New Music Release: Sarra “Kerosene” CCVM Case Study, Part 1

August 7, 2018

by Cari Cole For the past three years, we’ve been quietly working behind the scenes developing artists and their records at CCVM with A & R sessions, cultivating a killer songwriting team and refining our process. While we’ve been working with emerging artists voices and record projects for over 3 decades, I took a stronger … Continue

Top 8 Tips to Make An Exceptional Record

October 24, 2017

  By Cari Cole Record making is an art, a science, a process, an alchemical experience. It should not be thrown together, recorded in a rush, and your vocals should not be recorded all in one day. It won’t help. Even more, the song selection is critical to the success of the record. Whatever you … Continue


3 Musician Mindsets & Practices to Master Your Music

May 30, 2017

by Cari Cole Success in anything is an inside game. We can only do, have, be what we believe we can. Even more, what our subconscious believes we can. That’s why self-care is such a powerful practice, and is not a form of coddling or wimpiness.   Here are my 3 Musicpreneur Mindsets & Practices … Continue


Finding Where You Fit In the Music Industry & Carving Your Unique Path

May 2, 2017

by Cari Cole Music is not a one-size-fits-all industry. It’s not only for pop radio. No, no, no. There’s all kinds of music. There’s Bluegrass, Zydeco, Cuban, Chant & Devotional music, Classical jazz, Piano music (I love Dustin O’Halloran), Big Band, Punk, Goth – I could go on and on and on and on. When … Continue


5 Fatal Mistakes Musicians Must Stop Making

October 11, 2016

  By Cari Cole   It’s an exciting time in music for indies. If you’ve got a team, some money and some muscle. But many indies don’t. And this is a big problem. It’s also a time of mounting frustrations. The record industry keeps getting hit. Streaming takes money out of songwriters pockets to the … Continue


Your Voice IS Your Brand: Stop Slacking and Sound Better ASAP

March 1, 2016

by Cari Cole The first thing people hear is your voice. Sometimes it’s the only thing they hear. They don’t hear the 15 years of playing guitar, or the 500 concerts played.  It’s your voice that takes the lead and resonates loud and clear, front and center in most people’s ears. If you’re an indie … Continue

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