10 Ways to Keep Your Voice From Quitting On You, Right Now

March 9, 2016

by Cari Cole You’ve got a great gig or an important recording session. You’ve warmed up, downed a boatload of water, stocked up on 5 kinds of throat spray, gargled with salt water and honey a million times (and mistakenly swallowed some .. gross.) You’ve stayed home while you’re friends were out having fun, abstained … Continue

Brave & Bold Like Bowie: 9 Lessons From the Starman

January 19, 2016

by Cari Cole Annie Lennox said it best: “Like a gazillion other people, I feel stunned by the news that David Bowie has departed this earth. At the loss of someone who has impacted and influenced your life, you can hardly begin to measure the shape of what’s left behind. Our personal and collective inner … Continue

Going Pro: 6 Essential Steps of Artist Development for All Musicians

January 12, 2016

by Cari Cole Transitioning from the dream to the reality can be a daunting proposition no matter how much you want it. Seal himself said in an interview on Sirius FM recently that “No one can prepare you for fame,” no matter how bad you want it. And desire alone will not manifest it for … Continue

A New Trend in Music Videos: Using Star Power for Social Statements

December 8, 2015

by Cari Cole Music reflects life. And at certain times in our world’s history, music comes to the fore expressing opinions and bringing to light important social topics as we move through them. As social movements for peace and justice rise up, once again, music is bringing the messages of the people to the fore. … Continue

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The Best Music Advice I Was Ever Given

July 22, 2015

by Cari Cole   To follow up on a recent well received blog last week: The Worst Music Advice I Was Ever Given, this week I thought it fun to contrast that with The Best Music Advice I Was Ever Given. A few days ago I spoke to a fledgling artist trying to make it, like … Continue

7 Secret Vocal Wellness Weapons Used By Grammy Winners And Celeb Vocal Coaches

July 7, 2015

by Cari Cole   With another recently successful touring singer out with a vocal hemorrhage (Meghan Trainor), it’s timely to shout out about how to sound better without hurting your cords, or your career. Look, most producers and industry tastemakers don’t care if you are shredding your cords, they don’t expect you to last, let … Continue

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Singers: Are You Just Sliding By With Your Vocals?

January 7, 2015

by Cari Cole   Are you putting in real time on your voice or do you just slide by hoping for the best? Are you often white-knuckling it through recording sessions or hoping your voice will hold up for your next gig? Do you sometimes feel like a fraud? You’re not alone. Many singers struggle needlessly with these fears. … Continue

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101 Things Every Musician Needs To Know In 2015

December 30, 2014

by Cari Cole   I cut my teeth in this business first by being a musician and artist, and second by being one of the top vocal coaches in the world for almost 3 decades now in New York City. There’s one thing I know for sure. You can market ‘til you are blue in the face – … Continue

The Holy Grail Of Music

September 17, 2013

by Cari Cole     What makes some artists fly and others fail? Geez, if we knew that we’d have found the Holy Grail.  But seriously, there is a bit of a science to it – you can tip the scales in your favor if you know how to work it and have the songs … Continue

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Take Off Your Rose Colored Glasses

August 20, 2013

by Cari Cole       Take off your rose colored glasses. Because there’s no doubt about it –  seeing clearly will only help – not hurt you. I just saw the Steve Jobs movie with Ashton Kutcher (rocks!)  – and I was so proud to hear Steve say something I say all the time … Continue

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