6 Ways to Stop Struggling with Your Music

What word do you end that sentence with? Stop Struggling with “blah blah blah”… pick one.

You want to know why you struggle?

Are you ready for this?

Because you do (sigh).

Didn’t ya just know it was your fault?

But hey – it’s a little more complex than that.

Look – we all know life isn’t fair and all that stuff is totally true.

But to struggle with it? — That part is actually up to you.

Sound harsh? It isn’t.

No matter how much we struggle with something, we do have a choice about how we respond.

Now, if you are not in touch with your feelings, you won’t realize you do – have a choice that is.

How can you move to “choice”?

It’s easier than you think.

It has to do with the Story you are telling yourself. I can choose to struggle, or not, based on how I see it.

1. Inventory Your Beliefs.

What do you really think? And what rules your brain?

2. Choose A Perspective That Works for You.

Too often we choose a perspective that we’re used to – not necessarily that works for us.

3. Make a Plan to Make it Better.

Whatever you are struggling with, find the plan with a solution to make it better.

4. Realize That Struggle is a Choice.

Free yourself from your conditioned responses.

5. Decide to Be Successful.

See life working out just the way you want it. When you do that, you become successful.

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