by Cari Cole



It’s not enough to release a record thinking that the music on its own will build your brand, it won’t. Marketing will.  But even when you have a good marketing skills and a well established social media presence, social media followers are at best non-committal and flakey when it comes to real support and forking over dollars. There’s one thing you won’t create real and lasting success without – and it’s…

A Strategy

Strategy is key in any business, especially in music. The last thing you want to do is splatter your efforts trying to keep up with everything there is to do and only end up doing nothing well   It’s so easy to go off on tangents putting out fires in your business, responding one by one to emails that could be automated or updating your website or managing online content when what you should be doing is pushing everything else aside to build a strategy to get to where you want to go.

I wanted to give you a simple way to build a strategy, gain clarity and bring some serious direction to your plans. So I rolled out this Free 3-Part Smart Musician Training. It’s about how to create a strategy – a Smart Musician Strategy. One that will help you target your goals with precision and clarity, and take the guesswork out of it! Follow these steps below to get a handle on achieving where you are headed – and course correct for the right direction with these 3 Steps.

Here’s how it goes:

Step 1: The Smart + Resourceful Musician QUIZ

Take the Quiz. You’re not just taking a quiz, you’re going to learn exactly what target to aim your arrows at and where you’ve been slothing.

Step 2: The Smart + Resourceful Musician ACTION PLAN

After the Quiz, you’ll get this Action Plan as a free download. It walks you through the 20 Ways to Instantly Uplevel Your Brand + Marketing — and — With  Authenticity + Integrity. We all know how important branding and marketing are, but this is how to not feel yucky doing it and where you get real action steps for the areas you’ve been ignoring or procrastinating on!

Step 3:  The Smart Musician Strategy Teleclass 

Then, join me to listen in on a previous teleclass where I lead you through exactly how to create a strategy that is smart, resourceful and right for you and your career. Whether you are a recording artist, musician, songwriter (that includes lyricists) or a producer or DJ –  you’ve got to have a plan and even better – a strategy, to take you all the way up ladder to your success.


Take the Quiz + Get the Smart Musician Action Plan here.

Register for The Smart Musician Strategy Teleclass here.


See you soon!


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