Making A Record That Blows Up Your Career

Make no mistake, a great record is not stumbled upon. There is a science behind making a record that goes places. But no one who made one ever set out to make a hit record – they just set out to make the best record they possibly could and neither time nor money stopped them.

Here are the 3 critical pieces of the puzzle to have in place for real magic to happen.

1. Your Songs.

It all starts and ends with your songs. Period. If your songs are not good enough, you won’t fly high enough. One of the most important things you do in your songwriting is to reveal your deepest sorrows, your highest highs and your lowest lows. If you radically tell the truth about your life, you will touch many people. That’s the alchemy behind great movies, music, and books that change the world.

2. Your Message.

Don’t ever put your music out without knowing and nailing what you really want to say. Yes, your voice, your artistry, your music has to be on the level, but if you are not connected with what you’re saying, neither will we.

3. Your Production Team.

Kara DioGuardi said it best on Twitter.

Same is true for a producer. Don’t stoop so low. Stop thinking you can’t get who you want. But you’d better have the songs when you reach out (don’t do it prematurely).

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