Is becoming best new artist… on your bucket list? Or maybe you want to step up your vocals or have better vocal health and wellness? If you’re reading these words, I bet all are true. And the thing is, you’ve got the talent + drive — but more importantly, you’ve got something you’ve got to say. You just need help getting it all out and figuring out how to put it all together without destroying your voice in the process! A great artist not only has the skills of a master vocalist, musician and songwriter (all a major part of my teaching) but has a story, a truth, a belief that can only be expressed through your music (the key to what sets you apart.) Because it’s not just about what’s on the surface, how good your voice or musicianship is, it’s about the human value that you bring to people.

You’re most likely here because you’re ready, you’re hungry, and you’re smart — smart enough to know you’ve got something — and that you need the best help you can get. Explore all of my signature offerings and choose the level + focus you need. Isn’t it high time you become the most powerful singer, songwriter, musician, recording artist and leader in music you can? I’m the secret weapon of thousands of successful and emerging artists. Now I can be yours.