20 steps to vocal mastery 

The important thing to know about Vocal Mastery is that with a plan, you too can become a singer that blows people away with your voice, but I’m not going to lie, Vocal Mastery won’t happen without doing the work!

Here’s how to make a Vocal Mastery plan. Follow these tips…

1. Practice your ass off.

Period. The only way you achieve Vocal Mastery is with a boatload of practice hours (think 10,000 hours.)

2. Perform – a lot.

That’s how you get comfortable. And getting comfortable is a pre-requisite to Vocal Mastery: command your instrument.

3. Study with a master teacher.

Don’t waste your money on the cheapest coach in town – work with the best. You’ll pay for it later if you don’t.

4. Sing every day – your voice won’t lie.

If you have vocal strain – then get lessons and learn how to sing without hurting your voice. It’s not rocket science.

5. Fix weird pronunciation issues.

This is tricky, because sometimes odd pronunciations rock – but not always. And, no one will tell you, they’ll just click away. A good coach or vocal arranger will help you do this.

6. Sing on pitch. Period.

No matter what anyone says, don’t let notes on your record stay off pitch because of a great take. That’s what technology is for.

7. Develop your phrasing so you sound “natural” and effortless.

If you don’t have it – get a coach and learn how to sing some blues. All pop music comes from rhythm and blues.

8. Develop your own style.

Don’t try to sound like everyone else, study other singers to get good chops, but then follow where your voice wants to go.

9. Be distinctive.

Experiment. A lot. You gotta work for it. Everyone who gets there does.

10. Record – a lot.

Recording, listening back and tweaking makes you a better singer – if you know how to fix what doesn’t sound good. If you don’t – get help.

11. Be authentic.

Don’t hide – show yourself and your emotions.

12. Sing songs that matter to you.

Don’t just sing any ol’ song. Lyrics are ultra important.

13. Don’t try to please everyone – please yourself first.

No one is interested in a voice that tries to please everyone.

14. Don’t listen to everyone’s opinion.

What do you think? You’re your own best critic. If you need help – get it. Don’t be stupid and try to do everything on your own.

15. Perform with confidence whether you are or not.

Fake it ‘til you feel it.

16. Develop stage banter.

Talk to your audience. Let them know you. Keep it short: one or two lines pre-song (don’t go on and on.)

17. Stand up to the vocals on your record.

Today it’s easier to make a singer sound good – but do you sound good live? Be a rehearsal-holic. Your audience knows the difference.

18. Develop a signature.

People want you to stand out, not fit in. That’s what massages our ears!

19. Work with a pro vocal coach who is also vocal arranger = me.

I will make you sound 1000% better than you could on your own or than what many producers will deliver. Spend the money – don’t skimp here. Fill out an App and set up a phone consult here.

20. Don’t just be a singer, be an artist.

Musicians, I’m talking to you too. Music is art – never forget that.  


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