5 Secrets to Singing Better High Notes at Your Next Live Show Post Covid

Live music is BACK!! Time to get your voice back in shape post-Covid? You’re not alone! The whole world of musicians are bootcamping their voices and performance chops again. Here are some sweet tips to support your beautiful voice for our next chapter and sing better high notes. Get your vocal routine and vocal health back on track as our new world opens up again!

Never forget, no matter where you are in your vocal practice, you can ALWAYS hit reboot and grow your vocal skills more. Don’t get complacent. There is so much waiting for you with a great technique like ours!

5 Secrets to Singing Better High Notes at Your Next Live Show Post Covid


After a whole year without singing on tour, many singers are complaining about being “out of shape”. The struggle is real! But don’t worry, wherever you left off, you can get back there and more with a little attention. 

To start getting back to your best voice:  

1. Stretch / Yoga 10 min

Stretching reduces tension in your neck and shoulders which contributes to your voice feeling tight and constricted. Helps to open up your range. 

2. Breathing exercises 5 min

Practice diaphragmatic breathing (breathing down in to your abdomen, ribs and back) to open up your voice and range. 

3. Steam 5 min

Breathing in steam directly hydrates your vocal folds! A well steamed and hydrated voice sings better high notes!

4. Vocalize 10 -20 min 

Use our Singers Gift Vocal Warmups to open up your range and high notes. This warmup series is especially designed to open and free your voice. 

5. Rehearse songs 10 -20 min 

Run through your songs and note any problems spots to work on. Where do you run out of breath? Where are the high notes. Mark your lyric sheet so you can focus on smoothing out these areas. When rehearsing songs, breathing into your upper back helps to sing better high notes!


Here’s a quick daily routine to start getting back into shape! 

All you need is 10 – 20 minutes a day to get your voice back on track. 

We have discovered that shorter practices more days in the week are actually more beneficial than 1-2 longer practices. 


  1. Day 1: Singers Gift Vocal Warmups: Exercises 1- 10
  2. Day 2: Singers Gift Vocal Warmups: Exercises 7 – 17
  3. Day 3: Singers Gift Vocal Warmups: Exercises 1- 10
  4. Day 4: Singers Gift Vocal Warmups: Exercises 7 – 17
  5. Day 5:  Singers Gift Vocal Warmups: Exercises 1- 10

To get a copy of our Singers Gift Vocal Warmups CLICK HERE

If you’re struggling with your vocal health, download our Vocal Rescue Kit vocal therapy series for your singing and speaking voice! You’ll eliminate hoarseness, raspiness, strain, vocal fatigue and even the smallest of vocal issues will clear up by using these daily. 

If you do the minimum above you’ll start feeling better and stronger sooner! Yes!


Take better care of your voice by hydrating your body with teas, green juices, watery fruits and vegetables like watermelon, celery, cucumber, green apples, fresh salads and brothy soups etc. 

Other tips to help get your voice back in shape is to reduce tension by taking epsom salt baths 1-2x week, getting back to working out, yoga, and going for some deep tissue massage to work out the knots that constrict your voice. (Tight necks create tense voices with limited ranges). 


The best way to get your performance chops back is to train and to sing and perform. Training will get your physical mechanics in place and performing will bring back your on stage vocal skills. Don’t expect to be at your tip top shape the first performance out (but your daily technique practice will help make it better). 

Give yourself a few shows to get back in the groove. Touring artists are always better mid-way through the tour than at the top! 


I like to work with singers at least a month or two prior to recording an album (sometimes 3-6 months prior). There is a lot of technical work to do to improve the physical skills – it’s like training an athlete for the Olympics! You want that singer to be at their best and there is a science to it. 

I also have singers prepare for the studio by recording at home to work out the problem areas ahead of time, or just to improve the vocal arrangement. I also recommend Vocal Arranging Sessions with one of our vocal coaches. If you are interested, please inquire at info@caricole.com and we can tell you more about it. 

Watch me do a live vocal arrangement here. 

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