back your natural expression causes stress and anxiety. This week figure out a way to express yourself more in small doses. The next time you’re in a situation that you feel you can’t say what you think, try to not hold it back.

2. Say it like it is

Get involved in the global conversation. Use social media. This week speak out about things you are passionate about, i.e.: animal rights, human rights, the food fight, yoga, books you love, Ted Talks, etc. You’re not the only one that feels that way!

3. Be generous and shout out about others

Use your voice to shout out about others. There is nothing more generous than shouting out about other people you respect and admire. Plus, you get what you give. If you want a thousand fans (or friends), give generously to a thousand people. Who can you give thanks or shout out about this week?

4. Go the extra mile

Most of us have a limit in how much we reach out. This week, go further either in the passion with which you deliver your message, or in your generosity. Watch what happens when you put more behind your delivery.

5. Speak your truth

Too often we are afraid to speak our truth. We worry too much about what people will “think.” What if you were yourself just a little bit more? Try to step out a little this week and see what happens. It’s usually pretty cool when you do ;).

World Voice Day is a global celebration with an impressive multitude of voice and vocal events on April 16, 2015 in as many countries as possible, from New Zealand all the way to America and Hawaii. Click here for Events all over the world to participate in World Voice Day.

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