Musician Shoptalk: Why DIY is Dead

DIY was a powerful concept to get us through the transition as the music business fell apart. The good news is that as it morphed, what emerged was a more powerful medium for independents. It allowed artists to literally release music independently, on their own without label support. It also gave artists much needed artistic freedom and control over their music.

And all of that was good. Real good.

But where are we now?

What has become of the DIY world? Is it working? Or is DIY a losing proposition? Has it left a false perception in the minds of independent music artists and musicians trying to make a living out there? The perception that you can do it all yourself and become a success, without any help from anyone else?

The truth is, that doing it yourself, completely on your own, is a misnomer. It is actually, not even remotely possible. Anyone who achieves success in music has a team (and it starts with a team of two).  Without real help, 99.9% of most artists fail. And it’s not just my opinion, it’s a reality. The truth is, more independent records fail than succeed. What started out as great momentum to charge ahead into the new frontier, is now begging to hit refresh if independents are to find real success and beat the odds. And it’s important to get the word out because I see most independent artists still acting on the DIY principle, slogging away on their own, without realizing that it’s possibly doing more harm than good.

Last month alone my company held 4 FB Live Events on our Step Up to the Spotlight FB Page. Over 800 artists came to learn, grow, get heard and connect to a community of other artists. In our opinion, this doesn’t happen nearly enough. There are tons of music communities online, but they often lack quality, intimacy, and real effectiveness. There are music conferences that mostly spout marketing tactics or preach industry crap that doesn’t work for all artists. I don’t preach the typical marketing advice or tactics, I address career strategy for individual artists.

The biggest thing I love about connecting with our tribe during these weekly FB Live calls, is the opportunity to help artists connect to resources and open doors that they may not realize are there. Artists are often too isolated in their work and business, which not only hurts progress but makes you prone to losing years if not decades trying to reinvent the wheel on your own and do it all yourself.

Why not benefit from other artists’ experiences that are further than you? Why not get critical help from music professionals that can save you the agony of wasted years and resources? Plus help you build your industry connections?

Music is not a Competition, it’s a Community. Get yourself IN IT.

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