by Cari Cole




Devastating. It’s devastating to lose a musician we all know and love that created the soundtrack for our lives… It’s like losing a part of ourselves, access to the secret chamber in our private lives … where we bare our souls.

Especially when that someone lived so fiercely, and by doing so, allowed the same in us ~ whether we rose to it or not. The permission to however, made us not only incredibly grateful, but left us on our knees bowing to a gift that was more than we could ever repay.

And now, unexpectedly, he’s gone. Way too soon. Into the ether… hopefully to the other side.

Posted this on FB Thursday evening:

Can’t sleep. Restless tonight. Prince is gone. Smacks me right in my solar plexus. I want to cry, but I can’t. I want to scream, but nothing comes out. I’m speechless. I’m in shock. In a holding pattern. Holding my breath. Wish we could collectively rewind this moment and put breath back in his lungs. Oh this strangest of circumstances – this wheel of life and death. Tonight, I sit up reflecting on a man who was absolutely, unabashedly, totally and completely, himself. Who insisted on being true to himself at all costs. A man I deeply respect. A great musician, a legend in our time. I got the great privilege to see him live. His performances were deep, epic. They ripped into your soul and resonated there. They spoke of courage. Of no shame. Of principles. He was a maverick. A rebel. A true heart. We’re all specs in the universe, shards of stardust searching for meaning in the great galaxy. Prince, you are the epitome of meaning. The grand king of individuality and self worth. Thank you for your courage. May you inspire us to be more like you. RIP Prince. The heavens are lit up with your celestial music and here at home the doves are crying… I hope to see you on the other side.”

Okay, so now… here’s the important part: What can we take with us?

In honor of this great master that gave you so much: what is one thing can you can glean from his life and music that you can take away into yours? The deepest kind of honor you could have.

His courage? Individuality? Self worth? Rebelliousness? His musical outside-the-box exploration? His commitment to the craft? #guitarhero #songwritinggenius #vocalgod. His endless support of other musicians, including a huge support for female musicians? His generosity with giving his songs to other artists?

He wrote so many famous songs for other artists. I remember those days. It was like all-of-a-sudden everyone had hits Prince had written. Like Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares to You”, and Chaka Khan’s “I Feel For You”. He co-wrote “Stand Back” with Stevie Nicks and co-wrote with Madonna on “Love Song”. He wrote Cyndi Lauper’s with “When You Were Mine”, The Bangles song “Manic Monday”, Alicia Key’s “How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore”, TLC’s “If I Was Your Girlfriend”, and Prince’s song “When Doves Cry” was sampled by Tupak resulting in a huge hit for him.  

Here is his breathtaking and heartbreaking live performance of his song made famous by Sinead O’Connor: Nothing Compares to You:


2016-04-27 blog pic 3


Not only was Prince a musical genius, but evidently an extremely gracious and giving humanitarian. He helped people every day of his life. Being a Jehovah’s Witness he was unable to talk about his good deeds. Watch this.. your heart will melt…

Sadly, and last but not least, Watch Prince’s last performance of Purple Rain:

How did Prince inspire you as a musician?

We’re gonna miss you man. More than our souls can say. You changed our lives, for the better.  

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