by Cari Cole



Let’s face it, being a musicpreneur is a freakin’ full time job, matter of fact, it can swallow you whole – right into a black hole.


The challenge is how to make time for your music while you gain ground with your career. Time management people!


Here’s a few tips for how to avoid the Black Holes of Musicpreneurship:


1. Black Hole #1. Disorganization.

Nothing makes you fall in to a black hole faster than a long to do list and no prioritizing. Take moment every Sunday to prioritize the week ahead. Just focus on the 3 most important things each week and let the rest fall away. You’ll be glad you did.


2. Black Hole #2. Saying YES to Everything.

Better to get good at saying “No”. No to night’s out instead of working on your music. No to lunches when you should be working. No to some opportunities (not all are worth your time).


3. Black Hole #3. Wasting your precious time on Facebook. 

Nothing wastes time faster than going to post on social media and a few clicks later 2 hours have passed. Schedule social media time.


4. Black Hole #4. Stop looking for a quick fix.

There are none – not really. Make a goal, then build a strategy to reach it and follow up with action.


5. Black Hole #5. Stop looking for rescue.

Take you and your business more seriously than you do now.

No one is going to come along and rescue you, but there are people who can help you… (see next point.)


6. Black Hole #6. Glean wisdom from those who have gone before you.

The way to get there faster, smarter and more efficiently is to work with people who have been where you want to go. Why reinvent the wheel? Why do it alone when you can get help?


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