by Cari Cole



I know so many ridiculously talented artists who never make it. Who spend their whole lives hoping and praying but somehow manage to live on the outside of the music business. Some, intentionally.


They don’t want their art tampered with. Or they are just sensitive souls who don’t want to get washed up through the entertainment machine. Or they are just so caught up in making a living and making their art that they don’t have time to learn the business side of things.


But when it comes to your art, your music and making a dent in your own little corner of the world, you’ve got to stop and think twice. What if it’s bigger than you? What if your music has the opportunity to change lives, even save lives? It might matter more to you then, or put more of a fire under your ass to get it out there.


Do it for all the lost souls you’ll save. All the lives that you’ll make a difference for. Maybe that’s easier than the whole “stardom” thing anyway. I mean, with the state of the world as it is, doesn’t rock stardom seem kind of frivolous? Especially if it is just about the money and fame? We’re in a much different place as a world community than when The Beatles exploded on the scene.


But the truth is, no matter how talented you are, if you don’t put yourself IN the business you will always be on the outside.  And that’s okay too, but be mindful of what you are doing and stop sabotaging yourself either way.


It’s tricky this business thing. But if ya stick around me, I’ll show ya how to make it super simple and how to find where YOU belong. It’s actually the key to real success with your music. You’re not supposed to adapt or change yourself, you’re supposed to be more yourself. And that leads you to where you’re supposed to be.


But for now, check out this video. It’ll give you the skinny on the latest course you might want to jump in with me on.

And if not, you’ll get inspired in the process.


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