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Hi beautifuls!

Cari Cole here! I’ve put together 3 products to help the independent musician improve their voice, build their brand, and master their time & money. It’s out End of Summer Blowout Sale – so you have to grab this Triple Pack by Friday, August 30th at midnight! Just $297 ($997 value.)

What’s included:


The Singer’s Gift Vocal Warm Ups 

17 mp3 warm ups + bonus cool downs for after performance. Did you know that you can beat vocal fatigue and strain by making sure you cool down your voice after singing for prolonged periods? That and many other vocal secrets included within the audio + pdf guidebook!

(If you already have Singers Gift, no sweat, this is just a free bonus we added in for those who don’t have it yet!)

Step Up to the Spotlight Virtual Bootcamp

Get my acclaimed artist development program, Step Up to the Spotlight, in a self-study online course at a killer deal. (Regular Price: $597) Step Up includes 6 Modules of mp3s, presentations, and worksheets that guide you through become an artist with the brand, stamina, and confidence to stand out from the rest. Learn how use your natural strengths & deepest desires to build your brand, plus uplevel your craft with a consistent practice schedule. Plus – a week-by-week yearly plan to cover the most ground in the shortest period of time.


Fast Forward to Fame Accelerator Pack

Peek into my Fast Forward to Fame Program + Blueprint, a 3.5 month online program that teaches independent artists all the music marketing + business they need to create a living in music. The Accelerator Pack includes 3 bonus modules from the program.

 1. Self-Management for Musicians – This module will literally add hours to each day in your work once you apply the tools that you learn here. You will learn how to look at everything you do with new eyes for efficiency and effectiveness and gain control of you, your time and your career.

2. Money Mindsets for Musicians – Learn the right mindsets to draw money to you instead of pushing it away. Train your brain to implement a new way of looking at money and success to make you “money-friendly” and help you create true abundance.

3. The Dark Side of Fame – Learn how to use your artist’s sensitivity for good and not fall prey to the traps of the ego. Learn my Very Own Instant Recovery Ritual and my step-by-step Sacred Soul Tools to restore balance and commitment.


Only $297! ($997 value)

(or 3 payments of $107)

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Sale price only linked via this page. Sale runs Tuesday, August 20th – Friday, August 30th.

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